hey y’all and welcome back to another extra-special whole house clean with me and today’s video is also a collaboration with all my friends who came out with this extra-special clean with me it is going to be love Meg Amanda from this crazy life Jennifer from cleaning to chaos and Lynn white so I will have a link to all their videos in my description box so you can get tons of cleaning motivation today as well as some ideas for making others feel extra special and if you’re coming over from one of their channels then welcome I am so glad that you’re here I hope that you will consider subscribing and checking out some of my other videos and if you do subscribe then be sure to say hey in the comments and let me know where you’re from now if you guys would do me a huge huge favor and go ahead and click that thumbs up button it helps me out so so much and we’ll go ahead and jump right into this video now if you’re wondering what an extra special pin with me is it is basically a video that gives you tons of cleaning motivation but then it also gives you ideas on things that you can do to make others feel special now the extra special thing that you decide to do can be cheap free simple or you can go extravagant it just is based on whatever you have time for and another thing is you don’t have to do it just for people in your family you can do it for friends strangers anybody that you want you’re just basically just making others feel loved and in return you’re gonna feel good as well so if you are a YouTube creator and you do cleaning videos then definitely try this video out and tag us on Instagram or let us know we can reshare and then if you are not a creator but you do something like this for your family then you can always take a picture and share and we would love to reshare it on Instagram just to give others ideas on things that you do to make others feel special so just about every day I will go ahead and start in my bedroom making up my bed and then every few days I will pull out my hurricane fur pet wizard which is what this little gadget is here just to get the hair off the bed are usually fun dog hair everywhere and this tool works really good I have it linked in my Amazon favorites and I always get questions about it so I love this thing it definitely helps if you have an animal that sheds all right y’all so there’s gonna be some real life cleaning what it looks like on a normal day here it is already 1049 and I just made up my bed which you guys just saw and the reason it I started so late this morning was because on the days that I post videos I like to sit and like chat in the comments and so I uploaded my video this morning I had to do all the other things to go with it so the video posted at 10:00 so I am commenting on my phone like in between all of this to also casein has baseball camp this week so we’ve been having to drop him off by 9 o’clock each morning which also makes my morning cut back a little later each morning and usually I do make my bed though right after I wake up but I wanted to film it so I didn’t have a chance to do that but anyways like I said it is now 10:50 Gracie Jun just told me that she is hungry she said her tongue tummy is rumbling even though she had breakfast we usually eat around 11:00 11:30 for lunch anyways so I’m about to make her some lunch and clean up the kitchen so Gracie Jun said she wanted a lunchable but we all know that the only reason they like Lunchables are because of the cookies so we were out I bought a couple the other day but sent one with Kayson today and Gracie didn’t have one yesterday so I just put some turkey some string cheese crackers and then I told her I’d give her two cookies since that’s what would have been in the lunchable anyways so not every single day my kitchen already looks like this but for the most part my kitchen is pretty clean because last night I did my normal like time cleaning routine and I promise you that doesn’t happen every single night just kind of depends on how much time I have to clean up the kitchen before we go to bed or before we go to baseball or whatever else we have going on so I am loading the dishwasher here and because I did not start the dishwasher of the night before I’m gonna go ahead and start it now so that way tonight whenever I get done doing all the cooking and everything else I can go ahead and load the dishwasher again because at this point it was full and needed to be done but I’m just curious to know if any of you have like a nighttime routine a morning routine or how you kind of do your cleaning if you have a schedule or not just because I have found that of course when I follow my schedule that I’ve laid out for myself my life goes so much smoother but obviously that’s not going to happen every single day we have sports we have right now we’re on summer break so we have just a schedule that’s not even like going for us right now because we are doing different things every single day some weeks the kids have camps some weeks they don’t and so it’s just kind of been chaotic so I’m not gonna even lie like my schedule has gotten so thrown off this summer but my kids start back school on August the first and I’m kind of sad about it because I feel like we we’ve done a lot this summer but there’s just so much that we didn’t get to do that I wanted to get done and I just feel like it’s about to be over but y’all let me know in the comments if you guys have kids when your kids start back school – I’m just curious will I cry broken crumbly sites hiding all my Road now we’re moving on to the living room and honestly this isn’t too bad either I just needed to fold up the blanket and fix the pillows and then all the toys basically go into that little wicker basket and then they’ll go upstairs whenever we get a chance to take them up so that we can dub them in the playroom and the kids can put them where they go [Music] because I’m coming Oh [Music] [Applause] I am I will stay to find every hidden side to get all my rows oh and I will fight [Music] all right so we’re about to do something you know special I know cookies rusty cookies I know cookies will feet and we quite and Chad will play oh say if you’re watching say hey to me if you’re I can say I’m Gracie tune thank you all right so we’re about to do the extra special part of this cleaning video which is what are we doing this extra special today while casings at baseball camp well I get a thank you rate my birthday party well we’re going to pick out decorations for your birthday party right yeah all right we’re gonna figure out what exactly Gracie June wants for her decorations for her birthday party we’re just doing something super small in the neighborhood because we’re actually going to wild adventures for her birthday so we’re gonna do something super small for her birthday this year so we’re gonna head to a Dollar Tree and then possibly target to pick out decorations are you excited I know uh people don’t want to see up your nose they don’t want to see you alright but that’s the extra special part is Kayson is that baseball camp so it’s just me and Gracie June today and we’re gonna go have a little girl time picking out