Yong Shin, MD, Shares Heart Health Advice | Kaiser Permanente

So sometimes it’s good to
lay back a little bit, have lots of friends,
laugh a lot, you know? Who would have thought that a
heart surgeon was actually prescribing comedy and laughing,
but that’s good for you. Less the stress, the
better it is. Get outside, soak some sun.
Stop being so busy. If we can just bottle all of
these affects of good exercise, I mean you wouldn’t need
hospitals, would we, right? But we can’t. And it’s so key there’s,
people say no pain no gain, I mean it’s true to some degree. I used to live by the motto,
no pain no pain, but you know having heart
surgery is painful right, having a stint is painful too,
being obese and then developing joint pain, that’s painful too. It’s kind of amazing
how look at health, it’s like a domino effect right? You don’t eat right, you don’t
exercise, you get obese. If you get obese you get all the
risk factors of heart disease and stroke right, you
develop diabetes, your glucose metabolism
is going all wrong, then you develop
abdominal girth, then you develop high
blood pressure right. All of those things
will predispose you to getting more illness. Mediterranean diet, how many
of you have heard that? Yeah, I would hope
everybody in the room. Yeah this type of diet is based
on many decades of research on how people over in the
Mediterranean regions, how they eat, but not only
what and how they eat, but their lifestyle too. You know, what are
some of the things that they do on a daily basis. But this type of diet can reduce
cardiac events by 73 percent. That’s incredible, wow. And can decrease overall
death rate by 70 percent, that’s pretty huge. This type of diet is based on ,
and this is the key word here, unprocessed plant based foods of
fruit, vegetables, whole grains. Why would you not want to
eat a diet like this, isn’t it beautiful? Have you seen their
refrigerators? Yeah they just get what they
need for a couple of days. They don’t have the Costco and
stock up the big freezer, they just get what they need for
the next couple of days, keeping it fresh right
out of the garden.

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