Why Are So Many People Abandoning Vegan Diet? Dr Joel Fuhrman

In the last few months many vegan youtubers
have been quitting veganism due to health issues arising whilst on this diet. According to the best available balance of
evidence it appears that 100% whole food plant based diet is the healthiest diet for humans
however if people are running into problems on this diet I think we need to be taking
this seriously and getting to the bottom of why this is happening. The purpose of this channel is to encourage
people to eat more plant foods. If people find that they need to eat a mostly
plant based diet with small amounts of meat and fish that is still great too. Dr Joel Fuhrman and Dr Pam Popper do allow
their patients to eat a small amount of meat or fish 3 times a week and they still see
amazing results. So why do some people struggle on a 100 % whole
food plant based diet? Well there can be many reasons some of which
I have tried to address in other videos on this channel but in this clip we’re going
to hear from Dr Joel Fuhrman as he discusses an important issue regarding protein and IGF-1
levels on a vegan diet. Now Dr Fuhrmam does mention that this can
be a problem mostly with older vegans but I’m also concerned about the protein intake
for those vegans who focus on more starch based vegan diets and those on high carb low
fat vegan diets. So now let’s hear from Dr Fuhrman, the link
to the original video is in the description below…… A nutritarian diet which means a diet rich
in nutrients designed to maximize longevity. It’s not based on some philosophical agenda
it’s what’s best for each individual person to maximise longevity and live to be 100 years
old in great health with your full mental faculties, your full body working your muscles
intact you’re not breaking hips and shrinking muscles. And protein is an important issue on a nutritarian
diet- it’s mostly vegan it’s vegan or near vegan. People can eat some animal products but if
they are eating animal products they are suing them in much lower amounts than are conventionally
used and it’s designed not like the traditional low fat vegan diet so it’s not high in potatoes
and rice it’s high in high protein plant foods like hemp seeds, nuts, broccoli, green
vegetables beans and tempeh. It’s a higher protein vegan diet and that
makes it safer for the extended to the edges of life like for toddlers and the elderly. Whereas most vegan diets don’t have ideal
amounts of protein for both the growth phases of life because as we get older our ability
to assimilate protein goes down and our IGF-1 could drop too low leading to muscle wasting,
muscle loss and frailty so there’s an optimal range of IGF-1 because IGF-1 is regulated
by protein intake especially animal protein intake. The IGF-1 one in America is between 200-250ng/ml
which is way too high, it’s in the range that every single study that goes on long
term for decades with people that shows more animal protein in the diet leads to more premature
death so the less carbohydrate, the less plant foods, less of them leads to premature death. So the ketogenic diet and the paleo type diets
even the amount from animal products in the American diet, about 30% is deadly and cutting
short people’s lives. However finely regulating protein is important
because some people’s IGF-1 drops too low on a vegan diet. A nutritarian diet prevents that from happening
but there are some individuals that even on a nutritarian diet that after the age of 80
their IGF-1 might drop too low causing weakness or loss of muscle mass. There’s a loss of muscle mass that goes
on with ageing normally and we want to retard that and then prevent it from happening, it’s
important for your health and longevity. So we need to get about 30g of protein per
1000 calories and the idea that 0.8g of protein per Kg of body weight that means about 40-50g
of protein is about right for most people but as we age we need about 70g of protein
for a 150lb person like me is better when we get over the age of 80. I’m only 65 right now I’m maintaining
my muscle mass, I’m mostly a vegan I hardly ever eat animal products, maybe a few times
a year recreationally-I shouldn’t tell the vegans that, that I eat it for fun once in
a while but hardly ever . I eat a super healthy diet and I use hemp seeds and Mediterranean
pine nuts and lots of green vegetables and beans my diet is relatively high in protein
but then the question is, when I get to be 70-75 or 80 my protein needs may not go up
that much because my diet is already so well designed however other people that haven’t
lived as healthier a life, they’re ageing faster and their ability to digest protein
well may go down earlier in life like 70 and 75 not at 80 or 85 and some of those people
do require some animal products to keep their protein levels higher so they don’t get
muscle wasting and we know that by following people’s IGF-1 because the ideal IGF-1 for
longevity is probably between 100- 150 ng/ml not 200-250 like Americans are but if your
IGF-1 is dropping below 80 you might have to modulate your protein and increase your
protein a little bit to make sure it stays above 90 or 100. To make sure you’re maintaining the muscle
size, you want to have good agility because too low a level of IGF-1 could also increase
the risk of frailty and immune system dysfunction leading to a higher rate of cancer. So we want to fine regulate IGF-1 in the perfect
sweet spot and not just assume for everybody a vegan diet is ideal and also very common
in these nutritional vegan gurus they advocate diets that are too low in fat and protein
that cause people to get into trouble a lot of people don’t do well on those diets and
people have different needs so we want to be able to modulate the diet to perfectly
fit each person’s individual needs. I agree with the increase need of protein
as people get older and watching for that to regulate that accurately to make sure people
are in great health and perfect health for them. I should say that because the nutritarian
diet is already so protein and nutrient favorable that if some people need to add a little bit
of animal protein to it as they get over the age of 75 or 80 they don’t need to add much
they just need to add a little extra if their IGF-1 is too low we don’t say ‘Oh well
I don’t do well on a vegan diet so I eat a paleo diet you go I don’t do well on a
vegan diet so I add just a little touch of animal products, a couple of ounces. We know that more animal products leads to
premature death so we’ve got to be very careful in our advice and not get people into
trouble on either extreme.

