Hi I am Anwesha and welcome back to my channel.
I am back with a weight loss diet for winters coz it was highly requested video specifically
coz now Diwali festival got over & now people want to lose weight all the sweets we consumed
all needs to be out and needs a detox There is no such thing as diwali detox I too had
loads of sweets in this time…a lot of them.I hope u too ate a lot & enjoyed good food Winters
r here and pollution is rising it is imp to take care of our health now we r now going
to talk about a diet which will again resume ur weight loss fitness journey Pls subscribe
the red button & press the bell icon Pls watch the video till the end bcoz i will share imp
tips throughout Pls also LIKE my videos iT MOTIVATES ME WHEN i SEE U LIKING MY VIDEOS.i
on community post I upload videos on Mon wed friday at 10 am So now lets start The major
difference in diet during winters & summers is the seasonal vegetables Winters means various
types of veggies So consume all the local seasonal fruits & veggies everyday U can also
have various paranthas for breakfast Dont use MAIDA pREFER WHEAT IN PARANTHA Stick to
2 paranthas Increase the quantity of veggies and not carbs Include ghee daily in ur diet
It will keep ur body warm U can have in parantha/roti or consume one tsp daily
If u r a non veg then have 2 full boiled eggs everyday
u can make laddoos/halwa add in veggies or consume raw
Have jaggery ghee with roti u can make laddoos with it Add raw turmeric in milk if u r lactose
intolerant, so u can have soya milk or almond milk all these things
will not only help u in weight loss but also help
in fighting the pollution in delhi So we have to keep ourselves healthy from inside
PORTION CONTROL is the main thing no matter what
u eat things that u should not eat are Make things at home make sweets at home dont have
chocolates consume tea/coffee in small cups only twice in a day It helps control the quantity
intake Take note of things I have asked u to include in ur daily diet WORKOUT MORE dONT BE LAZY

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