Why I Quit Paleo Diet After 1 Year

Hi guys! In this video, I’m going to explain
to you the 20 reasons why I quit the Paleo diet exactly a year ago. I was on the Paleo
diet for a year and it went great for the first 6 months, but then after around 6 months,
a lot of things started going wrong, and now that it’s been a year, I can really look back,
reflect, and understand what went wrong. So if you yourself are on the Paleo diet, especially
if you’re a woman, if you’re thinking of going on the Paleo diet, or if you’re having troubles
with it, I think you will really benefit from hearing my story. So let’s jump right in!
The first reason why I quit the Paleo diet is because it totally sapped my energy. I
had such apathy, I couldn’t even get up from the sofa and get on with my day. Sometimes
I couldn’t even move my tongue to say a word. I was so incredibly tired. My energy was going
up and down, and the lows were so extreme. I’ve never experienced anything like that.
I think it’s because the carbs were too low for me and my husband. I think even 100g of
carbs is definitely not enough for a woman and especially not for a woman with my heritage
where grains and potatoes have always been a huge staple. Because of that, because of
the carbs not being high enough, our thyroid damaged and also the metabolism tanked, which
is proven by the fact that my husband’s temperature is now a degree lower than it should be and
it wasn’t like that before the Paleo diet. The reason number 2 is I had the driest skin
of my life. Yes, my acne improved, although I believe that’s because of the topical things,
everything I was doing to my skin on the outside. But it was so dry and bumpy at the same time.
No matter how much oil I was putting on, my skin always felt dry and only when I went
off the Paleo diet and increased the healthy carbs, only then my skin totally regained
balance and now I can totally go without any oil on my skin, I’ll be fine. My reason number
3 is probably the most important reason out of all the 20 reasons. The Paleo diet weakened
my teeth and gums a lot, more than anything. if you read books like Cure Tooth Decay or
Weston A. Price’s work, it will seem like grains are the evil things and meat and animal
products are the way to go if you want to heal your teeth. But for me it’s been the
opposite thing. When I went on the Paleo diet, the health of my teeth and gums just literally
went to the bottom. It’s incredible. My teeth were painful all the time and my gums as well,
not just one of two teeth, but the whole mouth. It was driving me crazy. My canines got so
much more yellow. My teeth became really sensitive to cold and sweets. My gums recessed so much.
When I went to my dentist 6 months after I started the Paleo diet, he was terrified to
see how much my gums recessed in just 6 months and I had 5 or 6 new cavities, which never
happened to me before. I used to have maximum one or two cavities a year. My reason number
4 is also beauty related and that’s my hair. My hair became really strange after a while
on the Paleo diet and I believe that again it’s because of the carbs being too low and
too much fat, too much protein, my hormones just got really messed up My hair was oily
and dry at the same time. It wasn’t holding the styles very well. It was kind of like
straw, but oily at the same time. My reason number 5 is a major one as well. I started
having problems with memory and concentration and I’ve never had problems with that. It
was always super easy for me to focus on things and to memorize things. But after a few months
on the Paleo diet, it changed completely. Again, I believe it’s because I wasn’t eating
enough carbs and my brain wasn’t getting enough glucose. Yes, I know, you can get it from
fat, but it’s not the same. It’s not an easy process for the body, and so my brain was
definitely suffering from that. Doing something creative or writing on my blog or making videos
was really difficult because my tongue was kind of lagging behind my brain, so my tongue
was saying one thing and my brain was saying something else. I had to edit my videos so
much because it was a total nonsense. My reason number 6 is also very important and that’s
my hormones. I’m a woman, so of course my fertility and my hormones are very important
to me and i’ve always had pretty regular periods. Yes, they were heavy, but they were regular.
But after a few months on the Paleo diet, things started going really weird. My periods
became really long, around 10 days, but the weirdest thing is that they were kind of stopping…
well, first of all, they were starting really slow and after a few days, they were stopping
for a couple of days and then starting again. That is so strange and only when I increased
my carbs and went off the Paleo diet, that disappeared and I don’t have that problem
anymore. So if you’re having anything similar on the low carb diet, then definitely try
to change that because it’s the worst thing for your female hormones. There’s a great
article in Paleo For Women, I’ll link it down in the description box. You definitely need
to read it if you’re a woman, if you’re on the Paleo diet and you’re having any kind
of hormonal issues. I really love that article, it opened my eyes to so many things when I
was on the Paleo diet myself. My reason number 7 is I started having headaches almost every
day and that was really weird because I’m somebody who never had headaches. When I was
at school, all of my friends were continuously complaining about headaches. I didn’t even
know what it felt like. But on the Paleo diet, I had it pretty much every single day and
it wasn’t a migraine or anything like that, but it was the kind of tension headache, the
nagging headache that is always there. It just annoys you and makes it really difficult
to do anything. My reason number 8 is I got constipated. Now, I’ve always had problems
with constipation, just being irregular all of my life. But on the Paleo diet it went
totally out of control. They say that it’s gluten that makes you constipated and eating
Paleo, grain-free should make you incredibly regular, but for me it was totally the opposite.
I really struggled with it. My husband who has always been extremely regular, really
struggled with it when he became a Paleo follower as well. So it definitely didn’t work for
both of us. My sister and my mom, when they were trying the Paleo diet, had exactly the
same problem, too. That might be because of our heritage because my husband and I come
from cultures that have always been heavy carb eaters and heavy grain eaters, so for
us carbs are really a staple and we can’t do without them. My reason number 9 is I had
no more energy to exercise. You know, what’s the point in eating all this good food if
you have no energy to use it, to do anything physical? For around 4, 5, 6 months, I felt
