you HAVE to make these cookies! *very tasty*

What’s up welcome to cooking with Emma episode I haven’t done a cooking with Emma in awhile, I actually I haven’t filmed the cooking with Emma in a while because, well actually, I did film one like a week ago. No like three weeks ago No like three weeks ago. No like two weeks ago. Maybe like one week ago. It just was so bad I just didn’t like it basically so I didn’t post it so I’m due for another cooking with Emma, okay And we’re here today is we’re gonna do a great one. I’m so excited about it. Today we’re gonna be making these cookies I don’t know what the name of them are because They don’t really have a name. They’re just like there. They’re just there on a platter full of cookies They’re always on there, but they’re always like your third choice. um also I have my doggy. Awww I don’t know. He’s being kind of clingy today like he’s been like really wanting to be on my lap a lot today So I don’t know what I did to deserve that but I’m like not mad at it, so Subscribe if you love dogs look at him. He’s so cute, but I’m putting him down You know I didn’t you um I actually I know I’ve been noticing a trend whenever I’m having like kind of a hard time in life. You know life is just Treating me badly (Demonic laughing) I do cooking with Emma because I’d like to eat my feelings and today is just another one of those days I just ate like a whole bag of potato chips by myself ummmmmm Sorry mom, they were hers She doesn’t know that I ate them all so she’s probably gonna be pretty mad at me my dog really wants me to pick him Up, but I’m not gonna do it cause I’m literally Satan Did I even is this even the right Recipe this isn’t even the right f*cking recipe so I have to go find the correct recipe because I actually have made this recipe before Yes, I know usually on cooking with emma I’ve like never made the recipe before but I’ve actually made this one before and I know it’s good normally cooking with Emmas are fails And I’m done with that. I want a good one for once. I’m gonna actually be able to eat it normally I do cooking with Emma, and I can’t even actually eat it because they turn out so bad They’re like not edible BRB while I go print out a new one and all that shit So f*cking annoying am I right right ladies and gents? seriously unless that is the right one Hey guys update found the correct recipe Are you f*cking kidding Jesus Christ, you know there’s always like a few different recipes for each thing And I basically just chose the wrong one. Anyway, So now let’s get to work. See I don’t even like need half of this stuff because the recipe was wrong anyway Sorry for the inconvenience Got all the ingredients. HI! let’s line it… the Can you see my nipple through..?
its whatever you know because I’ve made this recipe before and I know that it’s good Today’s cooking with Emma’s gonna be pretty laid-back and chill. I’ve been having so many mental breakdowns lately then I thought that it might not Be a bad idea if I just do something that I know that I won’t fail at sometimes That’s important in this life, so I’m just better not to set yourself up for failure I tend to do that just kidding actually failing is very important in this life It makes you learn stuff but you know what we’re not gonna get deep here because that’s not what my channels about my channel is about I Don’t oh, whatever Pam’s our writer. What does that pulp? Is that a baking pan? Oh – baking sheet baking sheets are lined Cheers all right I love using a nice big bowl It’s s T’s a small bowl, but I feel like every time I use a small bowl it always overflows and then gets all over the counter And then somehow it ends up on the front of my shirt, and then it means that I can’t wear that shirt Also, you can literally see my nipples through this. I’m sorry I don’t want to get to monetize, so I’m just gonna go like this for the rest of it We all know YouTube’s been really sensitive lately, and I don’t want to you know nudity not okay While we’re doing this let’s just talk about life Okay, I should – because the flu is going around and it’s deadly this year, so I normally don’t wash my hands, but like squeaky clean Let’s just I think I’m gonna link this recipe down below because normally I don’t link it down below and to be honest I don’t want to explain what I’m doing okay? That’s a lot of work, and if you want to know how to make things that you shouldn’t have came to my channel I never said that I was gonna teach you anything Oh, I need okay, if you want to learn how to do cooking there are many resources for you So don’t come crying to me for some advice on cooking because I’m not gonna be able to help you with that and 1/2 teaspoon Good, it’s a lot of salt you