You Had A Cheat Day On Keto Diet? Here’s How To Undo The Damage Of A Keto Cheat Day Get To Fat Loss

Keto cheat day. How serious is cheating
on keto? And if you do, how long does it take to get back into ketosis. Today I’m
gonna talk about how to make some smart decisions around that cheating so that
you can minimize the damage if you do. Coming right up. hey I’m Dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic
doctor and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health
by understanding how the body really works make sure that you subscribe and
hit that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything a lot of people try
keto and they get great results but it’s also for a lot of people it feels like a
great commitment like too much of a commitment like I can do it but not if I
have to do it all the time not I can’t do it if I’m not allow to make exception
so there’s a lot of talk about cheat days and some people even turn it into
an art form on how to cheat as much as possible. Well I don’t think that you
want to do it a lot but we’re gonna talk about how to minimize the damage and
when it might be okay to do it first of all people want to know if I do cheat am
I just totally setting myself back how long is it going to take to get back
into ketosis if I do so there are some variables here we want to think about
genetics play a role momentum is a big word meaning how long have you done it
how well has it been going how strongly are you into fat burning your age your
metabolism and the degree of the cheat so if you cheat obviously if you cheat a
lot then it’s gonna make more damage and if you cheat just a little bit and also
the length of the cheat is it just a meal or do you stretch it into a day or
maybe a whole week so those obviously make a huge difference because the it
depends on how much momentum you have and how much
of that momentum you break so one way of looking at it is if someone has done
they started very insulin resistant and then they work their way down they were
very very consistent and they’ve done keto low-carb intermittent fasting for years now they’re very very stable their insulin sensitive their bodies are
totally fat adapted now if this person goes to a party and gets out of ketosis
they have a few drinks they have some cake they eat some some pie or some
potatoes then it’s just gonna be a blip all right they’re gonna get out of
ketosis but their bodies have so much momentum they’re so entrenched in that
habit in their physiology that in 12 to 24 hours they’re going to be right back
it’s like it almost never happened and as long as they don’t do that
every week or a couple of times a week then they’re gonna maintain that
physiological habit okay it’s like momentum how deep in are you another
person though who might just have started keto they might just have been
going a couple of weeks they measure their ketone and say oh great I have
ketones I’ m in ketosis well their body isn’t totally fat adapted yeah they’re
burning fat cuz that’s what they’re eating the most part but they haven’t
really converted their entire physiology there the habit of their body isn’t
there yet so if these people cheat it might be several days or even up to a
couple of weeks before they get back to to the place that they were so keep all
of those things in mind that it depends on your momentum your body creates
habits and just like it took you a long long time to get insulin resistance it’s
gonna take you a while to become insulin sensitive so I’m not going to tell you
whether you it’s okay to cheat or not but ideally I would say don’t cheat but
at the same time if you feel deprived then that’s not a good thing that
putting stress on you and you’re probably not gonna be able to keep it up
but ideally you want to be able to not cheat but if you cheat the question is
why are you not satisfied is the food not satiating is are you bored is there
not enough variety those are all things that you can do something about probably
the most common thing though is that people go on a trip and they’re tempted
or they don’t feel like there’s enough alternatives or they have a holiday or a
birthday and they feel that this is the one time that it’s just not right
to not participate in the celebration whether it’s someone else’s birthday or
maybe even your own so there could be lots of different reasons so let’s talk
about two things first how you can set yourself up to reduce the chance or the
risk or the need to cheat and then we’re going to talk about how to minimize the
damage if you feel like you have to so the first way to set yourself up not to
cheat is to truly really become fat adapted because if you are if you’re all
the way fat adapted then you really are not going to have any cravings you’re
not going to feel the need for that pizza or that ice cream to the extent
that you do it’s gonna be an emotional need it’s going to be a memory it’s
going to be people talking about it it’s going to be watching commercials of
pizza all the time and reliving certain emotions but if you’re truly fat adapted
then you are not going to have those cravings you’re not gonna have that need
so they’re longer and more consistent you can let yourself become fat adapted
and get that momentum the more stable you’re gonna be then you want to develop
a variety of good food there are thousands of different options and if
you just go online on a regular basis or you buy a couple of several different
cookbooks and you consistently try new things then you’re going to build a
wonderful variety and you’re gonna feel so so
satisfied it’s going to be so rewarding with all that keto food that you’re
probably not going to feel the need the only time would be like a birthday and
you just know that grandma is gonna bake a cake she’s going to do it just for you
and your life is over you’ll be shamed if if you refuse but if you if you
develop a great variety on keto then you’ll be so satisfied that the longer
you go the less you’ll feel the need you can also have keto treats there are
ways to make fat bombs and cookies and desserts that even though they’re not
full of sugar and even though they’re not maybe exactly like you remember
they’re going to be very very close and they’re going to be very rewarding
the fourth thing you want to make sure is don’t keep junk at home okay if it’s
at home it’s gonna get eaten at some point so finish it or throw it out and
don’t buy it again if you only have good stuff at home then that’s what you’re
gonna eat that one’s pretty simple but it is so powerful that once you sort of
