Why Intermittent Fasting & Skipping A Meal Makes You Feel ill! Dr Fuhrman

Intermittent fasting diets are becoming increasingly
popular, with people using them to lose weight and improve their health. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting
can have powerful effects on your body and may protect against many diseases such as
heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few. When fasted, our cells initiate cellular repair
processes. This includes autophagy, where cells digest
and remove dysfunctional and old proteins that build up inside cells. We’ve been fasting throughout evolution,
this is because food was not always available and so when we couldn’t find anything to
eat our bodies had to adapt to be able to function without food for extended periods
of time. Nearly everyone already fasts every day, while
they sleep. Intermittent fasting can be as simple as extending
that fast a little longer. The most popular intermittent fasting methods
are -The 16/8 Method: where you fast for 16 hours each day, by only eating between say
10am and 6pm. The Eat-Stop-Eat: where Once or twice a week,
you don’t eat anything from dinner one day, until dinner the next day effectively a 24
hour fast. And the 5:2 Diet: which during 2 days of the
week, eating only about 500-600 calories. However some people have reported feeling
ill when they try to intermittently fast or even when they just skip a meal. They may feel light headed, shaky weak or
have a headache why is this? Well let’s hear from Dr Joel Fuhrman.. [Dr Fuhrman] When you don’t consume sufficient
phytochemicals and antioxidants you build up inflammatory substances in your tissues
some of them are free radicals and also there’s a lot of other different toxic materials like
advanced glycation end products. This is another toxin that builds up in our
tissues. The more nutritionally incomplete your diet
is the more you are able to build up these inflammatory compounds. When people do not eat for a few hours their
body when it’s not digesting food can more effectively repairs and heals itself. So when you’re not busy digesting and eating
people could feel sickly, shaky, weak, headachy, stomach cramping. When we have a high build up of metabolic
waste products that promote disease in our body we’re gonna feel worse when we’re
not eating food. So this person who doesn’t eat sufficient
variety and amount of phytonutrients is going to have more inflammatory toxins in their
tissues and they’re going to feel withdrawal and feel sick from those toxins when they’re
not digesting food, since they feel better when they’re eating and digesting because
eating and digesting halts detoxification the liver can’t effectively suck and deal
with the food coming in as well as breaking down waste products and breaking down body
mass you know fat cells and removing toxins and flushing them out and making them water
soluble for excretion in the urine. In other words the liver really can’t effectively
do both simultaneously so we do much more healing and repair in the non feeding state
and more assimilation and absorption in the feeding state. So that’s the anabolic phase is the building
and the non feeding state is the catabolic phase where you’re breaking things down
and removing them. A feeling of weakness and shakiness, forcing
them to feel almost hypoglycemic, or headachy or stomach cramping, I call that toxic hunger. It makes people want to eat all the time and
keep their digestive tract busy all the time never enter the catabolic phase of the digestive
cycle. Always remain in the anabolic or eating and
feeding phase lest they don’t feel well enough.

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Reader Comments

  1. Dara Bethany

    My mom and I both get shaky when we don't eat, we aren't overweight so I thought it was a sign that we should eat but now I feel less scared to fast!

  2. Island RedPills

    Lol did he say what the answer is to feeling light headed. When I did intermittent fasting it didn't matter what diet I was on I still felt light headed especially if I tried to workout on an empty stomach

  3. aMTBer

    Fasted training is the fastest way to lose weight and get back in shape after slacking off bc of injury or sickness. A 2 day watermelon fast is the quickest way to detox and feel great again.

  4. Carolyn Harvey

    When I fast, don’t feel sick at all, just hungry which I assume is normal. It is doing the job I need it to do. Plus I am no longer a food addict. I can look at it, smell and be able to resist eating it 24/7. Thank God for that.

  5. Scott Gabelman

    It's hard to intermittent fast when you don't eat enough good fats and too many plant foods. Going keto for almost 2 years (vegan/vegetarian 45years) after a serious car accident Got me drug free in 2016 In my body is still fat Adapted…. So I am never hungry and only eat 1 meal A-day. The fasting mimicking diet puts you into Keto easier.

  6. JadeMusic

    I can go without food for two days before I feel a little light-headed, and up to four days before I feel shaky. I IF all the time and eat mostly whole foods vegan.
    Edited to clarify that when I'm not eating whole foods, I'm still vegan. 😉

  7. yolanda jerginson

    He means some people might feel ill. I feel F'n great skipping 1 or 2 meals a day. Getting real close to OMAD for most of the time.
    which leaves more money for cocaine…

  8. B B

    I just wonder as a WFPB person would say Im closer on the scale to vegan rather than vegetarian. I have considered doing IF as well but I am a little concerned about not getting enough protein, vitamins and iron. I believe that if you eat one or two vegan meals a day doing 16 or sometimes as long as 24 hour fast you will not get enough of nutrients and protein. Does anyone else feel this way? Many of the plant based doctors recommend watching several meals with a variety of vegetables and plant based protein to make sure your protein, minerals and vitamin levels are sufficient. This is especially true for Iron.

  9. Enjoying Life

    I don't feel ill when I skip meals. I feel great! Energized. Don't know why you'd suggest such a thing. We evolved with periods of famine.

  10. dj121

    That's not the case for me at all. I can easily fast for 20-24 hours almost everyday. Yesterday I ate only one meal of 2 melons, and today almost 24 hours later I ate 1 meal of 10 plums and may have another meal in a few hours.

  11. Mrs. Roper

    not doing anything that's a part of a routine makes me feel ill. i need to open the window blinds first before turning on my laptop. If I did that out of order i feel ill. A routine must not be disrupted. Especially for someone with Aspergers.

  12. Han Boetes

    Most alcoholic beverages contain small amounts of other alcohols which are harder to break down by the liver, so if you drink a lot you'll get a hangover. Alcoholics prevent hangovers by drinking continually, so they won't have to go through the hangover.

    It's the same problem.

  13. Larry Putra

    having hypoglycemia in the first place is a good indicator that our blood sugars is not stable and your body while fasting is only trying to regulate it.

  14. Rose Viola

    I have found this to be accurate for me. The main culprit is caffeine. If I am not taking in any caffeine, I find it easier to skip meals or eat lighter meals if I want to.

  15. David Turner

    I liked the content, however, I was left feeling a little confused on this one. I suspect what the doc is saying is that people on a fast would feel better if they improved their diet when not fasting, i.e. focus on a whole plant-based diet rather than meat. A key recommendation for the doc might be to tighten up the structure of his talk by summing up the main points at the conclusion confirming that?

  16. Laggie

    Misleading at best. You feel sick because you are prediabetic, you ARE sick in a way. You need to practice fasting gradually to reverse your condition. Cut out all your sugars. I water fasted for 7 days. No issues.

  17. durianrider

    look what happened to tim shieff when he did fasting lol. I fast from dinner to breakfast and Im STRICT on that but will eat pussy if I feel like.

  18. OD C

    Feeling poorly during a fast happens when you are chronically ill as well. This is not just a response to a poor diet although that may be the most common reason.

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