Why INTERMITTENT FASTING works so well for weight loss ? Warning : Explicit Language !!!

Are you a big fat motherfucker ? And you wanna
do intermittent fasting and looking for info on internet but you are being mind
fucked by so many scientific terms ? I am here to make it simple. You can ask who am I to tell this? right !!! I
am fasting for 6 months you stupid fuck Ok lets get to the point. Intermittent fasting is one of the best ways
to lose fat. So how it works ? Your body needs energy and
thats why we eat. If you didnt know this shit till now then
get the fuck out of here. When you fast for a
long period of time your body thinks what is wrong with this motherfucker !!!
But no wonder your body is smarter than a stupid fuck like you. When your body can’t take any enrgy from food
it starts searching for other enrgy sources. Your body figures out you have a fucking ammount
of fat stored in your body and then it burns your fat into energy . Some
people will say you will lose muscle by doing it . Fuck them if you can. fuuuuuccckk them. At the time of fasting your HGH or human growth
hormone increases upto 2000%. Sorry for the scientific term but I am helpless. The main work of HGH is to make sure that
your muscles are safe. And another thing when you dont eat for a
long time your insulin level drops and it helps fat burning process. There are many other facts I can tell you
about intermittent fasting but you dont need to know that shit. I dont wanna make this too long coz personally
i hate long videoes. If you are a fat bastard like me
then you should try this method. You will lose all kinds of fat. If you like this video then subscribe to my
channel or leave a comment or … fuck yourself.

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