What’s the Difference Between the Western, Mediterranean and Asian Diets?

Heather Paulson: When we look at studies that
examine the link between diet and colon cancer, there is a clear link between the Standard
American Diet also known as the SAD diet and colon cancer cell growth. A SAD diet usually
includes a lot of saturated fat, so which means fried foods or red meat, those are foods
that are most commonly high in saturated fats and a SAD diet also includes a lot of processed
foods, so things that come in packages with loads of sugar, chemicals, and preservatives.
The other side of the diet coin that looks at preventing colon cancer cell growth are
things like the Mediterranean diet and also studies about diets in Japan or the Okinawa
diet and those diet seemed to incorporate a little bit of a different concept than what
we have been talked here in American. What they like to focus on is eating healthy fats,
so olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and there are research studies that show
that olive oil reduces inflammation in the colon and reduces the risk of colon cancer
cell growth. There has also been studies that have shown eating fish which is a huge part
of the Okinawa diet and how fish eating more than two times per week significantly reduces
your risk of colon cancer recurrence, so we look towards these other countries that have
less processed foods in their diet and tried to mimic okay we want some more healthy fats.
We want some whole foods. We want to make sure we incorporate some vegetables and some
lean proteins and fish that is where we find the most benefit for reducing your risk of
colon cancer or even reducing your risk of colon cancer recurrence. For an interactive tool to learn more about
your colon cancer and your personalized treatment options, go to MyColonCancerCoach.org.

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  1. Margot Demi

    I hate taking eating advice form people who are clearly over weight not being mean just stating facts, Wish these health professionals were actually healthy. Colon cancer is STRONGLY linked to MEAT.. Yet you just promoted it? Great one!

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