fine and I had lots of energy and lots of strength but afterwards I had no energy to
do anything. My reason number 10 is that weight started creeping in after around 6 months
on the Paleo diet. At the beginning, both my husband and I lost quite a bid of weight,
but after a while, it tanked and then it started going up again, no matter how clean we ate,
how many beneficial fats we ate, the weight was either staying the same or going up. My
reason number 11 is more of an ethical reason. Before going on the Paleo diet, my husband
and I were vegetarians for 3 years and that was not for health reasons, that was for ethical
reasons because we didn’t want to kill… Well, actually it’s because we found out that
most of the meat in England is halal and we didn’t want to participate in that. We just
decided to go vegetarian. When we were on the Paleo diet and we were eating meat 2 or
3 times a day, I definitely wasn’t happy with it. When I eat meat, I really like thinking
about the animal, thanking him, appreciating the sacrifice that the animal made so that
I can live and be healthy. But you can only do that when you eat meat really rarely, perhaps
once a week or so, but if you eat it every single day, a few times a day, there is no
way you can be grateful. My reason number 12 is aggression. If you knew me in real life,
you’d know that I’m a very peaceful and laid back person, but on the Paleo diet, I became
incredibly aggressive and my husband sometimes struggled to come to terms with the fact that
I was his wife because I was like a different person. I had so much aggression for him out
of the blue, I was really irritable, and also the dog Giulietta – I was getting angry with
her in an incredible way and I really struggled to hold the anger in me. It never happened
to me before. It happened to me on the Paleo diet. I believe it’s obviously because of
all the pain that animals endure, all that pain if you eat too much of it, gets into
your body and causes all kinds of problems. But also Ayurveda would explain it very simply:
if you eat a lot of meat, it heats up your body too much, there’s too much pitta or fire
in your body and that’s why you get aggressive. My reason number 13 is that the Paleo diet
made me depressed. I never had depression in my life. I used to have low moods sometimes,
just like everybody does, but because I was so tired, I had no energy for anything. Plus,
my moods started going really, really low. It was horrible because sometimes I was sitting
there thinking logically, trying to find a reason for my sadness and I couldn’t find
any logical reasons, but I felt so blue. I totally attribute it to the Paleo diet because
I never experienced that before and when I did, I had no idea how to deal with it. I’ll
definitely be making a video about my experience with depression and what I did to help myself.
So if you’re suffering from depression, I totally understand you and I’ll try to make
a video to help you all. My reason number 14 is that I realized that a lot of Paleo
claims are bullshit, excuse me for the word. If you start looking into the arguments, you’ll
realize that they are all not true. Things like that the Paleo people were eating low
carb – that’s bullshit. Or that the Paleo people didn’t eat grains – again that’s bullshit
because grains have been eaten for many, many years. Or things like people aren’t used to
eating grains because we haven’t been eating them long enough, that’s really not true.
Science is a very flexible subject. If you want to prove a point, you can cherry pick
the different studies and arguments, and you’ll prove anything you want. Take everything with
a pinch of salt, do your own research, don’t believe anybody, not even me, without your
own research, and I’m sure you’ll find the truth. You just need to listen to your body.
My reason number 15 is that I was getting really weird bumps on my skin on my neck,
just under my jaw and on the whole neck, which according to the Chinese medicine means that
I was clogged inside and my liver wasn’t working well and my food was too heavy for me. Reason
number 16 is that I started getting swelling in my ankles and i never ever had problems
with swelling in my life, even on super hot days. But on the Paleo diet, I sometimes couldn’t
even go out because my ankles were so swollen and painful. My husband had to use banana
skin, rubbing banana skin on my legs to make me feel better. By the way, banana skin remedy
is the best, it really helps if you have any kind of bites or swelling. My reason number
18, the final blow is that we both started having blood sugar problems. We became prediabetic
after one year on the Paleo diet. Never had problems with sugar before, but the Paleo
diet totally changed that. We’re getting better, but we’re struggling with the insulin resistance,
and, you know, reading online, I read about many cases like that where after the Paleo
diet or low carb eating, people were struggling with insulin resistance. So it is quite a
common problem. My reason number 19 is ageing. I aged in that one year on the Paleo diet
more than I’ve ever aged in one year in my life. If I look at pictures from just when
I started the Paleo diet and then at the end of the Paleo diet, there was such a difference.
I can’t think of anything else we changed during that year. It must be the Paleo diet
because since I went off it, I stopped ageing and I started looking so much better again.
I know, it might be subjective, but it’s just what I feel looking at my pictures. My reason
number 20 is my nails. They became so much weaker, but the main thing is that I started
getting really bad white spots all over my nails. If you look online, there are many
different reasons why it could happen, nobody really knows. But Ayurveda has a good explanation:
it’s basically too much vata in the body, too much dryness, too much air, which causes
malabsorption of nutrients and that’s why you get these white spots on the nails. So
why did my vata get disbalanced? Well, I think because I wasn’t eating grains and grains
are very, very important for somebody who is a Vata constitution – that’s what I am.
So since I went off the Paleo diet, my nails have been doing much better and now I don’t
have white spots anymore. So that’s brilliant! These are all of my 20 reasons. I hope that
you found this video helpful if you’re yourself looking into the Paleo diet or if you’ve been
struggling with it. I know it’s not easy to confess to yourself that whatever you’re doing
is not working and I definitely struggle with it myself, but at the end of the day, it’s
all about your health, it’s all about your body, so look into yourself, do what’s good
for you, for you yourself, and don’t follow any gurus without doing your own research.
That’s the best tip I can give you. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye!