make the clean break once you get fat adapt and you decide you get into it
then clean out the cupboards just don’t have those carbs and that sugar and the
desserts and those tempting things around because eventually they’ll
they’ll get consumed number five as much as possible if you’re gonna have a treat
if you’re gonna have a party if you’re gonna have some way of celebrating or
making a big deal then make it a keto feast as far as possible
then maybe just overeat instead of having one steak just have two so you
probably won’t lose weight but at least you’re not going to spike your blood
sugar you’re not gonna ruin your ketones and what will probably happen is you
just won’t eat anything the next day so now let’s talk about if you do end up in
a situation either where you feel you have no choice
or if you really feel like hey you know part of my
life is to celebrate part of my life is to have special treats part of my life
is variety so I’m gonna do this no matter what then the first thing I want
to suggest is don’t call it a cheat day call it a celebration because cheating
it’s such a negative word it’s like we’re supposed to feel ashamed after
cheating we’re supposed to put ourselves down and beat up on ourselves so just
change it and say that hey if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna celebrate and if
you’re gonna celebrate then try to have a plan decide ahead of time that it’s
gonna be a one-time thing decide what you’re gonna eat and don’t just sort of
leave it open-ended because then there are too many options for it to get
totally out of control if you’re going to celebrate and you have a plan then
make it count make it a special occasion buy something really really good if
you’re gonna have ice cream if you need to have ice cream then don’t buy cheap
ice cream buy the best ice cream you know buy the best most expensive the
fattiest richest ice cream you can if you’re gonna have a couple of cookies
make sure they’re dripping with butter make sure that they’re the best
crispiest flakiest that that you can find if you’re gonna have a beer
don’t drink something that you don’t like that’s low in calories drink
something that counts have something that is truly truly satisfying and then
make it count sit down make it an occasion put some nice tablecloth light
some candles put some flowers on the table whether it’s yourself or or with
somebody but make it count truly make it a celebration don’t just
buy a six-pack of muffins and down them with it with a coke make it special the
third thing that you can do to to minimize the day
is even if you’re gonna celebrate there’s a big difference between having
that rich satisfying ice cream with maybe a really rich cheese cake or
brownie as opposed to having a ice cream float or something that’s just pure pure
sugar and and chemicals alright you can keep it more or less close to keto you
can still have it even if it has some sugar and it’s really rich and and
decadent it could still have some good fats in it you could still make it
yourself maybe but keep it as close to keto as possible once you go and you
decide I’m gonna do this and you make some purchases buy enough for one time
okay don’t buy a six-pack because it’s more
economical don’t buy the case because it’s cheaper per item don’t go to Costco
because it’s Halloween and buy the 14 pound bag with 800 pieces of candy just
because it’s so cheap they’re practically giving it away buy what you
could reasonably eat without getting just totally out of control on one
occasion and finish it and be done with it alright because if they’re leftovers
then they’re gonna get eaten and then when you’ve had the party now it’s time
to forgive yourself because a lot of times we a lot of the damage comes from
us beating up on ourselves and we’re saying oh I shouldn’t have done it I
shouldn’t have done it I shouldn’t have done it and believe it or not the worse
you feel about it the more likely that you’re gonna do it
again the more likely that you’ll say oh well you know I blew it so I might as
well just start over next week don’t do that
forgive yourself plan ahead forgive yourself feel good about it and get
right back to it okay make it one meal and then you know
the rules you know what you had what your plan was and
you go right back to it. The same thing holds true if it’s on a trip especially and I
know myself I’ve been guilty of this you go on a week-long trip and your
intentions are good so you last two or three days and then
there’s just that special things like oh I remember that kind of bread that was
so good and you smell it and yeah yeah this bread would be worth it and you
have a bite and then if that’s all you did that wouldn’t be such a big deal but
if you beat up on yourself and you say oh I guess I blew it
well you know there’s just four days left on the trip I might as well go
ahead and enjoy it right well that’s not such a great idea because that’s a huge
difference that it’s basically the difference between a few hours and days
to week forgive yourself is very very important it’s natural it’s okay your
your ancestors they found a a beehive they found a fruit tree they killed an
animal they had a party there’s gonna be times with with ups and down it’s
alright just move on and get right back to it
number six exercise if you have a plan then you probably want to do a little
extra exercise beforehand because that’s really gonna empty out that glycogen
it’s gonna make you a little more insulin sensitive so then when you fill it up
you’re gonna fill that glycogen store really well and then you go and exercise
after again okay you can give yourself a couple of hours you don’t want to
exercise with a full stomach but just work out move a little bit extra before
and after and that’s gonna dramatically reduce the insulin resistance the amount
of insulin you’re going to stay more insulin sensitive we’re all human life
happens things happen be easy on yourself know that things are going to
happen but stay true to your goals learn as much as you
can understand why you’re doing it motivate yourself set up your goal
imagine how good you’re gonna feel when you get there and the stronger you can
hold on to that goal with a good expectation the easier it’s going to be
for you to handle these challenges and to move on if if it happens and again
it’s not a wrong thing I’m not saying that you should never celebrate I mean
do that once in a while but don’t do it all the time if you enjoyed this video I
think you’re really going to learn a lot from that one thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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