Whole30 Curry Apple Cabbage Salad | Vegan + Gluten Free + Paleo

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
where I have a bomb salad for you you’re probably thinking bomb salad that’s not
a real thing but this cabbage salad with a creamy curry and golden raisin salad
dressing is gonna knock your socks off it’s naturally sweetened with raisins
vegan friendly paleo friendly and whole 30 friendly and it’s gonna make you love
salad so let’s dive right into this recipe so step one we’re gonna shred
some green cabbage and chop some apples we have a small head of green cabbage
which is about one and a quarter pounds so we’re going to shred it by chopping it in half taking the core out of each half and to shred it you’d want to cut it
into large slices I cut those slices the other way just smaller slices so 7 cups into your bowl next up way up to apples I use Fuji
because they’re my favorite but you can use whatever sweet Apple you like just
not Granny Smith it’s gonna cut them in half remove the stem and the cores add
them right on into your bowl with your cut cabbage next up we have my spirit
herb cilantro I could eat this on any and everything we need about 1/2 a cup
of roughly chopped cilantro leaves 1/2 a cup goes right into your bowl have you
ever wondered the difference between a golden raisin and a brown raisin well
I’m gonna tell you brown raisins are dried in the Sun where golden raisins are
dried in large dehydrators that are humidity and temperature controlled and
they have a lighter fruitier flavor they’re my favorite now that you know
everything there is to know about golden raisins you’re gonna add half a cup into
your salad along with 1 cup of roasted salted cashews and a pinch of salt that
is the secret to a great salad is actually a little bit of salt even a
restaurants do it you ever wondered why restaurant salads are better now you
know and mix it all together now we’re gonna make our naturally sweetened
dressing by boiling some golden raisins and apple cider vinegar and some not
from concentrate apple juice we have a quarter of a cup of not from concentrate
apple juice which is a natural sweetener for our salad dressing a quarter of a
cup of raw apple cider vinegar which helps restore your body’s natural ph
we’re just gonna help your digestive system and body function and then 1/2 cup more of those golden raisins stir them all together and bring them to
a boil on high heat once they’re nice and boiling away we are gonna go take
them to the food processor so I’m gonna transfer that mixture plus the golden
raisins into a large food processor – ten cups the we’re gonna put the lid on and we’re gonna
blend them until smooth and creamy so you need to take the top off and stop
and scrape down the sides every so often to get everything well mixed so once you
have it mostly mixed a little bit of chunkiness is totally okay we’re gonna add a
little pinch of salt and one and a half teaspoons of curry powder it’s a really
nice balance to all the sweetness from the apple juice and the raisins and
continue to blend so now while the food processor is running which I’m going to
run in a second we’re going to stream in some olive oil so you can see it’s mostly mixed it’s
got a little bit of chunkiness and that is totally a okay and now we are ready
to combine everything before you’re dressing over your salad
I just want to mix it all together if you’re anything like me you probably
used a bowl that’s way too small so mix it and gently and there you have it a
whole 30 friendly or vegan friendly and paleo friendly cabbage salad that’s
naturally sweetened with raisins and apple juice if you thought you didn’t
like salads wait until you try this one I can guarantee you’re gonna love it
if you’re looking for a great protein to serve with a salad I have an Indian
paleo chicken kebab with a creamy cashew dip on my website that you will love and
if you try this salad please leave a comment below and let me know you think
you can grab the full recipe in the video description if I really appreciate
a like and a thumbs up on this video and make sure you hit that subscribe button
so I’m delivering healthy and delicious gluten free recipes to every single week
so go enjoy your salad and we’ll see you next time bye for now

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