Who Should Not Eat Avocados & Nuts- Dr Caldwell Esselstyn

Nuts are full of beneficial nutrients and
phytochemicals they can aid in weight loss, may enhance our lifespan and when added to
a salad or vegetables can help us absorb significantly more fat soluble nutrients such as beta carotene,
vitamin E etc than we would if you just ate the salad on it’s own. However aside from those who have a nut allergy,
Dr Caldwell Esselstyn has found that there might be another group of people who should
not consume nuts. So let’s hear as he tells us more……For
patients who already have established heart disease, I’ve been notoriously cautious
about nuts and the reason is that when I started all this in the 1980’s, at that time investigators
were taking either rodents or rabbits and the way they created cardiovascular disease
in them, was with peanut oil. So that really made me very skeptical about
the value of nuts and also nuts have a lot of saturated fat which can contribute to this
disease. My patients with heart disease I ask them
to forego nuts and I have literally not regretted it. And also I have yet to see a single study
anywhere where you have patients who are seriously ill with cardiovascular diseases and give
them peanut butter, give them all the nuts they want and give them cashew sauce and ever
have the disease arrest and reverse, I’ve not seen that. For patients who have cardiovascular illness,
if I were ever to say they could have nuts and seeds and avocado, that is so much additional
fat of the kind I don’t want them to have so when I have someone who has heart disease
I say no nuts. How many people who eat one nut, if I ever
said nuts were ok there would be nuts in the glove compartment, there would be nuts in
the bathroom, there would be nuts in the workbench, there would be nuts in the kitchen, the dining
room, the bedroom and they will be in every type of food that is presented, will have
ground up cashews I just don’t need all that extra saturated fat. I have no problem if they want to have ground
up flax seed meal, a tablespoon on their cereal for their omega 3 or chia seeds I allow that
certainly, a spoonful on their cereal for their omega 3. I’m pretty adamant about oil because there
is study after study after study that clearly shows that oil is problematic and injures
the endothelial cells. Now it’s important to note that Dr Esselstyn
deals with people who are extremely ill with heart disease, he often sees patients who
have already had numerous angioplasties and heart bypass surgery with no success. So he has to take drastic action with these
patients as it truly is a life or death situation. However aside from those patients who have
severe heart disease I do think it’s important we include nuts and seeds in our diet. On the FAQ section on his website Dr Esselstyn
does say “for people with no heart disease who want to eat nuts and avocado and are able
to achieve a cholesterol of 150 and LDL of 80 or under without cholesterol lowering drugs,
some nuts and avocado are acceptable.” Dr Joel Fuhrman and Dr Michael Greger recommend
we eat 1-2 ounces of nuts a day.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sharon's poetry Corner #Enjoy!

    Is heart disease the same as High Blood pressure?
    If not, then does this ALSO apply to those with high blood pressure?

  2. Richard Rovinsky

    He doesn't explain why he believes that whole foods containing oils of some nuts are bad and others are okay. He does say that "oils" are bad, but apparently not all oils. I think this video could be harmful or helpful, but without going into the why of this and not that lacks credibility. Seems like he is shooting from the hip instead of following the science were studies support or disprove his opinion. I only subscribe to evidence based medicine.

  3. Alhelí Morín Lam

    What about diabetics and prediabetic? Fat in excess causes insulin resistance, slows metabolism, which may result in weight gain.

  4. Natu Health

    Low fat vegan disinformation.

    "Higher nut intake is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, total cancer and all-cause mortality, and mortality from respiratory disease, diabetes, and infections."

  5. unNaturalHuman

    Making the perfect the enemy of the good. There are strategies that counteract the bad effects by oils and fats. I’d love to see a video on food strategies to use against oils and fats that make eating more palatable, rather than making a plantbased diet even more restrictive.

  6. Bambi

    Nuts and avocado s are sooooo healthy!! a lot of the blue zones eat them!
    Walnuts make the arteries more elastic for instance ! but eat them in moderation yes…

  7. Hemo Kardia

    Some with acne prone skin(like mine) may need to avoid nuts, seeds, avocado, nut butters because the higher amounts of naturally occurring oils in the food can cause skin to be oily, making breakouts more likely.

