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hey guys back with another video but
before I start make sure to smash that like button also make sure you leave a
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put some hearts up into the chat so I just want to point out something to you
when a person can point out all your flaws they can point out all your flaws
with you in the same room like he was doing to velvet and in this video here
she was still in carbonation and he was pointing out all of her flaws which we
all know at the end of the day especially as women cuz I can’t speak
for men because I’m a woman that 95% in my opinion of women don’t want to share
a man they want to have a man to themselves they want to start a family
with a man to themselves but when you start to character assassinate you build
and you break someone down because of your belief systems they’re not
following there’s something wrong with them and you don’t see nothing wrong
with you that the world that they’re living in because they’re not going by
what you say is what it should be something has to be wrong with them and
not you any time a man can wait until his woman leaves with his child that
they had together and allegedly these are all his Instagram pages but their
faces profiles are on these Instagram pages okay so by law by right
they are his pages but that’s not the point that I’m trying to make to you who
in their right state of mind would take a I G page that’s his page and put up
velvet in his child not somebody else’s child his child on that profile with all
of his donation link and we’re to redirect to subscribe and
look at the teachings and the discussions that he puts on his
carbonation page where do they do that at you already knew when she was over
there that she was the bread and butter velvet in that child and you melted for
as long as you could you didn’t deal with velvet and loved
velvet in my opinion in her meltdowns because you were trying to build with
her she brought in the currency she brought in that currency that you were
getting you could at the drop of the dime use that child to get those
donations now she’s gone and you’re still trying to melt donations off of
the Ovitz name offer Velvets image something that you tried in my opinion
to tear down but for her to walk away with the child she still had the
strength to move on while you were trying to build her and tear her down
build her and tear her down she walked away when she was good and tired and
that’s what we all do eventually it might take some of us longer but we
eventually do it we really do and I hope these videos that I make this is not to
spread anything but encouragement that if velvet could do it if I could do it
so can you you will feel pain you will mourn and move on as well you thought
that the other relationship that she was in with a man or a woman it goes both
ways you would never be able to get over that situation but you did that’s life
people come and they go some of their for reason and some of their for season
but I knew after some time that a lot of my opinions were what it was there’s
still opinions but the way I view him I look at him differently now and when he
put that or if it was already there maybe it was on private but I never seen
it speaking for myself when you put because I’m gonna say I’m gonna say how
I viewed it when I started to notice on IG that all of a sudden velvet appeared
with the baby in an image on an IG page with all the donation links and
everything that has to do once again with nature boy I knew right there how
low oneself is I knew because he’s not going to fool me like he fools everyone
else that you talk about low vibration and you’re a high vibration but how who
tries to mock it off of a downfall we do discussions and commentary there’s like
I can count on one hand how many people I can say I can speak for on what we see
from the current situation and we still don’t tell you down but we do
discussions and commentary around you but this is a person who you are trying
to tear down or have tear down in my opinion she’s in a broken place trying
to rebuild herself and get her child where that baby needs to be in herself
and you’re trying to make a doll offer her but you call yourself a higher
vibration and if people listen to him long enough they’re going to stop
believing it because they already these people that are already following him
and believe in it are already believing their own lies and this is what’s scary sometimes people need to find themselves
face the truth and deal with it head-on even if it hurts and get past it because
if you you’re gonna find yourself in these kind
of situations where you don’t have any options is what you think you don’t have
so that’s when you turn to people like this who at the end of the day when they
have no more use for you they keep it moving and if they can still see a
come-up off of you while you’re not even in their presence where they can even
physically reach out and touch you they’ll do that like he’s doing
profiting off of us thinking because I thought it was velvet’s IG Paige
when in fact allegedly they’re saying it’s Nature Boy one of nature boys pages
and allegedly they’re saying that all those pages of the carbonation members
are not their pages they’re his pages with his donation links and I’m not
trying to be the FBI of the CIA or the the despite donation police that’s not
the purpose of this commentary it’s just to open your eyes to let you guys know
go ahead and run on over there go ahead and run yourself on over there but just
know that if it doesn’t work out you can be replaced and if he can figure out
after you’re beat you’ve been replaced how we can still make money off of you
he’s gonna do that too because that’s just what he does you either have to
accept him for who he is or don’t go over there because the harsh reality the
reality of it all is that he’s been doing this a while he has gotten good at
it people have come and go and he’s prepared but are you prepared know half
the people that go over the carbonation are not prepared at all that’s why
they’re going over to carbonation because they think that they’re going to
be prepared for life because they missed it trying to do it themselves for
themselves not knowing that you’re just going over to another situation and
you’re gonna make your current situation worse and in some cases people are not
even having sense enough to know well if this doesn’t work out
I’m not going to at least sell everything I have over here in the
United States I’m gonna keep this stuff because if it doesn’t work out I want to
have something to come back to but he’s really good at convincing people to
leave everything behind and come and join his movement and if it doesn’t work
out what does Nature Boy do he acts as you to leave he doesn’t hold anybody
against their will and this is my opinion I don’t believe that he does
that at all that was alleged allegations of people trying to say things just to
get a rise out of people just to get attention just to grow channels but I
believe in my opinion that is not the case
they are usually told to leave if it’s not working out and the sad part about
it is when you’re told to leave but you then sole everything over in the States
what do you have to go home to you’re now gonna have to rebuild all over again
and if you think that your life over here was harder it’s going to get harder
because now you have to start all the way from the bottom and work your way up
and everything that you were taught over there in carbonation and that few little
span of time that you were there that’s not gonna help you in the real world
over here in the States understand that because the more you know the better
you’re gonna be and he’s still gonna continue living on with his life this is
why a lot of members to answer the question for some of the members in my
own opinion they’re not gonna leave because they left everything behind they
have nothing to go home to so they think so even if they don’t agree with woody
saying on a daily basis or a secondly basis they have nothing to go home to
and if they do have something to go home to he has taught them to believe that
they don’t have nothing to go home to so they now believe that so that’s why they
stay in their current situation not that nothing changes unless you change
it so I don’t want to stay on this long video too long please make sure you like
this video share this video and make it a favorite and I’ll see you guys in the
next video bye for now

