Will a ketogenic diet help me get rid of cellulite?

Will a ketogenic diet help me get rid of cellulite?
People following a keto diet have reported significant reductions in cellulite. Note
that in the beginning it might look worse while the fat is becoming less dense and is
being broken down. But if you stay active it can improve significantly. After fat is
lost the body takes a little time to tighten up and reabsorb excess skin and tissue. Eating
plenty of nutrients and a diet low in toxins will also support the skins’ recovery.

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  1. arktana

    can you please do more videos about this? does it get better than it was before the keto or just better than the worsening caused by keto? (aka the same as it was before heto). thank you!

  2. Reagan Cameron

    I became so energized to take the dietary regimen “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). My eating routine and my frequency of several workout routines wasn`t modified and change. More than a period of a month, I lost around 6 lbs. The strategy has allow me to ate lesser and getting full is a lot quicker. .

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