Winter Bulking Episode 1 – Full Day Of Eating (Intermittent Fasting – IIFYM) WEEK 1 (ENG SUB)

Good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video Saturday, September 1, 7:08 am finally the summer is almost over and as everyone knows ninja, the moment has finally arrived to enter the masses more anticipated than a porno so welcome in this series will be called winter bulking I immediately start by saying that last night I went to bed very late because if you follow me in instagram you know very well that I started working as a waiter last night’s last meal was at 1:30 am this morning I really woke up really early because at 8.30 I have to be in the gym on time because I will have my second power lifting lesson with my personal trainer Anna I will introduce you then and of course I do not want to be late as usual so let’s start bomb with physical control off my usual tank top then this is my current physique on September 1st and of course weight control 68.5 68.5 the starting point is that it is not really my weight because I usually wake up about 67.5 but as I told you last night having gone to bed really late and having eaten really late and this morning having woken up really early my weight is obviously different from that of the other days, however, fast because it is already 7:30 I do not want to be late and we leave with our day even in this winter bulking my first thing to do just wake up .. water of course this is all the water that I will consume today 6 liters! the recommended dose of water to a sedentary person is 2 liters so for a subject like me who trains a lot that sweats a bag 6 liters are more than good drink a lot of guys it’s very important to stay hydrated especially when you wake up give you a boost of energy trust me! I go to drink my fine liter of water and 1 liter of water is already gone! next thing I obviously do is prepare my pre workout then scale, pre workout and shaker as always, use the scale because it is very important to respect the doses of these products especially of the pre work out because it contains a lot of caffeine, I put my water there usual shakerata now you know me! and this goes in the fridge and should be drunk 20 minutes before my workout next thing important coffee a thing that can never miss especially in the morning just woke up fantastic! then following an intermittent fast if you do not know what intermittent fasting is I will tell you later, my breakfast is made of water and coffee every morning I just woke up what I do is drink a good liter of water to drink a nice coffee and prepare my pre workout for the gym easy fast and simple and I want to add in my opinion really energetic however, I’m already almost 8 I do not want to be late this morning so I run away to get the bag and we table ninja see you at the gym and here we are in the gym ready with the pre workout of course and with my personal trainer Anna that I present to you right away hello everyone hello, I’m Anna Farronato are trainers and personal trainers at the Pegasus of Cittadella and I do the osteopath here I have a study also in Bassano del Grappa today I’m here to teach Thomas the squat because Thomas is a great ignoramus and we try to teach him the little we know, too, ok? exact and according to your questions “how tall are you Thomas?” can you see Anna? it’s much taller than me! I am a c *** of nano 1.68, however we begin obviously we are taking care of the technique so Ninja low weights! much easier to eat! the stripping that kills you! Anna is finishing up to me anyway I’ll put her site here so you can go and have a look I’ll also put your Facebook in it and if you need it, contact her of course gym gone and you already know that the moment of my branched amino acids has arrived super refreshing! then you saw today’s training was more a technique training than strength at bbiamo very well taken care of the technical part we used low weights obviously you have to learn how to squeal properly, to detach properly to do the flat bench as it should but we will have time together I have to admit that this stripping technique I liked very much because you feel just give up on a muscular level and I think that I will insert it in the days of my cheat day because it exhausts you and you can eat more however, after the exercises you saw in the gym I did three sets of abs and then of course I did stretching and nothing more because in short we are in bulking and it is right to train a little ‘less, have more recovery and eat more however, this morning I did not have much time to introduce you this winter bulking so we’ll do it together now First of all let me just say that I forgot to do it sincerely that bulking would simply mean mass period then I want to say that there are 2 types of bulking, clean bulking and dirty bulking obviously the clean mass and the dirty mass, so in this my winter bulking you will go to see obviously a clean bulking point first! point according to my diet will be a high carb & low fat diet as always, in short, because I find myself very well with this and I want to continue to feel good then this is my choice, point three I will still follow my intermittent fast because I find myself from God I can have giant meals and always feel satiated I can satisfy my appetite for those who do not know what intermittent fasting is practically a diet in which you have a window of 16 hours and an 8-hour window in which to eat as always there are variants there are people who adopt a 20-hour window in which they do not eat and 4 hours to eat, while there are people who eat even once a day it also happens to me sincerely depends on when I’m busy during the day