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it’s actually a diet that has been touted as the diet of the year for a few years now this year in particular the Mediterranean diet and we wouldn’t even begin to want to tell you about it without Sami private of dietitians of Palm Valley with us to put it in a couple of good words towards balance isn’t that what your favorite word is balance I love moderation so when we look at the Mediterranean diet and all the foods that really compose on this plate you’ll see there’s great balance not only the color but the different food groups so we have half of a plate full of fruits and vegetables a good lean protein source nice whole grains so no keto diet we’re not eliminating food groups here so nice whole grains and then really good heart-healthy fat as well growing up as a kid this kind of reminds me of the food pyramid that we were taught exactly balance and I think this time of year a lot of people that had an extreme diet maybe keto or whatever it might be they’re starting to fall off because it’s really hard to keep up with exactly so when we look at these foods even though this is the quote-unquote Mediterranean diet you don’t have to be on a diet to eat these foods right is this is just a nice balance that we can include and it’s good to know it doesn’t have to be this strict we’re not saying you can only eat these foods you should take up the majority of your diet and then every now and then have a little something indulgent maybe a glass of wine maybe some chocolate whatever you like well let’s look at some of these foods here because they’re all foods that lately have been pretty easy to get ahold of say you’re eating out somewhere a salad typically will offer you a chance to add some avocado yeah almonds you know you can get almond butter now it’s just different that it used to be there was a while back many years ago where if you said you were eating out and you wanted to stick to a Mediterranean Way of eating you have to go somewhere that specializes you the other thing I was gonna mention to you the fats these are all good fats and a lot of people get scared as soon as they see fat mm-hmm that’s not the case exactly and kind of back to Eton’s point to if you’re going out to eat and the old days when you ordered a salad it was lettuce tomato cucumber maybe right I get it maybe a little bacon so maybe some of them more unhealthy fat options but adding these kind of whole fats to our diet it helps sustain our blood Sugar’s too and keep us fuller longer and right when we eat that’s what we want to do is fuel our body be sustained and kind of keep us over to the neck Smeal and not have as much cravings do you think Sammy that is why when rated the and when I say they rated it I mean many different yes sources when they rate this diet so highly is it because it’s not one of these diets where you’re knocking out an entire food group exactly I think it has a great way of including everything but also the Mediterranean diet the foods that are composed in this diet have been highly studied to reduce risk of disease cancers Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s right so these great foods can help with that but again it doesn’t only have to be these foods that we eat we can include others so I see what you should be eating on this diet what are some things you should not be eating on this diet that’s a great thing there’s really nothing that we have to take away it’s just making sure I like the 80/20 rule right 80% of the time include all these foods 20% of the time get a little fun indulgent mix it up a bit but there’s nothing that we can’t have that’s a fun segment in the future your partner Lauren that has been with us before you have always sung the praises and I said it already wants a balance and I think that’s something that people can live with and I have never heard of a diet that can include that new huge Oreo cookie with a cream filling that you guys were told but mark is trying to persuade you to maybe do put that in the diet but according to you you wanted to sample one that is not gonna make or break your progress right and in our society everything’s black and white really just yeah there we go I didn’t even mean to do that but again it’s finding that gray area finding the balance it’s really it’s hard to do but it takes time well it’s nice to have Sammy here and I know you’ll plan to come back little worse whenever there’s something in the news we always call upon you guys that dietitians of Palm Valley and if you want to reach out to them and maybe get a personal consultation we will make sure to link you through our website River City Live tv.com we’ll be right back

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