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Reader Comments

  1. Corinna Huish

    Why didn't you just eat more fruit and veggies if your carb count was so low? Low carb is only ideal for overweight people. Not for people who don't have the fat on their body to sustain themselves.

  2. Enela Sula

    Paleo diet isn't for everyone.
    You need a reason to do that.I started because I have autoimmunity desease.My gut doesn't feel good with legums and granis. I don't know how long am doing it, but at least am not so tired anymore. So, if you start paleo because you are just curios and you don't have any health problem with the food you eat, you will have problem.

  3. Chase Johnson

    I can understand low carbohydrate diet causing fatigue. But you lost credibility with the teeth pain thing.   There is no sense to be made whatsoever out of that assertation. " The Paleo Diet – Eating less grains and less processed foods with more micro nutrients and good healthy animal fats and cartilage would never cause that outcome. I'm sorry but my computer like mind has categorized you as a bit whiny, possible hypochondriac and definately lacking scientific knowledge for the topic at hand

  4. BlazingTeal

    Your against eating halal meat but yet want to eat an amimal thats sacrificed in a humane way? That makes zero sense. You clearly dont know what halal meat is then and because you don't know something that basic Im questioning the validity/intelligence of other points you made. Its 2017, please google what makes meat halal

  5. zero flipper

    hmm I think you have miss understood the paleo or I have surely the only carbs you are supposed to remove are the bad ones i.e. gluten containing grains. cut out the dairy ,and limit the fruit. Eat as many potatoes as you like within reason. I think the hole point is because they are whole foods and not sugary you wont eat more than you need (binge). I didn't know about the paleo until  recently but it turns out its exactly what I've been doing for six years as I'm gluten, dairy,and fructose intolerant I have lost 8 stone (112pounds) and maintained a bmi 23.3 which I'm very happy with never felt better, it has got rid of my arthritis I have had since I was 12 years old my depression, anxiety, and panic attacks have gone o and the IBS THANK GOD. I think you need to re look at this. PS most of the meat in the UK is definitely not halal

  6. Kaz S

    The paleo eating plan (still) works for me (over 12 mths now)- I believe it's a 'diet' only if you're trying to lose weight & cut out all carbs (inc high fructose fruits, sweet potato etc). I've never felt better (hair, skin, nails, hormones re-balanced, headache elimination, PMS elimination, elimination of anxiety, elevated mood, abundant energy… & the list goes on & on). I reached my goal weight within a month & have stayed there for almost a year, when no other 'diet's' achieved that for me. Now it's my lifestyle (no 'diet' required anymore) & I feel healthier & more balanced than ever before. I wonder if perhaps you weren't getting enough carbs & electrolytes?

  7. Gustavo Ovando

    Excellent information. I have been on the paleo/primal diet for almost 4 weeks now, but starting 2 weeks ago I started having headaches just like the ones you describe. why do you think that might be? Thanks

  8. SEK4110 Susan

    A low carb diet made me feel terrible almost immediately. Within days I felt so bad. A vegan diet made me feel terrible after 3-4 weeks. Moderation is key as well as following the diet laid out in the bible!

  9. Carina Daqqa

    Wait! You became vegetarian because you found out that meat in the Uk is halal and you didn't want to participate in that? Lol … Halal means "correct", so halal meat is meat that was slaughtered in a proper way. First of all halal meat should be animals that are raised in decent conditions, meaning no chemicals or hormones injects, nor bad treatment to animals, and the slaughter procedure is in such a way that the blood comes out of the animals as much as possible, to avoid spread of deceases. Hope this clears out some misconceptions or misunderstanding on this subject. One thing however, usually they recite some religious invocation while slaughtering… idk how religious you are, but if you are not very religious then maybe this info will clear up some wrong ideas you may have.

  10. Sassy Sabluegrl

    The Paleo diet was not meant for mainstream dieters. It's meant for people like me who suffer from autoimmune diseases and you're supposed to customize it to your needs. If you need potatoes, grains and rice DO NOT do the Paleo diet.

  11. Alex

    go back to being vegetarian or go vegan.
    they are many recipes and meat replacements that can help you make the transition.
    I had meat cravings when i switched to being vegan

  12. BrokenPlateEnt

    I feel it's possible that her body was balancing on that line just before going into Ketosis. Which could throw hormones way out of wack and will show symptoms she's talking about. This is super interesting

  13. Dolly Madeson

    Im sorry, I am on keto after being a fat vegan for 2 years and going more and more toward
    diabetes. It does NOT cause aggression….that is total bullshit. I do agree that paleo
    makes your emotions FLATLINE because you are NOT HUNGRY and when you are
    is no NEED to label it as depression though….just appreciate the efficency of being
    a fat burner. Steady energy, the the highest grade of FUEL you can buy. The HALAL idea
    is very disgusting, however…

  14. Theresa Hoelzel

    well yes no Palo works for everybody ,everyone is different but I don't know she was on a year and now complains wouldn't you stop right away. best thing ever for me love palo

  15. TheStefif

    I've been plant based, no animal products, as much local produce as I can, lots of greens, beans, berries, some nuts, no oil, no salt. I watch Dr Greger's free videos to learn which are the best foods and try to incorporate as many as I can. I feel great, never better.