short step 4 my diet will be a flexible diet ie IIFYM in a few words I will always keep the same macros, I will try to eat as clean as possible remember that the flexible diet still provides 80% of healthy foods and 20% of dirty food so it is very easy to comply with and in this way you can also satisfy your palate in short with some dirt from time to time but I repeat, wanting to give myself a cheat day a week, I will try to eat as clean as possible fifth point will I follow a reverse diet that is a reverse diet? in a nutshell, when you are out of a definition period, take your calories and every week raise your calorie intake by 100 calories this way you will be repairing your metabolism to build muscle mass by accumulating as little fat as possible this guys thing is very important, slowly grow every week of 100 calories trust me you will have great benefits and then off these points and I put the total calories and the total nutritional values ​​I’m going to take this week I wanted to remind you that anyway my week starts from Saturday to Saturday but for the simple fact that I started filming this winter bulking only today which is Saturday so from Saturday to Saturday for me we make things a bit ‘stranger in this channel in fact I will keep these calories for the whole week apart from Monday that I will give my cheat day and Tuesday that I will do a carbohydrate discharge goals for this winter bulking obviously grow with the squat grow with the detachment and grow with the flat bench because with my last phase of definition I have to admit that I lost a bit of strength the last advice is really important in my opinion if you want to follow a clean bulking it is important that at the end of the week your weight has increased by half a kilo no more if you have grown half a pound, it is more than good if you have grown over and lowered the calories a moment because it means that you are also accumulating fat and not good because the next summer shredding you’re going to do I can assure you that you’ll have to sweat like goats if you want to get back in shape! now they end up tasting my amino acids I’m going to do a little ‘shopping so almost almost then I’ll show you what I buy maybe you can take a cue of the products that I use and we table ninja see you after the supermarket and here we are back with my shopping as you can see I really bought a lot of things but this spending should be enough for a minimum of one week or at least I hope so also because I spent 70 euros so … I’ll show you what I bought but in a much faster way .. tak ready for you! and these are the main products that I will use in this clean bulking, he showed them in speed then I tried to divide everything into three ranks that is my carbohydrate source my source of protein and my fat source usually as a source of carbohydrates I prefer rice in fact you can see I have taken as many as 5 for you these are usually the rice I eat during the week if I can suggest these of the cock are really delicious in two minutes are ready in the microwave and above all this Black Venus is fantastic guys if instead you want to save a bit ‘of calories I recommend these with the quinoa and even these are really good this only has 145 calories per package so amazing obviously vegetables because vegetables know very well that they have a lot of fiber and the fibers make you feel full so they can calm the sense of appetite obviously I chose broccoli, peppers, trio of grilled this is also very good, asparagus grilled aubergines and grilled courgettes I recommend buying frozen vegetables for the simple fact that they are very quick to cook and anyway you can have an exact estimate of the nutritional values ​​in the back of the bag so wise choice of course the fruit can not be missing in this case for today I have taken grapes, cool, apples and cereals my passion because I can not live without small secret cereals always use sugar stevia because it has 0 calories I also recommend it in bulking so you can save calories and I also recommend this favor drop from my protein this is for example toffee flavored you put it in your fage in the evening e trust the taste is really fantastic as a source of protein I prefer meat obviously because I love meat I recommend these burgers are fantastic they are chicken burgers then this cut of kebabs is really delicious beef burgers too these are really fantastic ground duck and why not breaded chicken breast? really amazing! obviously in my diet there must be a pile of fage yogurt protein powder and as a source of fats obviously chosen extra virgin olive oil and dried fruit this time I chose hazelnuts but you can also take almonds or any other kind of dried fruit well this was my expense now it is almost 5.30 I have to eat because at seven I start working and I do not want to be late, of course as usual! so ninja see you at the table finally for the first meal of this day and here we are at the table is finally the time of the first meal of this day today I am super hungry as I would always say and then I propose to you as the first meal of the day Chris grilled vegetables, breaded chicken breast extra virgin olive oil which of course I will use to fry my breaded chicken breast and this black Venus rice with vegetables and chicken this is really good you have to try it guys trust me it’s an extraordinary thing! as always at the speed of light, everything is ready! and as always ninja look what a show! then we have 450 grammes of trio of grilled zucchini, peppers and aubergines 240 grams of breaded chicken breast and 220 grams of black rice with vegetables and chicken look at the colors, look at that ninja show before