Winter Bulking Episode 2 – Full Day Of Eating (Intermittent Fasting – IIFYM) WEEK 2 (ENG SUB)

good morning table ninja
and welcome to new video, Monday, September 10th 9:55 am Monday means …
CHEAT DAY or maybe not unfortunately no boys because as you know I started working as a waiter and Saturday I worked practically all day, yesterday it was Sunday I worked almost all day. I started at 11 in the morning, I detached at
6 just to eat and at 7 I started again till midnight! I arrived home that
it was half past midnight, more or less I made myself a mega carb night
and … I feel this morning, really, really rested, I needed to rest sincerely.
and then given these circumstances I decided to move my cheat day to Wednesday, so today I welcome you in my second episode of my winter bulking! At 11
I have to be in the gym on time! Because I will have my third lesson with my personal
Anna trainer, of course you have already met in the first episode of this series and not wanting to be late as my usual, we start immediately with the usual practice physical check !!
off my tank top then this is my current physique on September 10th and weight control 67.4 67.4 as you have seen is Monday and I returned to my usual weight so today I could afford my cheat day but as I have already told you before
I move it to Wednesday, anyway in these my first 10 days of bulking I did not put
not even a gram, why? because the first 10 days guys, I used them
to test my cards, I changed exercises so I never loaded mine at the most
weights. it was more a settlement. and of course not having pushed hard into the gym as a result
I ate only 2,300 calories in my first 10 days of bulking, so that’s why I did not take even a gram. anyway this week I will push more for sure and then
I will eat much more for sure. in fact this week we will go to raise our calorie intake of 200 calories. So it will be Amazing! But just chat because I do not want to
be late then, let’s start with my usual routine. You know me then, ninja
but, it’s always nice to do so … water just woke up, as always. This is the
my morning routine. Also this week 6 liters .. everyday obviously. Then also
this week I will go to drink these mine 3 bottles of water during the day
so let’s start with the first liter. Ninja health! and 1 liter is gone. Next thing
to do.. Libra and pre-workout, this is what I do every time before going to the gym. Prepare my pre workout because I need caffeine and energy.
I forgot my shaker fortunately there are spells. As always
I remember to respect the doses because it contains a lot of caffeine. I add my water usual shaken! And as always this goes in the fridge and it should be drunk 20 minutes before mine
work out. And finally third and last thing which is obviously the thing I like
more. Enjoy my morning coffee. How to start the day with the charge
right. and then table ninja, I taste this coffee in peace as always and
we’ll see each other in the car with mine pre workout and metal is now a tradition
before my gym. this new pre workout to taste passion fruit is Amazing! Well guys I end up shooting this caffeine charge and we’ll meet at the gym. Boom ninja ready
in the gym, today we’re going to train the bibs, of course with my personal trainer Anna Hello everyone, today we will train the bibs with one technique called rest breaks oriented
but towards the forces so what will we do .. we will find our target weight on the bench
flat. We will do 5-6 shots then 15-20 seconds recovery and then we would do another 4-5
shots. 15-20 seconds of recovery and then we would go to exhaustion. In the recovery there will be a donuts ??? Ok so let’s start this is the target series! 200 kg !! gym gone and now as always it’s time for my … do you say it for me !? No ninja! Wrong are not branched chain amino acids, it is simply water why? because in this phase of my bulking I decided to try to stay without my branched amino acids. in fact, last year in my last bulking phase I never used them. And to be honest I found myself good, so again this year I want to try again
to stay without. Money saved and fewer supplements to be taken in short, therefore, water! however I will always say .. So refreshing! So you have seen, today’s training has been concentrated mainly on the bibs. I have to say that this high intensity technique with rest
pause and 15 seconds pause between a series and the other was really devastating that is, you get to the last series that you practically do only one repetition I recommend it for you.