  16. VitaLivesFree

    It's two years on now and I know exactly why Paleo Diet was such a disaster for my body. Here are the REAL reasons why this diet ruined my health: https://youtu.be/6cOMpw_NcP0. xx

  17. Lucille Smith

    potassium citrate and sodium helps low energy. That and you're not eating enough vegetables according to Dr. Berg… I think this is discouraging as I don't feel you did the diet properly.

  18. Little Miss

    Do you have an updated version of your current diet? I looked through your videos but I didn't see a specific one. I suffer from Hashimotos and I thought paleo would help me because I'm at my wits end. But I definitely do not want to make my body worse!

  19. ThursdayDog

    Why do we have to adhere to a certain diet? This is a first world country's problem…let's think about people who cannot even get to eat anything, let alone a Paleo diet. Eat in moderation, walk if possible, and breath whenever you can…you'll live!

  20. Grace South

    It's really interesting to me how you are addressing all of these issues seemingly without changing up your diet within the Paleo style diet… I have gone through so many different phases over the past 5 years of being Paleo. There have been months where I was running 30-40 miles a week; months spending hours in the gym every day lifting heavy shit; I've been pregnant, breastfeeding and mommying. In my own experience the Paleo diet has been extremely flexible. I have gone from eating 200-300 g of carbs a day (potatoes, plantains, cassava, beets, parsnips, carrots and fruit). It was never very hard to do either… I've also spend time in a low carb even ketogenic state and that was easy to do as well… I went through a time while I was pregnant and meat sounded terrible. I was essentially a Paleo vegetarian and I felt great. You have so much control over your macro nutrients in any diet. It's really not that hard. There's no magic number of chicken legs, potatoes or Tbsp of coconut oil you should or shouldn't be eating every day. The Paleo diet is essentially eating whole foods and removing processed foods. If you have a diverse diet that isn't lacking in nutrients (all of which you can get from whole foods) then there's no reason a Paleo diet can't work for everyone. It's such an easy diet to taylor to your specific needs…

  21. Evolving Erinb

    I just started looking into eliminating again and as well trying so very hard to find something that gives me consistent energy. I absolutely am having issues once again with keto/paleo/low carb…ugh.  Oh yes they work for so much, but I do not thrive and actually I am so down. I do believe with my MS, cleaning up my diet helped so much. I think that I maybe confusing the clean diet and Keto/Paleo for how well I first did. Thinking Keto/Paleo helped when in reality it was eating whole clean foods that did. But I have been on a roller coaster with so many other issues. Mostly fatigue and just really dissatisfied with my overall being. I have to make a real change, I feel it within myself. I am out of balance. I am not sure this makes any sense at all, but I almost get angry when I think of Keto/Paleo/LCHF. Yes it works for weight loss to a point. The other day I blew up and had such abdominal discomfort I just knew something had to change and now. I had stopped my fermenting of food and it's daily consumption and went almost completely zero carbs, per bad advice. To finding myself gaining weight, not sleeping, bloated, angry and truly sad. I feel I am on a crazy train to no where. Within one week I regained almost 15 pounds and it was not from over eating. I feel my body is telling me something… to  STOP what I am doing and now.
    So I am embarking on FODMAP. Ordered a couple of books and started investigating to see what I can find out, when I ran across your YT and IG pages. I as well started getting my fermenting back on track. I need to heal my gut once and for all, so I can get my energy back and do better, OK doesn't cut it any more. I have  a life I want to live.
    I will be going through your videos and learning more from you. Thank you for having a great source here. I so appreciate it.
    What you share speaks to me in volumes.

  22. Dawn Robinson

    Hi there,
    I am making my comment before reading any others, as I don't want to lose my thoughts. Thank you so much for making this video. I had been considering one of these diets which are hugely dependent on fat as your energy provider, and almost completely carb free.
    I have a number of illnesses, some of which are Hypo-Thyroidism, huge Fatigue illnesses, lots of mechanical problems. I also have teeth and gum issues, due to meds causing Dry Mouth, for which I have to use prescribed Flouride toothpaste.
    I have gained over half of my original weight as a result of meds, so I was 10stone 4lbs, and I am now 16 Stone 8lbs
    I need to lose weight and find some energy, and I have a friend who is diabetic, who was viewing with interest, the video's which claim to be able to free you of insulin injections.

    I am SO glad I watched your video before I started dabbling.
    Thank you SO much for sharing, and stopping me begin to try this type of diet, and making myself so much worse instead of better.
    Dawn x

  23. Jarmila Dockum

    I agree with you , i dont like any diet , there is no such a thing good diet , there is only healthy food and food full of chemicals. We need to eat everything but eliminate chemical food , like high fructose corn syrup, eat all organic food ..fats , milk cheese, flour sugar vegetable, as our grandparents were eating , and we will no need to see drs. I am 53 years old, 5'9 134 lb and dont exercise, i eat everything but i eat portions i know my body can burn with work i do, and with my age . I believe people gaining weight only from toxins we buying in stores its not about diet we eat .

  24. FairyGust

    OK, so she had too much kapha (depressed, weight gain), pitta (anger), AND vatta (the white spots on the nails), she had clogged chakras so her Chi wasn't flowing, and she had lost touch with the spirits of the animals… God, I wouldn't want to be in her head!

  25. E I

    My boyfriend and I tried to do only vegetable juice after watching fat, sick and almost dead together. We planned on trying for 30 or more days. 14 days in I broke down. I felt sick and tired and crabby and 100% terrible. My boyfriend had more energy and was losing weight. I knew it wasn't healthy for me. We are giving it another go with a more personalized strategy. We are incorporating probiotics and marshmallow root and doing juice 2 meals a day and then allowing whole food snacks when we need them, nuts, seeds, veggies, bean salads, etc. I used to live off of sugar, LIVE off of it. I feel like I'm coming down from all the sugar and getting sick from not eating it. When my body feels like this I eat dates and nuts….or a piece of fruit and an avocado. Sometimes I make unsweetened chia pudding. It's working much better.