fiondarmi to destroy this food I put the total calories and nutritional values ​​of this meal above as usual I have my third bottle of water of the day are 5:35 am fork and knife and ninja good appetite and tell me if this trio of vegetables do not seem amazing! They seem fantastic to me! very good! with my beautiful breaded chicken breast and with my black rice with vegetables and chicken I lost a bit ‘of calories but patience this rice is fantastic trust me! calories collected! Oh I forgot this is fitness! mom this rice is really phenomenal! I should have a challenge with this rice! sure I could even do it! with the amazing chicken and vegetables really guys! fantastic! and what I always like to do is to leave the rice at the end because it’s the best part and the last forkful of rice, pity that this meal is already finished! absolutely amazing! as always, my omega 3 and multi-vitamin meal is a pill each it’s 5:51 I have to get away to get ready I do not want to be late for work! I have to comb .. I do not know if you noticed it, I should be home by midnight or at least I hope so in the meantime guys that I go work you wait for me here and see you later with the last meal of this day I will not tell you anything else! the hard job of the waiter! luckily I had to unplug at midnight, however I’m super hungry as always also because tonight I think I have worked hard at work let’s not lose ourselves in chat ninja and let’s get ready for the usual carb night yes because for me the carb night is the best meal at the end of the evening especially in days like these that I get home tired and I do not want to put myself in the stove then as always I show you the ingredients! to make a good carb night we need .. white grapes, my usual favorite fruit apple, a fig, fage total 0% fat protein powder, tonight I will use these to taste banoffee, hazelnuts and finally my obsession! cereals! this evening frosties! let me prepare everything at the speed of light because I’m really hungry ninja ready! what a show! look ninja … Fage yogurt with protein powder to the banoffee taste and I added two tablespoons of stevia just to give a sweet note and of course I went to cut my fruit into small pieces, I joined my cereal and my dried fruit look at the fantastic colors! we just have to do this food porn my usual carb night! super sexy and super good! then this time in this carb night we have 500 grams of yogurt fage total 0% fat 25 grams of protein powder, 170 grams of apple 50 grams of figs, 200 grams of white grapes 40 grams are hazelnuts and hear you hear 100 grams of cereal frosties, super sugary! in many you told me that there are a lot of sugars in this carb night I know! but to tell you the truth When I eat it before going to bed, I feel really satisfied! especially after a day of work or a busy day like today’s! this is my corner of paradise so good carb night to me! anyway, it’s 1:31 off my shirt because it’s a hot beast and because I want to eat in relax much better! as always before going to taste this sexy food I put the total calories and the total nutritional values ​​of this meal right here as always I have my faithful spoon and ninja good appetite to me! look what a mouthful of divine ninja! a fantastic thing! I lost 2 calories sockets! amazing! and even fage yogurt with protein powder is an extraordinary thing! from a lot that I did not eat figs! proviamoli! wow what good! I also love the figs! even if the white grape remains my favorite fruit! I know ninja will be repetitive but for me this is the same parity of a cheat meal that is taste super sugary an indescribable thing try it as a ninja trust you will see that you will not be able to stay without it! hazelnuts, apples, cereals, yogurt fage, what’s better? nothing! perfection! and that’s why I also love intermittent fasting because I can save calories and allow myself these things before going to bed then, God bless this diet obviously linked to the flexible diet! obvious! I forgot as always .. this is fitness! the last bite of this fantastic delicacy, my beloved carb night! gone! judgment? amazing! it’s 1:51 and then after this meal I put the total calories and the total nutritional values of all the day above as always and I wanted to remind you that these calories will keep them for the whole week until next saturday obviously I will not count these calories in my cheat day because they will be much higher and Tuesday that will be the day of my post cheat day I will go with a carbohydrate discharge It was a really long day I got up at six and I never stopped a second boy because I was in the gym first then to shop, then to the computer, obviously, to work on these videos I cooked the first meal of the day, obviously I share it with you I went to work I came back at 01:00 and finally I prepared my carb night and I shared with you of course and they made themselves what the 2 at night! however I hope you enjoyed my first episode of my winter bulking let me know what you think in the comments below of this series but before I say goodnight, I want to remind you that if you want to stay with me during the week if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see my diet if you want to see the crap that public, start following me in instagram find me with the name vgthomas1987 but before closing the video I have to remind you of something very important if you have not yet subscribed to my channel do it immediately click right here! table ninja is the time to close the video we’ll see you next week with the second need for this winter bulking and in the meantime STAY FIT AND STAY HUNGRY !!!

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