decorations for her party all right so little update we did not have time to go to Dollar Tree so I figured we would go ahead and go to Target first because we also had a few gifts to get for friends it is 12:30 we stopped by chick-fil-a because I have not eaten lunch yet and while we were there Gracie June said she wanted a chicken sandwich so she’s eating a chicken sandwich she did not eat her crackers earlier so I was like okay whatever shop basically she had turkey cheese and two cookies earlier so I told her she could have a chicken sandwich she got there watching Aladdin and we are about to head into target for our little extra special girls day this is the second girls day we’ve had this week just me and mommy or mommy and Gracie Juden right our other girls day this week we actually question that her nails painted and her toenails still look pretty but her fingernail polish kind of came off in the pool right so anyways lots of girl time this week alright so I wanted to take a second to explain why this is extra-special and basically what I’m doing here is just giving Gracie June some one-on-one time because the majority of the time I have both of my kids together so whenever I can get that one-on-one time with one of them individually I just feel like they feel so special and they get so much attention and it just makes us bond even more do you want to do mermaids or llamas I think the llamas are hilarious you and do a llama party mm-hm so really quick I thought I would share with you what Gracie June picked out we ended up going with a little llama theme which I thought was so so cute she got a couple of table highs this little headband which actually went with the swamp theme but I thought it was cute for the birthday girl we got some paper plates and some paper napkins and then she picked out a cupcake pinata which they did not have a llama they did have a cactus with that went with this theme but she ended up going with the cupcake and I thought that was super cute and then I wanted to show you guys this because when we were in the target dollar spot they had this little Sun and it’s a reversible chalkboard Sun for the first day of school and then also on the back it says the last day of school and I just wanted to tell you guys because every year these little sons go so so fast so if you are wanting something like this then run to your nearest Target now alright so we just got back home and three thirty they got their headphones on washing TV but it was so high outside it’s like 96 degrees right now super humid I am sweating like crazy so we are gonna actually head to the pool and I’m just gonna have to clean up when we get back this is real life people we are back home from the pool and me and the hubby are in here cooking cooking some dinner some pasta it’s called what is it called let’s see where is it lasagna casserole so I’ll link this meal if you guys want to try it hopefully it’s good I’ll let you guys know later in the video if it turns out all right so that is what we are cooking tonight and then we’ll be cleaning alright so this is what it looks like before it goes in the oven now while our meal is cooking in the oven I’m gonna get as much cleanup done as I can so I don’t have to have as much to do whenever we get finished eating I’ll show it to you because it will ricochet look at you and turn like a ricochet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] here is the pasta out of the oven and we have some rolls with it yes we really should be eating veggies but whatever you say I won’t let it buy I will turn and now we’re starting the after-dinner cleanup and so I’m just loading all of our dishes from our meal into the dishwasher and we literally just use bowls for this meal so that was awesome too and then of course we had the bread on the side but this is a super easy meal for cleanup and it was delicious [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so now that I’m done washing all the dishes that need to be washed by hand or put in the dishwasher I’m gonna go ahead and clean out my sink using the mrs. Myers baking soda cream cleanser and this stuff smells so good and it’s really good about cleaning your sink out and keeping it nice and fresh and white so if you have a white porcelain sink like mine I highly recommend this product but really it works really good on any kind of sink period so I highly recommend trying this product out if you have not already [Music] how you [Music] don’t care if you can benefit from someone else you gotta give a little bit some give that up you gotta give it up [Music] now I’m just going to wipe down my table and I’m using the mrs. meyer’s multi-surface spray and this is in the peony scent it’s one of their spring scents I’m not sure if they even have it’s available right now on the Grove site but they do have lots of other ones and if you’re looking for a really good year-round scent then I highly recommend the honeysuckle it’s awesome the Basil’s pretty good too but I like to use this on pretty much most of the furniture that I dust in my house but I always use this at night when I’m cleaning off my table here and then any other time that I wipe down my table throughout the day I’ll just use a wet cloth now we’re moving on to the stovetop and for this I’m gonna be using the method degreaser and I always spray it down and then I will actually use a wet sponge to clean it off because I’ve found that if you have like any stuff that’s kind of caked on there like if you pulled over pasta that stuff is kind of hard to get off if you’re just using a dry rag on top so I always use a sponge to kind of scrub it first and then I go back over it with my dry rag to wipe everything up now on the top of my oven I use the method steel for rail cleaner because that’s stainless steel so that’s what I use on all my stainless steel appliances [Music] I’m always one step behind wishing I could read your money but I ready yeah never a day I wish I wasn’t ready [Music] now we’re moving on to wiping down the countertops and for my granite countertops I’m using the method daily granite cleaner and for my wood countertops I’m using the method wood for good cleaner so if you didn’t notice I really love my mrs. Meyers and my method products not just because how good a job they do on all the surfaces and everything and cleaning but they all smell so amazing and I don’t know about you guys but if I’m gonna clean something and it’s gonna have a scent then I want it to smell good I feel like that’s one of the best parts about cleaning when you get done is that it smells nice and clean and if it’s something that doesn’t smell good and I probably won’t use it for instance I have tried the seventh-generation disinfecting wipes in the past and honestly I ended up giving away all the rest that I had I bought it in bulk so I bought like six I think six tubs that I still had leftover and I ended up giving them away just because I could not stand the smell so if you’re struggling to clean because you cannot stand the way that your cleaning product smell then I highly recommend you try some of these out these are my absolute favorites and I promise you it’ll