  26. matthew p

    I would like to start off that I think any "diet" needs to be personalized for a single individual. I by no means am saying that the things that you have experienced and went through are not valid. This is your body, your feelings, your perspective of all of the things that you have personally went through. I'm a registered nurse and have always been driven towards healthier alternatives. My view is:  depending on your lifestyle, you need to be able to adapt to the needs you body has/needs vs. just following a regimen. My mother and I have been on the paleo diet for over a year now. She was diagnosed with hypertension, hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus type 2 (within the last year and a half), and rheumatoid arthritis. Since we personally began this "lifestyle" change, all of the diagnostic lab work has come out with positive results over and over again.  Lipid panels with LDL's, triglycerides, cholesterol have all decreased and HDL's have increased. When it comes to her diabetes her HbA1c went from a 8.1 to a 6.6 (within the first 2 months and remaining steady and slowly decreasing thereafter), rheumatoid arthritis has significantly decreased because of all the increased vegetables that are being consumed and vegetables (and diet) have more anti-inflammatory effects over long periods than just letting an autoimmune disease "take it's course". She also went through a hysterectomy in her early 40's, descends from a family with numerous medical ailments such as suicide, cancer (testing positive from the BRCA test), cardiovascular disease, and numerous others. My point is… this diet has numerous benefits but it doesn't work out for everyone. Like any diet, portion control is key and with that said it also depends on the person's lifestyle. If you are a type 1 diabetic and you are very athletic you should be cautioned against vigorous exercise because whether your body produces insulin or not you body still converts excess glucose in the blood for fuel and you blood sugar can drop to unsafe levels with insulin involved.  

    "Take what you need from any diet plan". If your brain isn't getting enough carbs or you aren't taking in enough glucose and you notice that you are having issues… it's time to re-evaluate what you are doing. Don't follow the diet to a "T", use common sense.  I guarantee you that 5 years down the line there will be so many articles written about this diet that people will think it's obsolete… by then 10 new fads will be in the works and getting the same feedback. The paleo diet has had many positive results across the board for "us". "We" still enjoy a few drinks, go out to eat every couple of months, grow some "organic" corn and potatoes in the garden and guess what? "We" are going to enjoy those to the fullest. I cheat sometime but I make better choices than I have for over 80% of my life.

    I watched this video for the first time today and I truly believe that you coming from the best place. These were your results and you want to enlighten anyone considering this diet. I don't know how strict you were? I don't know what diet plan you followed. There are "gray" areas like any diet.  I don't know what all you have discussed past/prior to this video and I  will say that is ignorant on my behalf whole heartedly. You make numerous valid comments about heritage, gender and demographics in general. I want people watching this video to know it isn't all bad…. I want people to know that it has its benefits even though you may not have seen them. Just because it wasn't the best fit for your lifestyle doesn't mean that it can't help the next person trying to better themselves.

    Thank you for your time and perspectives that you allowed us to view. I respect you and your views.

  27. Matrix Kinesiology

    Hi VitaLivesFree – thanks you for the information — I have just started looking into the Paleo diet.
    Do you think that your blood type might have a part to play in your issue with the Paleo diet…?
    O type blood is supposedly meat eater, A type blood is supposedly vegetarian, and B type blood is supposedly middle of the road and can be either or.
    So if you are an A type blood, then the meat part of the Paleo diet might be a clash..?
    What do think..?

  28. Internet Entity

    100g of carbs is exactly the problem zone. You haven't been neither in nor out of ketosis.
    To be in ketosis you need a daily intake of below 50g carbs daily, some people need to eat even less than that.
    On the other hand to set up your body for using carbs as the primary source of energy you need to eat more than 150g of carbs daily.

    So… you did it exactly wrong. For about a year. lol… weren't your experiences no sign of danger to you after just one month?

    Well, you disqualify yourself anyway by saying "science is a very flexible subject".

  29. Zsófia Clemens

    Point 17 is missing. This video only proves that most online sources of the paleo diet are absolutely unreliable. Full of bullshit advices including the recommendation of artificial supplements. These symptoms are mostly caused by vegetable oils which are actually not part of humans' evolutionary adapted diet. It has nothing to do with no grain intake. A bad diet can neither be overcome by non-scientific bullshit claims from the Chinese medicine or other alternative, non-scientific resources. I guess that you, as a former vegetarian, still actively avoided animal fat. And finally, science is not a flexible subject at all but requires expertise.

  30. Suki Roshan

    Hi there 🙂

    I love your videos and your relaxing, calm voice.

    You are really helping me as I am struggling horribly with so many food, digestion and skin issues.

    I just want to comment on something you mentioned about halal meat.

    I am a Muslim from the UK, and halal meat means that the animals should be killed in the easiest and kindest way with the least possible pain or fear caused to them, and "bismillah" is said before they are killed, which means "i begin in the name of God".

    Maybe I am naive in thinking that these rules are applied in the UK, and you have seen or heard of some other way the animals are being treated, but this is what halal should mean.

