Why I Intermittent Fast (Intermittent Fasting Benefits)

Hi, everyone. It’s Esther here. Hope you’re having an amazing day. In today’s video I talk about five reasons
why I intermittent fast; some are for personal reasons and some are for health reasons. But if this topic interests you, then keep
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go ahead and subscribe to my channel, and hit the bell notification, that way you’ll
be notified when my new video posts, which is every Thursday. If you watched my life update that I posted
a couple weeks ago, you’ll know that I switched from a ketogenic diet to an intermittent fasting
lifestyle. So I want to go over the main reasons why
I intermittent fast, so that you can understand how it might benefit you as well. Now let’s get right into it with reason number
one. Reason number one of why I intermittent fast
is for convenience. Health and nutrition is my passion. I have a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, I’ve
been exposed to pretty much every diet known to man, and I’ve tried many of them myself. Out of all the nutrition approaches that I’ve
tried, to me personally intermittent fasting is the most convenient. I remember the days where I used to eat six
meals a day, and I had to meal prep every Sunday for those six meals. Believe it or not, I even had alarms on my
phone reminding me to eat every few hours. I would drop everything to get those meals
in, even during my work days, no matter what I was doing. With intermittent fasting, I no longer prep
meals, and if anything, I might have one meal at the most that will disrupt my work day,
because I have my eating window now towards the end of the day. But most importantly, I no longer feel like
I’m a slave to my diet. Reason number two of why I intermittent fast
is for my social life. This is one thing that I neglected for years. And you guys know if you watched my life update,
that when I went through my divorce I sort of just had this epiphany of how important
a social life really is to your overall health. Matter of fact, I think it’s one of the most
neglected aspects of health, especially for many of the people that are the most passionate
and otherwise most disciplined about living a healthy lifestyle. But human connection, it’s so critical to
our wellbeing, with food being one of the most common connectors. But intermittent fasting, it allows me to
enjoy the occasional outing with my friends whilst still reaping all of the health benefits
that I have gotten from more restrictive diet. Now, having said that, if you want me to make
a separate video on how I balance eating out with friends with an intermittent fasting
lifestyle and how I make it work for me, then comment below with “friends are healthy”. If I get enough comments, then I’ll be sure
to make that video. Now the third reason why I intermittent fast
is for autophagy, I think I’m saying that word right, I’m not 100% sure. But autophagy is one of the top reasons why
I intermittent fast, and why I feel like an intermittent fasting lifestyle is set apart
from other forms of dieting. So what the heck is autophagy? I certainly had never heard of this phrase
before I started intermittent fasting and doing research on intermittent fasting. But autophagy is when your body eats its own
tissues in order to clear out damaged cells that if left in the body can create inflammation
and contribute to diseases. In addition to autophagy decreasing inflammation
and helping to prevent diseases, autophagy has a whole array of health benefits for the
body. Some of these benefits include healthier skin,
more mental clarity, better brain function, lower oxidative stress, higher energy, I could
go on and on because there’s just so many benefits that your body gets from autophagy. Autophagy is induced by being in a fasted
state. So intermittent fasting is one of the few
types of lifestyles that will induce autophagy in the body, and it’s for this very reason
that I consider intermittent fasting superior to may other healthy diets that I’ve tried. Reason number five of why I intermittent fast
is because it promotes fat loss and helps me to control my body composition. One of the largest indicators of overall health
is your body composition. I think this goes without saying, because
it’s pretty common knowledge now that having a higher body fat percentage will open you
up to a plethora of health risks. Intermittent fasting is one of the easiest
ways to promote fat loss pretty effortlessly, in my opinion. Now, this is a topic that, again, I think
I could make a whole other video on this topic. But in a nutshell, intermittent fasting promotes
fat loss by increasing your metabolism as well as increasing human growth hormone, which
is one of the most important hormones that’s responsible for burning fat and increasing
muscle production. Not only this, but decreasing your eating
window is going to force your body to burn up your glycogen and your fat stores for energy
during your fasted state. This effect is very, very similar to, and
it reminds me of the ketogenic diet’s effect on fat burn. So there you have it. Now you know why I intermittent fast and why
it could be beneficial to you as well. But what are the different types of fasting? And which one is best for you? That’s a topic that I’m going to be exploring
in my future videos. So be sure to subscribe, and tap on that notification
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Reader Comments

  1. scotty collins

    Oh wow….no more keto, you definitely gotta talk more about why you quit keto, and do a full day of eating, intermittent fasting non keto..๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ

  2. Materia Prima


    don't have to think about it, not tracking calories constantly

    big meals are satisfying, 3-6 small meals/snacks 300 calories at a time only make me feel more hungry

    no afternoon brain fog, 'clean gut' throughout the day

    plus i have loose skin from losing 220ish lbs and autophagy is one of the natural ways to repair that


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