do what you gotta. Do it’s spilling everywhere Sorry, mom. I try to make healthy recipes on here because there’s more room for Expressing myself you why are my hands sticky like that? I just washed them my brain stop slow today You ever just have those days where your brain is just in a vegetative state Let me know they glued powder. I need to focus. Let’s talk about life like it’s a crazy thing We’re probably looking in a simulation, but I’ve already discussed that before so we won’t get into it God this is just inappropriate. I don’t have to lean over like this with me anyways We’re just a bunch of pixels these days I don’t know, but if we are living in a simulation whoever is controlling my life do better Let’s get out our whisk wait where the fuck is it? What the fuck I had to call my mom for this Be fucking kidding this bitch really testing me Well what I was looking for was in my peel box somebody sent me an electric mixer And it was one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me besides the fact that someone else sent me a bagel Guillotine hold on you literally put your bagel in here And then you go like that and it slices the bagel another thing somebody sent me get ready for this I don’t know how this just became a peel box haul but someone Sent me a mini ur whisk if you’ve been watching coming with Emma. You know we have the big whisk this big fat Hell then we have the mini whisk in my video walks up me Know somebody sent me a mini ur whisk this shit is so small it does absolutely nothing But it’s so cute But I just can’t stop using it if you send me This the electric mixer or the bagel guillotine you have a special place in heaven okay? And if anybody tries to tell you different tell them this Anyway, so that was my p.o box whole? Hour when greed rot our dry ingredients are done. Let’s put them to the side now We’re gonna do our wet ingredients hashtag stay wet and if you are allergic to almonds do not and I repeat Do not make this recipe because you will probably die this has so much almonds in it it has almond butter in it it has Almond milk in it and it has almond flour in it you could probably Also use peanut butter if you really want so keep that in mind Traditionally these cookies are made with Hershey’s Kisses and peanut butter, but because this is a healthier version It’s almond butter and dark chocolate. Do you want to know some truth? Don’t me to spit some truth for you guys Hershey’s chocolate is really bad. It’s not good So Hershey’s if you want to sponsor this don’t don’t sponsor me because I don’t like your product unless You give me a lot of money The only people who actually like Hershey’s chocolate are Americans and that’s because they haven’t had European chocolate They only buy chocolate from Europe this chocolate is from Poland because Poland does it better Mmm. Oh. Maple service so good. What a nostalgic flavor because when I was little I used to dress everything in maple syrup I mean not everything but like most things Now we’re gonna warm this up in the microwave. Hopefully it doesn’t explode Well, it’s microwaving. How are you guys doing? Let me know down in the comments? This is also water by the way not coffee. I’ll try and drink more water because it’s good for me It’s good for my skin, and I will be let’s take the medium whisk okay This is kind of crazy this used to be called funky Why can’t I can’t okay? This used to be called the mini whisk but now this whisk is actually a mini Or whisk I can still call this one the mini whisk I’ll start calling this one the mini our whisk case closed And then I’ll call this so thick That’s kind of stupid Okay, you call it the big whisk the biggest with the big e whisk I’ll call so big E Whisk I loved making cookies because I feel like cookies you just can’t go wrong with them like you just can’t fuck it up I mean like I can probably pick it up, but like it’s harder to fuck up cookies. Where’s the tea spoon? I don’t know how to read this recipe almond e as fuck I actually knew somebody once who is named almond bean if you’re watching this What’s up on the knees mixing it up and mixing it good with my? Mini whisk whoo I don’t like it Now I’m gonna combine it I’ll get down and dirty oh. Oh yeah, baby. Oh, yeah, sorry was that creepy. Oh my god I only put one cup and I only put one cup of almond flour in these did I put two cups in or just once? No, I put two in Did I know well, here’s the batter let me take a nice bite That tastes right to me, what can I do these days you know and uh sorry I’m done, that’s gross I need to clear my workspace. You don’t care about this stuff cooking with them I used to be fun, but now it’s just a hot mess You know what I mean. It’s something that really used