    I can't wait to watch more of your videos 🙂

  31. Lessons & Love Loraine Gutierrez

    Engrade okay sweetheart, the paleo diet is probably one of the healthiest diets to be on. It does not limit your carbs. You're supposed to be eating a lot of vegetables. You're supposed to increase your healthy fats. Your dry skin had to do with the way you were doing what you perceived to be paleo. Skin issues go away! How goes up energy goes up. My guess is because you were eating too many unhealthy carbs before you started paleo your body didn't know how to live off of healthy fats and proteins. People often are living so much on glucose and Insulin that it over taxes are body and it's not sure what to do once you start taking those away. Do your research. Research kid igenex, Adkins as well as paleo. This video is not helpful in the way that you did not do your research. Watch more videos, read more magazines and read more papers. Dr. Berg, dr. Bergman, and the woman who wrote Atkins Revolutionary Diet or a few reliable sources. Try again! Many countries are headed toward one and three people becoming diagnosed with diabetes. Do not be one of them.

  32. Lessons & Love Loraine Gutierrez

    Subaru in Boulder, potatoes, rice and grains are not paleo Because by the time they're processed for consumption the nutritional value has been severely diminished / depleted. Potatoes, grains and starches are not good for you because they spike your insulin when you eat them. They turn immediately into glucose and yes, that does give your body fuel however, when you spike your insulin you are also creating an imbalance with your hormones. When you start getting off the grains, starches and start eating more healthy proteins and healthy fats and real vegetables your body will basically go into a detox mode. Do your research. We all want to be healthy! Too many countries, too many people are headed toward diabetes and adrenal fatigue. Do your research.

  33. Gabriela Grondys

    You mentioned eating sweets (which hurt your teeth) while staying on this diet. I thought junk food is a big no-no. Maybe that's the reason you felt that way health wise.

  34. Brian Smith

    The paleo diet Is like bible, Everyone translates it differently. I am on paleo and I only eat a few ounces of meat a day. I eat a lot of veggies.

  35. Surf steve

    Weird. I been on a raw paleo diet of fruits meat and veggies and have had nothing but good results. The bulk of my diet is raw fruit but the bulk of my calories come from meat. Most of the vegetables I eat are in the form of herbs or coconut and olive oil. I do eat a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers but in reality these are actually fruits even though most people consider them veggies.

  36. Sherry Dee

    Yikes! If ANY dietary changes don't make a person feel better in the first 30-60 days, why go on with it for an entire year? Paleo saved me & it has been just over 2 years now & I won't go back to dairy, grains, legumes or processed foods again. I'm almost 64 & sorry to hear something went wrong for you. Perhaps the quality of your meats & veggies were too toxic for your body to handle. Organic produce & pasture raised grass fed meats are best. Hope things have gotten better for you & you have been able to find a balance for a healthy & happy life.

  37. Ej_ L

    Paleo-ish is the best lifestyle I've put myself into!!! period. It worked for me because im lactose intolerant and sensitive to carbs like pasta and bread. The perks are: My weight has decreased,my hormones re-stabilize,my mood swings decreased,less pain during periods,my eczema and acne are healed,more endurance and strength during workouts and sleep like a baby! I eat more fruits,veggies and organics eggs and fish,healthy fats andregular meats,sometimes I eat sweet potato. More like a balanced Paleo-ish diet,not totally restrictive and my body is thanking for it. IT WORKS OKAY. amazing how different our bodies are.

  38. Weights, Karate, Biking and Meditation byKyle

    You sound like your mind was made up before you even started Paleo, uhhhh, a vegetarian on a Paleo diet? You sound like a yuppie boob. Stop putting labels on everything? How would you find certain things at the grocery store?
    You speak of grains as if paleo advocates believe h-g tribes don't use grains…they do. Just not very many of them. Paleo researchers are well aware of tribes which eat a 65% carbohydrate diet like the Kitavans. They are one of the oldest Paleolithic tribes. Your husband's body temp dropping just sounds like he was in a fasted state. Your constant feelings of lethargy on Paleo sound like side effects of ketosis, not a big deal for most. Do your own research…name one single tribe alive today which is vegetarian.

  39. Donna Burns

    When people attribute feeling good with the paleo/keto diet, they might need to look at the increase in vegetables consumption as perhaps being the bigger factor, rather than cutting out carbs and eating lots of meat and fat.
    I'm on a plant-based diet, I have been for 3 years, I've lost 60lbs and i'm the fittest ive ever been. I don't yoyo up and down.
    If I didn't have carbs/ starchy foods I could never have lasted this long. I now absolutely thrive on this diet and its very easy to stick to.

  40. Delisle4

    Wow!! Thank you for your incredible video. I was going to do either the Paleo diet or try Vegan but after so many videos talking about the drawbacks of Paleo, I have decided against it.

    That said, have you returned to a vegetarian diet??

    Also, a lot of the problems you experience while on Paleo sounds like many of the problems I experienced with my thyroid problem.

  41. Aaria Hannigan

    How did you find out that you are of vata constitution? I am an Indian, from the land of Ayurveda but find it hard to guess these things. Do you recommend a book or some test to find out if we are vata, pitta or kapha?

  42. tanju hassan

    I also gave up paleo as well for many of the reasons you've outlined including sore teeth, recessed gums etc thanks for the video in sharing your experiences. I've become vegan for the ethics & for the additives etc. Are you familiar with Dr Michael Greger's site nutritionfacts.org a fantastic independent free site?

  43. Nina Salian

    Thank you 🙏🏽 for making this video , the first person who comes out and speaks the truth is always criticized! All these nasty comments just proves that you have broken the usual norm . I had done keto and thank you from bottom of my ❤️ for sharing this , bcoz you have no idea how much I had the same issues , my hair fall , the brittle nails , I started getting so many white hairs and the period issues is exactly like yours . Now I know for sure that it wasn’t just me.