  8. Jeff Eppenger

    There is just so much conflicting information on the web these days. Sometimes too much info is a bad thing. My cholesterol hasn't been under 150 since I was 20 yes old. This video basically says to eliminate all fats. I say this due to being on a plant based diet where else are you going to get calories from? The only calorie dense plant based foods are nuts and seeds, avocado etc. So to lower my cholesterol even more I need to cut these items out. So now what? If you only eat veggies you better eat ALLOT of them to get your calories in. For those trying to lose weight this isn't a big deal, for those that aren't like myself and need more calories this lifestyle is getting harder and harder… I get hungry allot so now I will eat more potatoes… Until another video comes out about how bad potatoes are…. Where does it end? Dr Gregor says one thing, this Dr another, man this is confusing.

  9. Hemo Kardia

    We're arguing over minor details. If you look at every doctor who recommends a plant based diet they all share the same basic views:

    Eat whole plant foods.
    Don't eat animals, animal products or oils.
    Take a B12.
    Get sunshine.
    Drink water.

    That's the at the core of all their recommendations.
    Eat nuts and seeds or avocado if you want. Just don't act like it's going to add some magic bullet to an already healthy whole foods plant based diet.

  10. Jeffrey Phillips

    Vegsource just posted a very fine overview of the whole nut debate. He specifically highlighted the work of Dr Greger and sadly pointed out that Dr. G mistakenly mixes his opinion with supposed science. Apparently the studies out there DO NOT definitively indicate positive association between nut consumption and healthy outcomes. It is a loose correlation at best. Here's the video to check out: https://youtu.be/IvFHuqI-TCw

  11. John Harvey

    I think a lot of people in the comments missed the point of this video. It's not saying that most people should avoid nuts and seeds, but that those who are already very sick with heart disease, like most of this doctor's patients, should avoid them. Probably everyone should avoid oils, though.

  12. small footprint

    There are so many options in the plant world to enjoy, that I don't see any advantage to adding something with saturated fats in them. I'm one of those people who can't eat just one. If they're around, I'll eat them. Until someone comes along, and can show me that my health would be greatly enhanced by eating them… risk vs reward, I'll stay away from nuts. Thanks for posting.

  13. duwbryd

    I thought peanuts were not real nuts. They are really a legume. I think my thoughts were correct, look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peanut

  14. Tatyana Yourovsky

    Му liver doesn't like fats at all.Not only animal fats in the past,but plant based of now diet also.I cant eat avocado or nuts without feeling sick. seeds are better.And I dont have heart problems

  15. Shanti Naturechild

    Nuts, seeds, grains, legumes are an issue for people with leaky gut/autoimmune diseases! Unsoaked walnuts or Chua seeds cause me terrible joint pain for nearly two days! Phytates, lectins and possible mold in all of them cause reactions. I better leave them to squirrels and mice who are equipped by nature with nut cracking teeth and try to heal eating non irritating plant foods!

  16. Robert Dixon

    No, there would be nuts on occasion, but not steady nuts, due to weight gain. I have never heard tell of having a heart attack from nuts.

  17. French blue8

    Thank you for this my London friend. Of course the bottom line is that it's going to be an individual decision in healthy individuals.
    But I so respect the way dr esselstyn says he feels he needs to be "cautious"with heart patients. When you've seen the patients and especially their insides and he's seen the tests and the data for decades, you cannot help but understand that the man knows what he's talking about. He's cautious because he cares and he wants people to experience health.
    And by the way he looks awesome!

  18. buba ba

    Penauts are not even nuts, they are legumes. I cant believe this type of idiotic and misleading lies can be told by living people.God damn flat earthers

  19. courag1

    People who end up seriously ill did not get to that point because they were being fastidious about what they ate or for portion control. Nuts can be a binge food and if you have a food you have binged on, don't expect that it won't call out to you. If you have trouble with a food, don't buy it. It worked well when I quit smoking that not buying it made me a non-smoker.

    Nuts and seeds can throw enough fat in your diet to keep on the extra pounds.

    Here's the secret to weight loss: if it isn't on the list of the foods you can fill up on like starches which can be potatoes (no cream, butter or milk), rice, cooked dried beans (not canned baked beans) or quinoa, leave it alone. If an apple is not sufficient to hold you over to the next meal, distract yourself with a walk, clean something you have been putting off. Occupy your mind, drink a cup of decaf tea and put on some music you can dance to.

  20. Danny Ashworth

    Why don't we just stop eating altogether, according to someone or other everything is wrong or unhealthy! Listen to your body and how things make you feel as an individual.