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Reader Comments


    They're mostly quitting because of sibo. I have sibo and yesterday I got a diagnosis of H2S dominence. I just cannot be a on vegan diet. I can only eat refined carbs and meat. Once I'm done with antibiotics I'll go back to wfpb.

  2. jarroyomaranata

    Thank you for sharing! Young, impressionable people need to hear the correct information from actual scientist, doctors instead of social media influencers that just take a camera and all of a sudden think they know everything about nutrition.

  3. Roman Hernz

    My friend……rice and beans……to keep it simple…..has the most humans on earth over 100….I do the 80/10/10….I’m 72 yrs young…..I agreed with Dr. McDougall, Dr Klaper, Dr Grever, Dr Davis, Dr Bernard, Dr Mills….etc… I follow the proven science…..I do not follow the money……

  4. Linda S.

    I have the utmost respect for Dr Fuhrman and believe he is an outstanding, caring doctor with a great fund of knowledge. When he speaks, I listen. I also very much appreciate these PB Science London videos… very informative (and love the accent).

  5. St Marc Arias

    Idiots… Eat meat protein… No hunting during the day for protein.. Its horrible to feel hungry & watch your muscles disappear…

  6. Reality isnt A choice

    Not enough to help thoughs feeling poor on the vegan diet.
    So far the only answer from multiple sources is add something processed or just sugar since their both the same.

  7. itsmeist

    Recreational animal killing? I can't believe he said he eats flesh once or twice a year recreationally. Maybe he can explain why we can't increase protein from plant sources? So, a little mercury or a little animal hormone or some other chemical we get concentrated by eating high on the food chain is okay,…really?? Is the beef industry giving him some $$$?

  8. Rambling Elsewhere

    But the people quiting veganism were not following a WFPB diet..They were drinking piss & eating a calorie deficient raw vegan diet along with other fad concepts…plus having a really bad food relationship.

  9. Renee Raw

    So many ignorant, uneducated comments on here that I hardly know where to start. Animal products, even ones coming from happy animals eating “free range” on large open pastures, still contain cholesterol which contributes to heart disease and strokes. This is precisely why Dr. Fuhrman advocates for a diet with minimal animal products. You can get plenty of protein from beans, fruit and leafy greens. Most people are eating too much protein which can lead to serious health problems including kidney disease. And the comment about too little calories…Unbelievable to me. Have plenty of fruit, greens, beans, rice, potatoes and a small portion of animal product if you must and you’ll get plenty of calories. Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian Plan is excellent. As for his retreats; Money well spent. Most people spend money on junk food, alcohol and plenty of other things that do not improve their health, but rather tear it down. It’s called spending money wisely.

  10. Leo29

    People who love animals and who can't bear the thought of animals getting killed for food will sooner or later become either vegans or vegetarians. This same group of people will not go back to eating animal flesh because they love animals too much to eat them. Also, once you see meat as the carcass of a dead animal, it's very hard to go back to eating meat again.

  11. Ann Williams

    VEGANs are tending to put off a lot of people wanting to get away from eating animal products…. The 'Vegans' I am talking about are those who insist on telling you that you are NOT a vegan unless you follow some rule book about your interaction with animals and will have your membership card revoked if you let a touch of honey past your lips by mistake and wore leather shoes as a school kid. The problem with this in the Western world is that after decades of being used to eating an 'American' diet, folks are finally listening about things such as factory farming and the benefits of eating plants – and want to get some idea of what it means to eat in different ways. BUT then you get the grammar cops, oops no it is about group membership and not language, that insist that vegan is well, not actually, well, Vegan…. that you are eating 'plant-based'.
    Personally my definition of eating 'plant-based' would mean mainly plants, with occasional /low animal product intake….
    Pls just shut up about labels and let people find their way towards caring for animals and themselves without being expected to be gurus about everything that goes into and onto their bodies and speak all the 'right language'. I am far more interested in where your heart is than how many rallies you have been to!

  12. Y

    To me he made the real point and I’m not sure why he didn’t make that his bigger point, that was disappointing. The bigger point for me is these so called influencers end up going on a so called vegan diet or rather a plant based diet eating 900 calories or less. They get skinny the main reason they went plant based, but then they complain how their vegan diet made them sick 🙄. You were starving yourself to be skinny for goodness sake! That’s not vegan, that’s the beginning of anorexia! Also Vegan is not a diet! 🤯

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