make it so much more enjoyable when you’re cleaning or when you get done cleaning at least now if you’re wondering where you can find these products they are available at like Target Walmart Home Depot bunches of different stores carry the method and mrs. Meyers products but they are limited on the sense that they have available when it comes to like the seasonal items but I actually get all of my cleaning products through the growth collaborative website which I signed up for growth collaborative before I even did YouTube videos so that’s how long I’ve had it and I absolutely love it because I can just go online and order and I know that I’ll get those seasonal scents when they come out and then I can order whenever I need products and then they come straight to my door so if you’ve been wanting to try out mrs. Meyers products I do have a link in my description box that will get you a free five piece gift set off the Grove collaborative website with your very first order and all you have to do is just use my link all right so the last thing that I’m doing tonight is vacuuming the breakfast area in the kitchen just getting up any crumbs or any mess that we’ve made throughout that area and then I was supposed to actually dust the bedrooms today that was one of my things that was on my list to do that I did not get to because as you can see we had a pretty busy day and so it is gonna be in this video but I am NOT gonna be dusting until the next day but you’ll get to see that in just a minute so for some reason anytime that we are done cleaning after dinner I feel like I’m done cleaning for the day but I was just curious on when you guys like to clean are you typically like a morning person or would you rather clean during the day or at night like what is your normal motivation like when do you find your motivation to clean basically because after dinner I’m dead and I am not motivated any longer [Music] all right so it is the next day and like I said I needed to do some dusting I did not show you obviously my morning routine again here but I am gonna show you the dusting because that was what was supposed to get done the day before and I’m just using the mrs. Meyers multi surface spray to go around and I’m dusting all three of the bedrooms as well as the playroom this morning I’m walking down the street on clouds instead dub dub concrete I’m dancing through everything is about to come my weight nothing came from with my date no matter what anyone does but say I smile a blues no I don’t make a dime on my way and I won’t stop I won’t slow down standing on my feet I’m gonna bad no I’m [Music] it’s not no word is like a bro [Music] nothing goes your way so I’m gonna let myself the food from kid [Music] yeah I am on my way I won’t slow down I won’t slow down I’m strolling down the street with all of my favorite verse also repeat I’m dead sand through everything is about to come my way and I don’t care if you spill coffee on me okay this guy is great all blue I don’t care cuz I am on my way and I won’t stop I won’t slow down oh no I won’t stop it is my time [Music] cuz I know what it’s like to be broke yeah is like when nothing goes your way so I’m going from this lucky day I give on my way so now we have moved upstairs to Gracey Jun’s room and this is her new bedding that she got from Betty’s I showed in my last video it was a room makeover for kayson’s bedroom and so he got a Betty’s set for his bed as well and let me tell y’all we are obsessed with these they are amazing look how easy it is for them to zip up their beds now I did let my kids pick out their own Betty’s in whatever print they wanted and Gracie Joon picked the pink roughly one which obviously made me so happy but I think it’s super cute and it goes perfectly in her bedroom now the only thing that I still need to do is I need to get a cover for her box spring because I’ve completely forgot that it wasn’t white because bedding that we had before it was a comforter and it came down low enough to where you didn’t see it so now I just need to get a white cover for that so that it’ll look good I don’t want to get I don’t know for some reason I haven’t been wanting to use a bedskirt on her bed and I honestly want to get rid of our bed and get a new one so that we don’t have to use a bedskirt on ours either just because I feel like there are a lot of work to pull off and clean so anyways I will be getting a cover for that box spring soon now I’m just going to use a general purpose ich loth which I’m going to wet with warm water and then clean down the mirror here in Gracie Joon’s room and then I use the polishing cloth afterwards to dry it off and just in case you’re wondering ich lots are also available on the growth collaborative website and then you can also get a bunch of different types of ich lots on Amazon which I have some of my favorite saved in the link below in the description box [Music] [Music] now we’re here in kayson’s room and I’m going to do a quick wipe down with the same eClass and polishing cloth on the TV and then I’m gonna wipe down his other furniture with the multi-surface spray by mrs. Myers now if you missed my last video it was a MEK room makeover video that I did for casings bedroom here and if you like makeover videos or like before and after type videos then definitely go check it out because I feel like it was a pretty big transformation from what his room would like before to now and Kayson absolutely loves his room I love it too and it was just such a fun video to do so if you’re interested I’ll make sure to leave a link up here in the cards and also in the description box for you to go check it out now the very last room that I’m gonna do is the playroom and I’m just gonna dust in here and then we will actually be done with all the cleaning that I was supposed to get done the day before now like I said my kids go back to school in just a few short weeks and although I’m bummed we will definitely have our schedule back to normal somewhat and I’m thinking I’m gonna be changing up a lot of my cleaning schedules as well as my uploading schedule and all that kind of stuff that I do during the week my workout schedule I just feel like I’m gonna be revamping a lot of stuff to try to make it work better for us so let me know if there’s any types of videos or scheduling videos or routine videos that you would like to see here on my channel so I can film those for y’all [Music] alright y’all so I hope that you enjoyed this video and got tons of cleaning motivation from it maybe even a new little idea for your an extra special thing that you can do is one of your loved ones and if you made it this far definitely let me know what you were doing while watching or if you got any cleaning done today I’d love to know that too y’all don’t forget to go check out my friends videos down in the description box I know they’re gonna have some really good videos for you guys to watch and if you are new to my channel then please don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and make sure to give this video a video not video video a big thumbs up and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye y’all [Music]