  21. tyme4chaim

    I've read Dr Es's book. Falling into the category of patients accurately described by the announcer, I've followed woefully, the Dr.'s recommendations regarding everything… faiing miserably when it comes to the nuts! Why? Because they are tasty and nutrient dense. I am recently substantially less overweight ('bout dropped a fourth grader)…that being said, I just had multiple CC procedures, a couple more stents! I'm no expert, but I'm suspicious to say the least about the nuts…

  22. daxis 1234

    The dr. needs to shut the fuck up. seriously. oil does not damage endothelial cells. If that is the case every Asians or people in Europe would have heard disease by now. shut the fuck up dr. you are an asinine.

  23. Ernesto Caamano

    There is no evidence that high levels of total cholesterol or of “bad” cholesterol cause heart disease, according to a new paper by 17 international physicians based on a review of patient data of almost 1.3 million people. The authors also say their review shows the use of statins – cholesterol lowering drugs – is “of doubtful benefit” when used as primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. The authors include Galway-based Prof Sherif Sultan, professor of the International Society for Vascular Surgery; Scottish-based Dr Malcolm Kendrick, author of The Great Cholesterol Con; and Dr David M Diamond, a US-based neuroscientist and cardiovascular disease researcher. Prof Sultan said millions of people all over the world, including many with no history of heart disease, are taking statins “despite unproven benefits and serious side effects”. +++ The failure of a study on the cholesterol-lowering drug evacetrapib was reported in April 2016 by its manufacturer, Eli Lilly, after spending $90 million of research and development costs. “The drug, evacetrapib, was pulled after it FAILED TO PREVENT one single case of heart attack, stroke, by-pass surgery, or angina— despite a 130% increase in “good” cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol, and a 37% reduction in “bad” cholesterol, which is called LDL cholesterol. Moreover Pfizer pharmaceutical famously spent $800 million on a large trial combining its blockbuster statin Lipitor with torcetrapib, a CETP inhibitor; the combination of the two drugs was ultimately found to RAISE THE RISK OF DEATH and heart problems in patients. In 2012, Roche also scrapped development of its CETP inhibitor, dalcetrapib, due to a “lack of clinically meaningful efficacy.” The first, torcetrapib, actually increased the rate of CARDIOVASCULAR DEATHS despite lowering bad cholesterol levels. Conclusion: the use of CEPT inhibitors increased the good cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol, however; it surely resulted in an increase of cardiovascular deaths.+++ 2009: Over 38 million people in the U.S. are currently taking statin drugs to lower high cholesterol levels. However, German scientists at the Martin Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg have just published research in the Journal of Lipid Research that shows, for some people, taking statins actually increases the risk of having heart attacks. Surprisingly, the researchers found that people with high PLTP levels didn't have more heart attacks, unless they were taking statins — taking the drugs gave them a significant increase in their heart attack risk. In closing, their study does suggest levels of PLTP in the blood should be looked at before people are put on statin medications. +++Researchers at the Tulane University School of Medicine used electron beam tomography (EBT) to measure the progression of plaque buildup in heart-attack patients taking statin drugs. EBT is a very accurate way to measure occlusion from calcium in the arteries. Contrary to expectations, the researchers discovered that the progression of coronary artery calcium (CAC) was significantly greater in patients receiving statins compared with event-free subjects despite similar levels of LDL-lowering. Said the researchers: “Continued expansion of CAC may indicate failure of some patients to benefit from statin therapy and an increased risk of having cardiovascular events (Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, April 1, 2004).

  24. Temperate or Tropical

    So outdated as to fat. Not eating avocado daily is because of the copper imbalance. Nuts must be soaked before eating; search why. Clean animal fats are beneficial. Look it up.

  25. jimcampbell47

    First we were told not to drink the water, then don't breathe the air. Animals will kill you. President Trump eats steak everyday.
    On this very page there is an article that claims Vegans have the same cancer, heart attack and death rates as meat eaters. Jim Fixx; the godfather of jogging died prematurely from a heart attack, while jogging. Salt took a bad rap for years. Now it's ok. All sugar substitutes are bad for you if you listen to all the gurus. Truth be known I'll bet they are all hawking a book they wrote. If you follow their path you will all live long and prosper. Good luck to us all.