  44. Gloria Marie

    Wow, that is bad that is was not good for you. I used to be Vegan and had to switch because my thyroid was suffering as a Vegan. Paleo saved my Hashi's thyroid, from surgery and tons of medication, but Paleo is not for everyone. I had lots of blood tests to determine, what diet works for me and a more non-grain or at the very least pseudo grain, until I am grain free, is best, because legumes, wheat, and dairy are poison to my body.

    There is a misconception with Paleo you have to be 100% grain free. That depends on how strict you want to get with the diet and your nutritional and athletic needs. Grains hurt some but not others and there is no Paleo police that will knock on your door if you had rice 1x per day, or per week.

    I also count my macros with every meal and make sure I am having my nutritional needs met with healthy carbs and fats. I don't eat processed meats, stay away from sweets. You have to listen to your body and give your body what works for you. Paleo for 3 yrs and happy I switched. Because Hashi's can cause many flareups, I would do a whole 30 plan before switching to any particular meal plan.

  45. Love &Love

    Well you could be eating eggs or dairy and be intolerant to those. It has nothing to do with paleo unless you truly allergic to meat. Other than that it is low carb and food intolerance to
    Particular food that made you feel like that.

  46. St. G

    What the he'll is this? You're a shill for the fruit and vegetable industry!!!! I can't believe Paleo didn't work for you! You must have not been doing it right!!!!

  47. Hannah Truesdale

    Your body really doesn't need an extreme diet to thrive to its full potential… eat healthy whole foods, sometimes splurge on unhealthier foods, get healthy exercise, but let yourself rest. Stsy hydrated and love yourself.

  48. birage

    Weston Price, I believe is not against grains per se, just that they must be soaked or sprouted to remove the so-called anti-nutrients like phytic acid and saponins. I could be wrong on that though, check their site out.

  49. Michael Fernandes

    Reasons why it was wrong for you
    1 the reason you were crashing and up was because you were not controlling sugars
    2 you are not using enough oils in the diet, thats omega 3 and 6!
    3 teeth you need to be using a non flouride toothpaste and rinsing with coconut oil (cavities you had showed you were abusing the sugar)
    4 i can go on and on you were doing it wrong!
    5i can go on and on you were doing it wrong!

  50. Vvixx Life

    I've been on the Paleo for a month the last 3 days I have not been able to function, I've had horrible fatigue, headaches, zero energy.
    I've been sleep talking/yelling at my husband, being super nasty.
    I'm craving bread so much!
    I think I need to just pick elements I like about eating more healthy but start introducing some things back into my diet like bread and rice.
    Thanks for this video it really helped

  51. K G

    Though you are making good points, paleo diet does not mean low carb, this is a common misconception. Paleo is carb agnostic.

    I do believe that you should do what works for you, but you are attributing something that does not belong to paleo diet. Low carb is not equal to low carb. There are high carb eating Paleolithic cultures in most places.

    Also you are not saying what you were doing on paleo diet, what were you eating which version were you looking at. While I appreciate the video, but it need clarity.


    I would looove!!! If try out macrobiotic diet. I have years on it and I am in huge ventage over the rest of humans that sadly don’t practice it. Even when I don’t do it in a 100% really right I am the most of the time pure high and stable energy.

  53. peter clarke

    My take away from this is that adding more carbs, in the form of grain, back into an otherwise "real food" diet and cutting back on meat has basically cured the ailment you were experiencing. I think that the paleo way of eating is 1000 times better than the standard western diet and so is a great starting point. People who are not carb intolerant can have more carbs with no ill effect. Mark Sisson has definitely changed his views on legumes, and is not all that anti rice either. I think he would probably think your current diet is pretty excellent my modern standards. The primal blueprint is not what I would consider a true "paleo diet" anyway. It is okay with full fat dairy as long as one is not intolerant of it – which is a huge departure from pure paleo, and he is also fine with coffee and dark chocolate in moderation. Moderation seems to be the key word for you.

  54. Scarlet Peoni

    It's hard to know when changing your diet what is 'detox symptoms' and what is your body crying out because it's lacking something or having something that's incompatible with your body.
    I was always similar with raw vegan. For the first few months always my skin cleared, I had lots of energy especially at night that I couldn't sleep often and wanted to go outside running. But then always after a few months they'd be a crashed were I'd start to get sick and get ravenous for potato or dairy or rice mainly. Blood type diet felt little difference if any, the same with hormone balance diet.
    I'm going to try paleo still but helpful to watch the video to know what to look out for as I agree no diet is perfect and bodies are different, unless your being monitored medically it's quite silly to think something is a detox symptom and wait for it to pass. If I'd done that I'd have never discovered I had nutritional deficiencies which ironically I developed D,b12, iron and folate when eating lots of free range eggs, fish,spinach, wild plants such as nettles.
    Currently I eat healthily but struggle with deficiencies, extremely low energy, sleep too much…so gonna try paleo see if it works for me.
    The ancestor thing is interesting I wonder how far back you go? My ancestors I've known ate pretty unhealthy and didn't really pay attention to their nutrition. The ones further back were so removed from each other in country/culture/diet that it would be hard to follow unless blended them into something else.

  55. Floresita Reyes

    A blood types are the vegans and the carb eaters. O blood types are the meat and Paleo eaters. There’s no diet for everyone. A vegan diet is only good for cleansing for everyone. But Os can’t stick with it long term. Diet isn’t that simple.