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Reader Comments

  1. Angel Domingue

    Great observation and if he receives any money he should send some of it her and the babyโ€™s way but thatโ€™s what a real man does so we know that will not happen.

  2. Kendra Caswell

    It must be a Boston thing I feel the exact same way ๐Ÿ‘ I love the way that you speak facts. You donโ€™t come from a place of personal feelings as the truth you give your opinion but let it be known thatโ€™s your OPINION thatโ€™s how it should be.i thought I was already subscribed but wasnโ€™t but I fixed that . You speak honestly and give facts and thatโ€™s refreshing. Thank you for bringing awareness and blessings to you and yours ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Miss Lady

    Great commentary ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’– Yes indeed.. He is incapable of love .. for anyone. Heโ€™s a kindergarten hustler, a petty begger with his hand out. I sure bet his arm is tired ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ. I no longer pay them any mind , at all. I protect my energy โœจ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ & instead use it to continue to pray for VELVET & the BABY.

  4. Iris Coffield

    Thats exactly what he was doing, building her and tearing her down smh my prayer is that she's seeking the help she needs and move on with her life. That was never gonna work out

  5. Leslie Miller

    Honey you spoke a mouth full!!!! I ain't sharing no man!!! He better duck dodge hide etc to cheat on me!!!!! I'm not for the mess!!!!!!!!!!

  6. shavonne ross

    Hopefully, when Velvet gets on her feet, sheโ€™ll make a video of how she overcame starting from scratch. That will encourage the other woman.

  7. Kris Perkins

    Nature Boy is able to attract those women because he gives them the ability to become social media stars ,but the problem comes when they look up 3 yrs later they have no money or future women normally mature faster than men popularity is what destroyed Velvet

  8. Kris Perkins

    NB had a great show at one time when he had the house in Mexico but he had to be to real ,I guess he doesnโ€™t have sense enough to know the difference between reality and entertainment the show is boring now

  9. Sunny Dee

    He only sees the flows in others and can't see it in himself .to him he didn't do any wrong .he can keep searching but he will never find what he wants not really . he's never truly satisfied Iyah was down with it all and he gave her away

  10. Sunny Dee

    He offers false hope to those weak people .we know they don't have a backup plan to move to another level in life because he made sure that they didn't

  11. Khalilah Bilal

    Yโ€™all still want NB to do whatโ€™s right and whatโ€™s logical. In his mental state he can not.. May after years of therapy he could be all the things he attest to be . Listen carefully to his latest talk. You will hear him say he going to change but his so call changes are the same thing s he was doing heโ€™s just calling it a different name. The viewers are not suppose to notice that. Heโ€™s been getting away with this so long he thinks everyone is stupid but him.

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