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hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
I have a ballin’ recipe for you that’s right we’re gonna make some
meatballs sweet and sour meatballs to be exact
growing up this is my mom’s go-to recipe and it was one of my favorites but it
was loaded with refined sugar and strange jams and other strange ingredients
so I gave it a healthier makeover so today we’re gonna make paleo friendly
gluten free and whole30 sweet-and-sour meatballs and you’re never gonna be able
to guess the secret natural sweetness so let’s dive right into this
recipe so step one in making meatballs is to make meatballs so we’re gonna dice a
little bit of green onion about a quarter of a cup or so measure out about
a quarter of a cup and then right into a bowl so now we
have a pound of grass-fed ground beef I like to use a 93 percent fat you can use
a little bit less or a little bit more whatever your favorite a meatball meat
is we have a little bit of salt and pepper and one egg you can use a spoon to mix but I think
it’s a lot easier just use your hand yeah it’s a little messy but it’s easier
and can give you more tender and mixed meatballs so get your hands in there and
mix it all together gonna see no close-ups of mixing because it isn’t
pretty so once it’s all mixed up you want to add four teaspoons of coconut
flour this is gonna absorb the excess moisture
and make them perfectly tender meatballs so once it’s all mixed up your coconut
flour is nice and absorbed the easiest way to roll meatball you can do it by
hand if you’re one of those super fancy people but I like to use a cookie scoop
makes a perfectly sized meatball so you’re gonna roll them just so they fill
the scoop and then you can roll them between your hands a little bit just to
get that nice round shape and put them on a parchment paper or a Silpat lined
cookie sheet once you’ve got your meatballs perfectly bowls you should
have about 20 or so of them we’re gonna take them back to the stew I’m gonna
bake them at 400 degrees for about 16 to 18 minutes make sure you don’t overbake them or they will be really dry and non juicy just bad are you ready to get a little saucy cuz
we got to make some sweet and sour sauce that means you know what time it is
it’s onion goggle time we’re gonna dice half a small onion move those onion
goggles let’s take it back to the stove to make our sauce to all of our onions
and we’re gonna add them into a large pot so first ingredient in our sauce is some
grape juice normally you use grape jelly but we’re gonna use a hundred percent
grape juice which has no other sugars no other anything and it’s gonna give us
that nice sweetness and that great flavor now we have a little bit of
tomato sauce which is high in lycopene which is an antioxidant that is going to
help prevent to sell them in your body and also fight cardiovascular disease or
heart disease just like the keto chili recipe and we have a little
bit of tomato paste some apple cider vinegar just a balance at
some of the sweetness you can also use coconut vinegar whatever you have on
hand now the secret sweetness is dates dates
are a fresh fruit but these are dried although fruit the dates that you buy in
store are dried they’re high in fiber to keep you full
and to prevent blood sugar spikes and the seasonings are some tabasco
sauce some dry mustard some garlic salt and pepper and the super secret
ingredient to making you the best sauce with the most depth of flavor is a
little pinch of ground allspice add that into your pot and then we’re gonna turn
it up to a high heat and bring it to a boil so once it’s at a boil you want to
boil it for one and a half minutes and then we’ll turn it back to the medium to
simmer so while we’re waiting for our sauce to boil we’re gonna get our
workout on and do some burpees makes me come back next week we’re gonna
put that together with something else and makea full body workout now let’s get
back to those meatballs well our sauce is bubbling bubbling
bubbling away our meatballs are ready to come out after one and a half minutes are up and
it’s really boilling away watch yourself turn it down to medium and
we’re gonna cook it for about seven or eight minutes just until it begins to
thicken after about eight or nine minutes you can see it’s a really really
thick and it’s no longer liquidy so now we’re gonna go blend it up so
we want to blend up all those dates and those onions we don’t want a chunky
sauce so I’m gonna put it into a high-powered blender and blend until it’s nice and mixed if you
don’t have a high-powered blender you can definitely use a three cup small
food processor just a pro tip once everything is creamy smooth we’re going
to add it into a bowl everything out of your way so we can get add your meatballs into your sauce now it’s gonna stir it all together
until nice and coated I don’t know what that was that was some kind of meatball
stir dance so once we’re all mixed up it’s time to
serve I have a little bit of a cauliflower rice because they’re whole
thirty and paleo friendly you could also use regular rice whatever floats your
boat scoop those meatballs onto our rice a little more green onion just for good
measure and there you have it whole 30 friendly
paleo friendly sweet and sour meatballs with no sugar naturally sweetened with
dates and and grape juice who would have guessed they’re super delicious
so just before you go I want to share some scripture with you because I’ve
been kind of struggling with worry this week I thought I would share one of my
kind of go-to verses that when I’m struggling with this I say it in my head
I just kind of calms me down it’s Matthew 6:25 and it says therefore
I tell you do not worry about your life but you’ll eat or drink or about your
body what you wear is life not more important than food and the body more
important than clothes this has been really encouraging me this week and I
hope it really encourages you as well I also hope you feel encouraged to try
these meatballs and if you do please leave a comment below and let me know
what you think I’d also really appreciate a like and thumbs up of this
video you can grab the full recipe in the video description below and make
sure you hit that subscribe button I’m delivering healthy and delicious gluten
free recipes too every single week make sure you come back next week because we
have a low-carb and keto friendly snack you do not wanna miss so go enjoy your
meatballs and we’ll see you next time bye for now

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