  56. Mel DAV

    I can understand not wanting to eat meat because you feel sorry for them full stop BUT to claim that all the meat in the UK is halal is just wrong and a lie.
    Becarful you keep jumping from one diet to another and every time with a great conviction!!

  57. John Harney

    "the paleo diet made me upset, and depressed", "the paleo diet made me look older". So eating whole unprocessed foods excluding grains, legumes and dairy did all that anecdotal bullshit to you? Lets hope people actually trying to be healthy don't come watch this video and start stuffing grains down their throat by the ton. You can simply say you went too low carb paleo and that would have probably solved 90% of the issues you were having.

  58. Sue W

    Some of your reasons are ridiculous! You absorb the pain the animals suffered in your body? Do you have scientific research to back up this ridiculous claim? The good Lord gave us animals to eat and to help us in our work. Even Jesus, the Son of God ate meat.

    Did you say your nails got too much air? What?!?

    You, and everyone else, are going to age no matter what we do. You can't stop it!

  59. Citadel of winds

    I can confirm from my own experiences that these health issues are indeed caused by paleo diets. I experienced 15 of these listed issues, and all were resolved when I went on a vegan diet – including prediabetes, where it took just 3 weeks to normalise blood sugar.

    The paleo diet is innately unhealthy as it’s so high in animal foods and saturated fats. It promotes ketosis, which is not a natural state – it is a state of emergency, using a mechanism that protects humans at times of famine. But the modern human is more likely to be overeating rather than undereating. Ketosis is so dangerous that a reputable doctor will urge anyone trying the keto or paleo diet to do so under strict medical supervision.

    One problem is that the paleo diet lumps healthy CHs (whole grains, potatoes, etc) in the same class as refined CHs (sugar, white bread, junk foods). Refined CHs have had most or all of the healthy components removed – vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre. The paleo diet throws out the baby with the bath water.

    That said, vegan diets can also cause problems when taken to extremes, eg trying to live mostly on fruits and vegs while avoiding nuts, seeds, legumes or oils. Such a diet is so low in calories that it causes malnutrition. Also, if it’s based on refined and processed foods, it’s not really much better than the standard Western diet of today, since it's low in nutrients.

    If one chooses to use animal products, they should be kept to a minimum – it’s their overeating that causes problems. Modern livestock and poultry are very different from what Westerners were eating only a century ago. Today’s animal foods are fatty and often laden with antibiotics, growth hormones or other chemicals. Paleo advocates are not eating the lean meats of animals hunted by our ancestors, but an unhealthy modern factory farming product, so they are not actually eating "primal".

    The answer, from a wide range of research, is that a diet based on whole plant foods is healthiest. It means foods that undergo little or no refining and/or processing. It means a diet not heavy on processed or junk foods (and the salt, sugar, fats, chemicals etc). It means a diet rich in fruit and vegs, and sufficient grains and/or legumes for energy. If one chooses animal products, avoid the beef, dairy and processed meats, and use fish or organic chicken and eggs. And don’t eat them every day. If you choose to go full vegan, use a vitamin B12 supplement – you will get enough of the other micronutrients through fruit and vegs.

    So the answer is: cut the non-foods and eat whole, real foods.

  60. kataJS1

    I completely don't understand why this video has so many dislikes. It's great that she decided to share with people her experience and that some of us might learn from it. Personally, I can relate to a lot of things she mentioned here being on this diet on and off for four years. I think a lot of it had to do with increased intake of fat and protein, way beyond what it should be. Thank you for making this video, really appreciated.

  61. Sublimation Club

    Thanks for sharing but couldn't have been your thyroid issue? I have never done it but I am on Keto (because of insulin resistant) which I think is similar. I do eat carbs but from veggies only. From what I have researched eating carbs is not essential because our bodies can make it.

  62. Auset Luceus

    Paleo diet is not low carb. The ketogenic diet is low carb. You need to rename this video. It's misleading. Paleo should be mostly vegan because our ancestors did not eat meat everyday. They ate it very seldom. You have to use your common sense. The Paleo diet has been saving lives. It has definitely transformed my life. I feel sorry for those who will watch this video and get discouraged and will forever be sick because you came out with this slam video.

  63. mweb1

    Paleo provides the meat that you get Vitamin A from…a certain form you can get nowhere else. Especially synthesized 'vitamins. I will cite the Ph.D. nutritionist who did his work in Polynesia.

  64. marian roberto

    How stupid you are brain needs glucose lol if I listen to you my diabetic GF will dye with this carbs shit, carbs are not exential for body there are no benefit from eating carbs

  65. marian roberto

    You need fats for energy when you are on Paleo diet and that's what give you energy for me it works for my GF it's works you also need just grass feed meat of you eat cow and for others animals to be organic meat raw milk and raw butter and everything to be raw if you didn't eat raw you were never when paleo in a good way

  66. SurvivalistMD

    Vegans and vegetarians are political nuts, you just lost any credibility. A political nut will never be able to be fully honest, if vegans do studies on the effects of meat on the body it will result every time with the same results, against meat. This is why we have conflicting news from studies.

  67. tanzaniteblueeye

    did you try raw meat and liver during paleo and maybe raw milk products like kefir and raw eggs.
    Its maybe paleo with cooked meat in combo with fruits and man made veggies.

  68. M KKrupp

    During the 3 weeks my husband and I were on the paleo diet, we did lose weight. However, despite having plenty of vegetables, we both suffered from serious CONSTIPATION. Really hard to get the buggers out, I tell you!
    Lots of straining resulted in my first ever haemmoroid. Had to give it up. And I’ve been back to being regular ever since I gave that diet away.

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