What We Eat When We Travel | Vegan, Healthy and FRUSTRATED 🇨🇭 Boho Diary Switzerland

coming to you live from the best airport in the world we are in victoria bc canada this is literally our favourite airport to be in, its quiet everyone is super nice here there’s never a line up zero to 5 minute wait at security and the air in BC is amazing it just clears out your lungs i love it so were going to Davos in Switzerland super last minute trip this was out of no where crazy thing about going on last minute trip is when you don’t own anything because 2 years you thought it was a good idea to sell everything you spend 2 days running arounf desperately looking for the things that you no longer have i actually went and needed a new winter coat i had a lot of trouble finding a coat because most of the coats have down in them or they have that coyote trim which drives me crazy there’s no purpose to actually keeping warmer to have coyote on your trim so its literally just a fashion statement that says i don’t care that a coyote was trapped killed and skinned i found this amazing coat at Lole and they use synthetic down a little model show here and its super warm so im really excited to test it out in the winters of switzerland and i think its final boarding now too were always the last people on the plane somehow we gotta go 10 Km of tabagonning

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