Hey it is so good to be back this week with
kind of an interesting take on snacks, this video is going to cover, or kind of qualify
for several different areas, one it is Cooking with Chris, it is a Cooking with Chris episode
however it is also going to contain the video information about how to make Keto friendly
snacks, low carb snacks, things that you can reach for when you are on your weight loss
journey, if you are, and they are so delicious it doesn’t really matter, they are great to
have around as a snack regardless, because they are low calorie, low carb and everybody
is kind of interested in that anyway. Before I go on with this though, what I would
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of interest to you. So anyway, back to what we are doing today
is Keto friendly snacks. Now the holidays are not far off and I have
a favorite here with me today, which is kind of a Keto version of the Chex Mix that you
serve at parties. This is totally Keto friendly, it contains
something called Moon Cheese, and Moon Cheese is a baked puffed cheese, that’s 100% cheese
that you can buy already made, or there are recipes for how to do it, and I’ll probably
do a how to video on this as well, but this snack mix is great because it takes two bags
of Moon Cheese, a bag of turkey jerky, and a bag of beef jerky and you’ve got a mix that
is great, now this is totally Keto, low carb, Atkins friendly, all of this is. There are no carbohydrates in this, we serve
it at parties, it’s a great alternative for those that are trying to watch their weight,
especially as we move into the holiday season that’s going to be coming around the corner
very soon. But it’s also great to have around to eat. Now, the way you store this is really great. When you buy your jerky, and try to buy jerky
that is you know, as low carb as you can find. Some of them have barbecue sauce, they have
sugar added, so you really want to look at your label and make sure that you have 1,
2, 3, at max 4 net carbs per serving on that. Then your Moon Cheese will have no carbs. So when you buy the turkey jerky or beef jerky,
whatever you want, peppered, whatever, you can use whatever kind you like. When you buy those, save the little moisture
reduction packets that come with them and put them in your bag that you store this trail
mix or as I call, Keto Trail Mix in, it will keep much longer, keeps moisture out, you
can keep it in your refrigerator. These are already processed and ready to kept
so, and the meat is cured, so it will keep for 4 or 5 days after you open it and mix
it together but if you keep it in the refrigerator you can get a week out of it, if it lasts
that long, because it’s very very tasty and it’s hard to put down. So now I want to also talk about a couple
of other snacks that are great to have. One of the hard things about weight loss or
dieting is that hunger pangs happen when they happen, and we go and reach for whatever we
have available in the kitchen. So that being said, it makes sense right to
have things that we are going to reach for that are going to be low carb or no carb,
or Keto friendly, or whatever you’re on, so obviously we don’t want to keep a lot of processed
foods, chips snacks, ice cream, things like that if we are trying to watch our weight
and trying to diet. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. So one of those things is bacon. Bacon is a great great way to have a snack
ready to go, you can bake it ahead of time, 375 degrees for about 25 minutes, get it nice
and crisp, it keeps very well in the refrigerator, great go to when you are hungry. Also, pepperoni chips. Now pepperoni chips are an amazing way to
add flavor, I call it Italian bacon, a way to add flavor to your diet program. Those also you bake those in the oven for
10 minutes and I’m going to do a video on that too, there will be a video on all of
these things separated, but the pepperoni chips are delicious because you bake a lot
of the fat out, and they are crispy, so they also keep very well for several days and they
are very very tasty and hard to put down, and those you bake in the oven, again for
about 10 minutes at 350 degrees and you’re going to be shocked if you’ve never done this
before, they’re delicious. The last thing I want to talk about on this
video as far as a go to snack is making your own Parmesan crisps. Parmesan crisps are so easy to make, and they
are expensive at the store, most places I have gone where you buy a package of them,
three or four ounces of them, it’s $6. You can buy the Parmesan cheese, it’s very
easy to do, you’re going to put a little bit of this on a non stick pan at 400 degrees
for 6 – 8 minutes , and you’re going to have these Parmesan crisps, and again I’m going
to do a separate video on the how to of it, but the basics of it is, it’s a tablespoon
of Parmesan cheese shredded, you know shredded Parmesan cheese, then you crack some black
pepper across the top of it and you bake that for 6 to 8 minutes until they are golden brown
and you take them out and you have voila! Parmesan crisps! So very easy to do, and much cheaper than
buying them already made. Again these will keep for several days after
you make them and they are absolutely delicious. I hope you find this information helpful for
Keto snacks, if you are entertaining, use all of these types of snacks in a mix with
your friends that come over and eat the regular stuff, you know have the things for them,
you want to be a good host. But if you are trying to watch your weight,
these are great things to have on hand for you and the other people who you know are
trying to do the same thing, they’ll be very appreciative and they’ll probably be surprised
at some of these delicious items you have to offer. Again thank you for watching today, this is
a fairly short video, it’s meant to be that exactly, again I will have videos on how to
make each of these items for you, and I look forward to bringing more healthy alternatives
and great recipes as we move through the next several months and we have some great great
content coming up. so I hope you subscribe, and I hope you stick
with us, and again, just one more time, thank you so much for watching and we will return
soon with more for you.

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