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  1. Paula Lowe

    My kids go back to school on Aug 14th.
    My cleaning schedule is more routine during the summer since Iโ€™m off when my kids are out(lunch lady at their school) during the school year itโ€™s what I can get done!

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  3. Heidi Sonboul

    Hey Amy girl. THANKS for the cleaning motivation. I switch up my cleaning routine too when my kids go back to school. What was I doing while I watched this video? Working out on the treadmill. You kept me entertained and motivated. PS I love your son's room makeover. It's so darling and perfect for a boy.

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    Thanks for all the cleaning motivation! I just bought my boys new bedding from Target. I am really wishing I would have tried this brand. It looks so easy to make their bed.

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    Love this! Quality time is the best!! Enjoyed watching/listening to your video while I was working in my classroom getting ready for school. August 1st for us too in Middle Tennessee!

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    The Boys Start School at September here
    I have Dome cleaning routines and do this in the Morning . I also have a YT Channel but a very little one๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    P.S. GJ is adorable…Just so cute. โค๏ธ
    Also, it's funny you say about your kids going back to school August 1st because here in the UK, our kids break up for Summer around this time & have all of August off then go back the first week or so of September… Usually between September 3rd & 5th. So when yours are going back, UK kids will just really be starting their Summer break. My eldest, who's 4 this Saturday starts school this September. (She'll be in Reception 1 but I think you call it Kindergarten or something). Funny how we're different with some things. ๐Ÿ˜œ

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    I love your videos. They motivate me. My child starts school on August 26th. We will be living in Kannapolis, NC we are relocating there. Right now we live in Washington State.

  37. Cheryl Thompson

    I just โค your videos n i have four kids that goes to school one in middle school n three in elementary school they go back August 6

  38. Heather Burlingame

    Love your kitchen Amy! Iโ€™m looking to redo my kitchen and wonder what made you choose the butcher block for the island as opposed to the granite like the rest of the kitchen? Itโ€™s gorgeous I just wonder if itโ€™s hard to keep nice with kids or my dogs jumping up and pawing on the side of it?

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