Yet Another Study Backs Up The Mediterranean Diet

If you’re not convinced of the benefits of
adopting the Mediterranean diet, here’s yet another study that might sway you. This study looked at 780 firefighters ages
18 and older from the Midwest during the past five years. What makes this study a bit different
is the researchers, from Harvard University, didn’t change the diets of the participants
— they only tracked what they were already eating. (Via WFLD) According to​ HealthDay News, researchers
looked at firefighters because they are reportedly known to have a high rate of obesity and risk
for heart disease. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Rennett Stowe) “Those who adhered most closely to the diet
‘tended not to drink soft drinks or other sugary beverages; had less consumption of
fast food and more fruits and vegetables; ate fewer sweets; and were less likely to
eat fried food.'” “Experts are finding a Mediterranean diet
rich in fish, nuts, fruits, veggies, it lowers your cardiovascular risk. Young people who
followed the diet closely had less risk of heart disease, and 43 percent were less likely
to gain weight than those who did not follow the diet.” (Via WZVN) Researchers say, “If people want to pick just
a couple things to change, avoiding fast food and sugary drinks would be key targets.” A study out of Harvard University backs up
the claim that Meditterian diets help increase overall health and wellbeing.

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  1. The80sKickAss

    lol, the shit that passes for science these days. Do they even consider the fact that people are different and that some people may be more genetically pre-disposed to the mediterranean diet than others? Some one of asian decent may react completely different.

  2. siddharth saini

    There are many reasons for switching over to a Mediterranean diet.
    Their fat rich stuff is balanced well by other healthy constituents like fruits and veggies, whole grains, legumes like beans, peas, nuts and seeds, cooked in olive oil and seasoned with herbs and spices. They also consume plenty of fish and sea food, poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt and occasional meats and sweets. Irrespective of that, total fat in this diet is 25% to 35% of calories, with saturated fat at 8% or less of calories.
    Learn more here:

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