to hold a special place in my heart But now I’m starting to hate it so this might be the last ever cooking with Emma Let me know down below if I should end this Judas end it all Let me know Cuauhtemoc offense Go think so now I’m just you know scooping little balls and just putting them on you know this recipe is pretty simple and easy you know probably a stay-at-home moms who just Like to make pastries for your kids when they get home from school. You know those moms they just spoil their kids stuff for all those moms watching who are Learning from this this recipe is super easy and perfect for you if you’ve had a really hard day at Pilates And you just want to make your kids an easy fun recipe for when they get home from school This is just the recipe for you Maybe if your kids are home from school earlier or something they can even help you make this recipe family bonding time is Amazing for your stay at home mom self that’s basically the only person who really watches baking videos right today No, mom they love. This kind of shit hashtag tbh Do you know what that’s what we should never say again is tbh out loud I mean I do it all the time, so I don’t know why I’m talking about it like that, but saying abbreviations out loud Huh why do we do that? I wish I didn’t you know it’s kind of gross Tbh like I hate that you know Maybe I should stop let me know how to stop doing that because it’s really hard to stop fun fact about this recipe you actually Put the chocolate pieces on the top after it’s done baking for some reason I don’t know who made the rules I didn’t before I looked at how to make these cookies I just assumed you put the chocolate on before you put it in the oven but like this crazy And so that’s not the case put them in the oven I don’t know what just came out of my mouth put them in the oven put them in the oven for seven to eight minutes Alright guys the little pups are in the oven. I’ll see you in a little bit when they’re out super young so yeah Then you hate with it, but like Voila So now I have to break up little chocolate pieces to put on top now most people use Hershey, Kisses But I don’t want to do that we’ve already discussed why I don’t want to do that because I have class I do have a little secret to tell you guys and I know a few you are probably gonna get mad at me so saying this and taking a risk this chocolate is actually not vegan Yeah, I know. It’s polish, but it’s not vegan with that said I understand the ears are probably very upset with me but listen they didn’t have any vegan chocolate left at the store because yes vegan chocolate does exist if you live under a rock I had to improvise haha, and also it’s not like they have vegan Hershey Kisses sleep as If we had to put improvised and you know what that’s a life lesson in life. You got to improvise That’s the lesson of the day take it or leave it people what can I say? Just really shove it in there. It’s so satisfying. I love chocolate even though. I think chocolate makes my skin break out Let me know if that’s a thing or if it’s just me comment it down below and let me know Comment it down Britta this cooking with Emma was so bad, but we’re working with what we have um You know it was either this or nothing so it’s like you kind of get me yet. You know what I mean Let’s try it Oh That was it for today’s video. Hope you enjoyed it if you did I’m surprised you must have low standards I love you guys. I appreciate guys Thanks for hanging out with me today But I guess I’ll just have to see you in the next one and we can only hope that the next one’s better than this One, but at this point the future isn’t promised peace out

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  1. Amelia

    She’s kinda right with the chocolate thing because I am from Poland and I go there every summer and their candy is heavenly and even though I live in pa the state where Hershey chocolate was invited I still hate it

  2. Pengueny Worshipers

    Dus enyone wunders whut would emma do if she ruled the earth 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑+ I Feel like YouTube is legit going to make a dress code pretty soon I feel like 😖😖😖😖😖

  3. amelia rose

    "then you have a special place in heaven okay, and if anyone tries to tell you different, tell 'em to S-BEEEP"

    I miss this emma so much wtf

  4. Mirra Miles

    IKR they are one of my favorites we make them at Christmas sooooo good

    I love your channel you are hilarious and the first video I watched I had to be notified ☺️

  5. Arielle Marin

    Emma, your right, we don’t watch your cooking videos for cooking advice. We watch them so we know what not to do when cooking 🙂

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