Okay let’s change the subject. Monday, today practically it’s my day off from work, not today
you work .. Evvai! I mean work as a waiter because today unfortunately I have to put myself on the computer I have to edit! Until late this evening I have a lot of work to do to finish mine
video of the last cheat day of MC Donald’s and anyway to get on with this video in such a way that tomorrow I can relax a bit too. Now let’s talk about feeding that’s the thing
what interests me most and what interests you most. Because we all know how much I like to eat then the right topic. As I mentioned this morning. This week I will go to get up
my calorie intake of 200 calories, But let’s take a step back. Let’s go first
to examine the calories I have taken on last week and the nutritional values ​​that
I hired last week, as you can read my income last week
caloric was 2200 calories coming from 49 grams of fat, 270 grams of carbohydrates
and 160 grams of protein. Obviously I held these calories and these macronutrients for
every day, apart from the monday that was my cheat day and the tuesday I did
a carbohydrate discharge. and here I wanted to answer you to a question you asked me in the first
episode of my winter bulking “Thomas do not you look like a few 2200 calories in bulking?” Yes, guys really would be really few in a bulking phase. But in my case granting me
one cheat day per week 2200 calories are more than perfect to start, in this
so I can balance the calories in a week, As? Simply looking at this scheme. Starting from Monday that is the day of my own cheat day where I take from 10,000 to 15,000 calories
every day, but we keep reference 15,000 calories because I never go so much under 12,000, however, that’s for sure. And on Tuesday where I do a carbohydrate discharge where
I only take 1300 calories in the remaining 5 days of the week I will go to take my 2200 calories, and in total at the weekend I will have this value. 27300 calories that obviously dividing them
for 7 give me this value as many as 3900 calories Every day I’m a lot of ninja from
table. And counting that I am 1.68 tall indeed counting that I am 1.68 low with the weight of
68 kg more or less I can assure you that these daily calories are really
a lot ninja. And here arises the question “Mangerai always these 2200 calories in this bulking phase? ”
No boys! I will go to get up from week to week as? Obviously with the reverse diet that
I’ve already talked about it in the first episode of this winter bulking. The ninja reverse diet
trust that it’s absolutely fantastic. because? Because in this way you can grow each one
week your calories, grow up the your metabolism because our body
gets used to taking on a weekly basis new calories, in this way you will go to build
lean mass minimizing accumulation as much as possible fat, trust me ninja, I tried this diet a year
last year and I have reached 3,100 calories every day the chat day. I remember eating
a lot, I grew a lot with the fundamentals. I grew a lot with the squat. I’m
grew a lot with the flat bench and are grew a lot with the deadlifts, therefore,
REVERSE DIET is the right weapon! small brackets, how I will grow calories in this week, I will also grow mine
weight in the gym, in fact the loads must to increase. As we increase the calories, we must
increase the load at the gym. So we are growing with our strength and with
our muscular mass. But let’s get back to the my calories last week. Then
what will I do this week? as I said first: I will go to eat 200 extra calories.
Where will I take out these 200 calories from? Obviously from my .. Carbohydrates. Because?
Because I love carbohydrates, you know why anyway I want to keep a High Carb diet
and Low Fat and because I can not of anyway sure put them on proteins because 160
grams are already too many! at this stage of bulking in my opinion but anyway I want to try
to keep these 160 grams because I find myself good. And then off these calories! It’s this one
week with my reverse diet I will go to take 2400 calories from 49
grams of fat, 315 grams of carbohydrates and 160 grams of protein! Obviously how
I will always keep these calories every day apart from my cheat day and apart from the post cheat
day, where I will do the usual carbohydrate discharge and I repeat how I grow my calories, I will grow up
even my load at the gym. So, today it’s my work off day so I’ll spend it
practically all day sitting in front of you to the computer to edit and it would also be the
my cheat day, but today is not my cheat day so..cosa I can do? Today I will make an intermittent fast
of 20 hours. In fact my last meal Yesterday evening it was half past midnight.
Today I will go to eat a single meal, a just, big, meal. Because? because this way
I will eat so much volume, I will feel satisfied and for me it will be like having a cheat day. Do not worry, I already know what recipe to do for tonight will surely be ..
Amazing. And here I wanted to answer you also to another question: “What is allowed in the
an intermittent fast? “.. I already have it said, but as you have already asked me, in the first episode of this Winter Bulking in an Intermittent fast are allowed
only coffee, tea and herbal tea .. and pre workout before gym obviously. Nothing else! Because
anyway, anything else you’re going to get will contain some calories ..
Good! Table Ninja, now I’m going to paste myself in front of the computer, I will spend pretty much
6 hours no stop to edit my videos, in meanwhile I will go on with: water and coffee,
so I’ll see you later with the first one and the only meal of this full day of eating and here we are ninja! Finally it has arrived time to eat. It’s only eight o’clock, but I have
received a call .. I have to go tomorrow in Milan absolutely. I have work to do,
so I have to eat early because tomorrow morning … wake up at 6. So let’s not get lost
in chatter and I show you immediately the ingredients of this first and last
meal of this day. So, we have: straccetti turkey breast, ham strips
cooked, naturally natural tuna, we save a little fat, this cheese
Galbani practically with zero fat! absurd! Corn and peas..due..tre .. mushrooms
sautéed, pearl onions, capers, black olives, dried tomatoes, too
with 0.5% fat, absurd! straccetti of peppers and finally: cous cous! You guessed what
I’m going to do, of course, a nice salad of cous cous. With this meal I will have a great one
volume, few calories, I will respect mine macro and will satisfy my big appetite! It will be like
a cheat meal but, with my macros and the my calories then .. Amazing! Ninja I have one
Hunger beast then, follow me in the kitchen I’ll show you how to prepare this fantastic and healthy cous cous. So before I started I wanted to tell you that it is always better to rinse them all
the foods you buy in pot because they contain a lot of sodium, so now
I will go to school and obviously rinsed with him the water so as to remove as much sodium as possible
and then we’re going to weigh them together. Let’s go with corn and peas: 420 grams of corn and peas.
