Whipped cream from AMUL fresh cream I NO Icing sugar recipe l #Whipped cream recipe

To make this perfect whipped cream, we will need Amul fresh cream which is kept in freezer for atleast 3 hours Large and small steel bowl, electric hand mixer. Chill bowl & beater for 30 mins 2 tbsp of powdered sugar. I have taken regular sugar and I have grinded it in mixer and 10-12 ice cubes Lets start with this perfect recipe at Creative cooking Take the packet of amul fresh cream out of freezer when you are ready to whisk Cut packet and scoop out only thick cream into chilled bowl The main thing to remember here is that bowl and Amul cream has to be chilled properly We have taken thick cream in bowl and this is thin cream which we are not using in recipe Now take other large bowl and put ice cubes in it Over this place small bowl which has thick cream Take water in large bowl and freeze it and place ice cubes over it Place small bowl over it and start whisking it with chilled beater at slow speed Now you can see soft peaks have started to come and cream has doubled its size Now we will addd powdered sugar to this and whisk it at medium speed The cream will not whip properly if …. thick cream was not separated from thin cream bowl/beater/cream was not chilled enough Less ice / cold water was taken in bowl Cream was whipped for less time For a stiffer peak, we will continue to beat this at high speed for 20 seconds Wow look at this perfectly whipped cream My goodness I can eat this just like that This is awesome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I just feel like putting off camera and digging into it! If you have enjoyed this recipe of Amul fresh cream, give it a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE So i can make more recipes like this !

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Reader Comments

  1. Manyata Rai

    Oh My God…Really I tried this…And the cream was whipped so perfectly with this…please make more such brilliant videos for us..thanks.😊😊😊

  2. uzma ansari

    But i think this cream will not b stable for more time as whip cream is specially for decorating cakes this fresh cream will melt fast

  3. SuHana ParVeen

    But when we make cream in home It Dose,t teste like bakrey it teste like mlai to agar ham electric bittar use krenge to kya uska teste change hoga kyoki mene hand bitter use kiya tha?

  4. Sayantika Saha

    Ma'am I have tried to make whipped cream from amul fresh cream, but the result were not up to the mark. Peaks did not formed. 😞 Please help

  5. Manasi D M

    Any alternative to sugar… im avoiding sugar for my baby… its her first birthday n im making dates upcake n looking to make a fresh cream frosting without sugar…

  6. Najma Waghoo

    Mam mene bohot baar try kiya cream nahi banti hai mera hand blender 150 watt ka hai
    Kya ye reason ho sakta hai cream whip na hone ka pls bataye

  7. Sohail Ansari

    If not having beater den shall we use mixer for beating it or else shall we use a hand blender which works by hands.? For how mch minutes shud v beat if using hand blender without electric.? Also one more thing can v use this cream on the cake nd in between the layers of cake And for piping decoration on the top f d cake.?Will it last as the cakes icing stays.? Do rply soon..i liked ur idea of chilling the cream..

  8. Sachith Sudarshan

    Thanks. I always thought why I cant make thick whipped cream from fresh cream. Last time i infact put it over heat and it seperated. One time i added egg white still nothing happened. This is great technique.

  9. Unknown Buddy

    We are already tried this before by watching the other channels but it not possible to make this with amul fresh cream but we made with milky mist cream it comes perfect thank you

  10. Patrali Dutta

    It's not working.. I finished making a whipped cream of the same consistency as shown, but slowly, it started getting thin.. And melted from my cake ending up my decoration..

  11. Shaina Sharda

    Mam plz tell me the difference between this fresh cream and the whipping cream which is basically used for cakes???and mam will this give the same result same as whipping cream plz replyy

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