  26. Peter Rodwell

    Epidemiological longevity studies have consistently found that those who eat more nuts live longer. Two IMPORTANT distinctions to make are 1/ nut oil is nut the same as the whole food, the same is true of fruit juice vs whole fruit and its effect on our health etc. 2/peanuts are a legume and not nuts. Other studies have show that eating walnuts for example improves cholesterol ratios.

  27. sfmarckx

    Peanut butter is high in omega 6 fat which messes up the omega 3/omega 6 balance and sets you up for inflammation, which can lead to heart disease. Walnuts are higher in omega 3 fats and also mimic cholesterol in the gut and help lower cholesterol. I wonder if, by using a peanut study to rule out alll nuts, he is throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
    I would love to hear more details of the pros and cons of specific foods and food combinations and get past the generalities like, because peanuts are bad, all nuts are bad.
    Thank you for these videos!

  28. A G

    So much conflicting information out there. Some people will say nuts are great for you. Others say they are bad for you. Each side backs up their arguments. Moderation is probably important.

  29. Salomir Ciprian

    Nuts, seeds and avocados improve arteries function, lower cholesterol, have anti inflammatory and anti arrhythmic effect, you don't have to avoid nuts and seeds, you have to avoid Esselstyn advice ! He has no power to recognize the truth about latest science we have on nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are not fats, are complex food, and LOWER cholesterol, you can't see only what you want in the nuts like saturated fats, you have to take into account the whole food, the nuts ! I have a family member who suffer from ectopic heart beats, and his cardiac arrhythmia got worst on a low fat vegan diet without nuts and seeds, and then listening to Dr.Fuhrman advices and eating nuts and seeds is arrhythmia free ! We have to learn something from this experience. Nuts and seeds are not oils, this thinking that eating nuts and seeds means adding more saturated fat to our diet is old and wrong !

  30. Bren Ten

    Nut butters are bad for you anyway as it is made from the heating of nuts which changes the lypids in them. Raw nuts are good for you and break down the ‘bad’ fats in our arteries, this guy is full of shit. Don’t eat it processed because then it doesnt count as nuts or avocado. I will include olives in this also. Eat them all raw! They are good for you!!!

  31. Cary Clan

    It makes sense that if you set out to create a disease using an overdose of a specific food item, fat, sugar, or salt, that the reversal of these ingredients would reverse the disease created by the overdose. Science is more advanced today, where looking at the body’s reaction and use of various foods in concert with each other is “more correct” than forcing a disease and saying see… too much water and you drown. Also genetically we are different, saying that Japanese live long eating only Japanese food, does not mean it will work for anyone who is not Japanese. My grandparents ate meat at every meal and easily lived to be 85. There is more to diet than we know, except what makes us feel good, sleep well, stay slim and have the energy to pursue happiness.

  32. K M

    Give me a break it’s hard enough to get healthy people to eat nuts let alone people with heart conditions not to eat them.

  33. Siphokazi N.

    Thank you I always suspected that nuta are too heavy and dense and will remove them from my diet as well as avocado. Only seeds are healthy and Fibre rich. Great video✨

  34. Boots Armstrong

    Sorry, I think you have it wrong. I would bet the people with cardiovascular disease got that way from eating fried foods and other processed foods and and very little physical activity.

  35. Frank Chase

    I look at it this way.  If I'm walking around the fields and forests 5,000 years ago, would I hesitate to eat some nuts and seeds if I'm really hungry?  No, I wouldn't – even if the Medicine Man warned against it.

  36. Holdthe Mayo

    The issue is not the nuts and saturated fat. The issue is that these patients are still likely on a high carb standard american diet. Put them on keto and boom, problems disappear.

  37. Allan Williams

    If fats and fatty foods are associated with heart disease and death EVERYONE should avoid them. Keep it simple people.

  38. Citizenthirteen

    So, basic summary, if you have wicked atherosclerosis and have zero discipline and /or a compulsive eating disorder then don't eat nuts, seeds , avocado or olives . Most Americans fit this description. Esselstyn says " those with heart disease" All Americans have some severity of heart disease. I tell this to my friends and they are so oblivious they honestly think they have no plaque in their arteries . " I get a check up every few years and if I had heart disease my doctor would tell me " Eh boy. Blissfully ignorant .

  39. Steve Pastor

    It’s amazing that Dr. Esselstyn equates peanut oil with healthy whole raw nuts.
    If he read that white sugar made from beets was shown to be harmful to rats in a laboratory study, would he restrict beets and other healthy whole food carbohydrates?

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