Let’s go with the peppers .. 170 grams of peppers. Let’s go with the dried tomatoes: 150 grams
of dried tomatoes. Time for mushrooms! 120 grams of mushrooms .. go with the onions!
180 grams of onions. Go with the capers 50 grams of capers and finally we go with
black olives 160 grams of black olives ok, just vegetables! let’s go with some protein
so .. go with my straccetti of cooked ham 100 grams of strips of cooked ham.
Go with the turkey breast strips 100 grams of turkey breast strips.
Go with my natural tuna: 90 grams of natural tuna, cheese! it can not miss,
but first I’m going to cut into cubes. Here it is cut into cubes: 150 grams of cheese cut into cubes And my dressing is ready! I calculated that with all the ingredients
that I used until now, to arrive to complete my calories and my macronutrients
of the day I need 300 grams of cous cous then 300 grams of cous cous. I wear
on the water to boil for my couscous .. my water boils so I’m going to throw the
cous cous, 5 minutes of cooking. 5 minutes passed. I’m going to join my cous cous to the rest of the
ingredients, I mix it for good .. my mother here guys come out of an absurd thing Guys!
I’m crazy! In other words, all this stuff must enter my stomach. Now I’m going to
weigh because here are many, many grams here we are above 2 kg of stuff, they are
sure … Ready ninja? how much do you say that weights? Let’s see why I’m curious 3kg and 50 grams ninja, this is something absurd look what I’ve created and I’m 2400 calories, it seems impossible guys but only 2400 calories! .. Amazing! Let’s go to the table.
And here we are at the ninja table! Mamma mia, this it’s practically a challenge! Look at what
I created, it’s an absurd thing! The diet it’s really simple, they agree .. not
it’s the classic IIFYM because we really have it a lot of sodium. All the products I have
used are not really healthy say however, every now and then there is! once at
week you can do it … especially if not you have cheat day, so, there is! And being
today Monday and not having been granted the my classic cheat day, I decided to opt for this
fantastic recipe, that is, these 3 kilos of cous cous salad. But before I go
to dangle and destroy this fantastic salad of cous cous, I put the calories
total and total nutritional values of this meal right above, and obviously coincide with my caloric intake I have to respect for this day and for the whole week,
obviously, it’s 9:07 pm, I have my third bottle of water of the day really refreshing! And since I see it almost, as a challenge, I decided to use mine
timer, here’s a challenge, so … off my shirt! I have my battle gear, my spoon and see how long I get this fantastic couscous salad
, to be destroyed party timer, and ninja.we start It’s really very good guys How tasty! Look at that stuff, this thing is really
AMAZING! This is fitness. This is my fitness Madonna that good! An explosion of flavors boys my mother what goodness! look at that guys stuff, I’m just over half
and I feel already satisfied! obviously the I destroy! and 10 minutes !! Casserole dish! I’m really slow to eat! but I can eat a lot! sorry if I did not speak
too much but I wanted to try to destroy in 20 minutes time, how much are they?
16 minutes and 20! Good! We made it! The last spoonful .. 3 kilos guys .. 17 minutes and 10, Grandissimo I was not very fast but … 3 kilos
inside my stomach in 17 minutes .. it’s not bad right ?! it’s 9:28 pm, as always my meal is over omega 3 and multivitamin, a pill each Cin Cin ninja! Amazing! what can I say, 3 kilos of stuff and 2400 calories, fantastic see if you’re smart, in quotes because I repeat, this was not really fitness. However
however it was part of my macros and calories so once a week you can do it too
without problems! I said if you’re smart, in the kitchen, the diet is really very simple, you see you can have fun, you can eat very large volumes with very few calories
and satiate your big table ninja appetite now I have to clean everything.
I have to settle because then I have to go to bed on as soon as possible, tomorrow wake up at six.
I have to go to Milan for work .. and for work I mean Youtube because tomorrow I will do a collaboration,
so, it will be a really amazing thing! but I will explain it later with whom and what of course, but before giving you a good night, I wanted to remind you of table ninja that, if you want
stay with me during the week if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see my diet if you want to see the crap that public start following me in Instagram! You can find me
with the name vgthomas1987 the name is here as you can read add me guys because
every day I show you what I eat, every I will control your body every day
I do weight control, so it can be a lot interesting if you want to follow this mine
100% bulking phase and before closing this video, of course I must remind you
the most important thing if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, do it immediately! click right here! table ninja, it’s time to close the video we’ll see each other the week
next with the third episode of this winter bulking and in the meantime STAY FIT & STAY HUNGRY !!!!

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