What to Eat While Intermittent Fasting (3 Foods You Must Avoid)

What should you eat during an intermittent
fast? And more specifically, I’m gonna share with
you the three foods you must avoid if you’re fasting in this video. Hey guys, Yuri Elkaim here. How’s it going? New York Times bestselling author, renowned,
holistic, nutritionist, and fitness experts. And I’m here to help you to live a healthier,
fitter, and more prosperous life. In this video, I’m gonna walk you through
three foods you must avoid if you’re doing a one-day fast. Now, let me kind of preface this by saying,
if you’re doing a one-day fast, I have a little secret to tell you. You should probably be avoiding all foods,
okay? Because otherwise you’re not really doing
a one-day fast. But even with that said, some people sneak
some things in and have different ways of doing fast, like protein fast or whatever
fake fasts. But if you’re doing a pure fast, the only
thing you should be consuming is water or herbal tea, that’s it. Okay? So, let’s talk about these three foods you
want to avoid. Number one is sugar. So, if you’re having herbal tea, I’ve had
a lot of questions. Hey, Yuri, can I have honey in my tea? Can I add some sweetener to my tea? The answer is no and no. Otherwise, you’re not doing a full one-day
fast. I mean, yeah, it sounds a little bit strict
but here’s the reality, guys. The reason we don’t want to do this, is because
we want to give our body a sense of time, 1 day, or 16 hours, whatever it might be in
your case, where nothing is coming in that is going to disrupt digestion or raise your
blood sugar beyond normal. We want your body to kind of recalibrate itself
and do what it’s supposed to do without having to worry about all this food stuff coming
in. So, if you have sugar for instance, if you
have honey in your tea, normally honey, manuka honey, raw honey, totally fine in, you know,
small quantities. But here’s the thing. If we’re doing a fast, you’re not having any
other food coming in. So, if you’re having pure honey in your herbal
tea, that’s gonna go, right, it’s gonna spike your blood sugar very quickly because there’s
nothing, no other food, no other protein, no fiber to buffer that out of the stomach,
or to slow its absorption. So, now, you’re gonna have this rise in blood
sugar, so now your blood sugar is gonna peak a little bit, not good. Insulin which is a storage hormone, releases
to take that sugar out of the blood. So, now, instead of being in fat-burning mode,
you’re actually in storage mode which is not what we want during a one-day fast. The benefit of doing a fast, there are numerous
but from the weight-loss perspective is that you’re not in storage mode, you’re in breakdown
and fat-burning mode. So, by having sugar, you kind of completely
negate that. So, sugar is the number one food you want
to avoid in any form on a one-day fast. Second. Number two, is caffeine. Now, caffeine is typically, you know, it’s
not really a food. However, as you guys know I’m not a huge fan
of caffeine in general, coffee, Red Bull, energy drinks, doesn’t really matter it’s
all the same stuff. Caffeine is gonna do the same thing to your
blood sugar. And it’s gonna make you feel really jittery
and not good, especially if you’re on an empty stomach all day long. And I’m not talking about doing like, you
know, the bulletproof coffee here with, you know, MCT oil and all that stuff. That’s not a true fast, that’s something else. If you’re doing a fast, where you’re consuming
nothing for one-day, just water and herbal tea, caffeine has no place. That’s why I said herbal tea, not black tea,
not green tea because, again, caffeine in and of itself by itself is gonna do a couple
things. If you’re not used to it, it’s gonna make
you feel jittery. That’s one of the reasons I don’t drink it
at all. Second, is it’s gonna ruin your adrenal glands
over time. Caffeine is a stimulant, and your adrenal
glands deal with stimulants. They deal with stress. Stimulants are a form of stress in the body. So, you’re gonna drink the caffeine, your
adrenal glands are gonna pump out adrenaline, and that’s why you feel all jazzed up and
ready to go for about an hour. And then you hit the crash, and then you’re
like, “Oh my god, I need more caffeine,” and it becomes a vicious cycle. So, not good for the adrenals. And the second thing it does, is it almost
does exact same thing as sugar. Because of what it does to the adrenals, when
we pump out that adrenaline, adrenaline’s gonna break down stored fuel and raise blood
sugar. So now, more so than normal, so it’s gonna
rise our blood sugar, insulin is gonna be secreted, it’s gonna take all that sugar to
the blood, you’re gonna have a crash, and you’re gonna go through this up-and-down rollercoaster
all day long. So, caffeine not good on a one-day fast, not
good in general. And the third food is really the whole category
of calories, okay? So, the benefit of fasting is that you’re
tapping into your body’s ability to spend time in a fasted state. There’s two states in the body, there is fed
and fasted. That’s it. When we’re talking about this, you know, type
of discussion. Fed state, is when you’re eating food and
digesting food. A very labor energy intensive process. When you’re always eating food you’re always
digesting, your hormones are working to store all that stuff, your stomach’s working hard,
enzymes are being produced, intestines are working, blah, blah, blah lot of stuff going
on. Your body doesn’t have a lot of energy to
do other things. How did you feel after like…after last Thanksgiving
dinner? Not really energized probably, right? I certainly remember when I was younger least,
several food comas where I was like falling asleep at the table or falling asleep on the
couch afterwards. Guys, I’ve written the New York Times bestselling
book on this topic, the all-day energy diets. What I’ve realized is that energy is a zero-sum
game, you either have energy for something and that’s gonna take energy away from something
else. Inside the body at least. So, if we’re digesting food all the time,
we don’t have energy to do other things. And the beautiful thing with a fasted state,
is that your body now has all of this energy freed up to now scavenge, and repair, and
recycle all sorts of junk that needs to be dealt with inside your body. And that’s not able to happen at a optimal
frequency or optimal level as you’re always eating food. So calories in any way, shape, or form, obviously
a thousand calories will be more intense on the system than five calories. But if we want to do a pure intermittent one-day
fast, I would strongly recommend zero calories. And that doesn’t mean you can have Coke Zero,
okay? And none of that garbage. Just keep it simple, water, herbal tea. Don’t even ask me in the comments like, is
this okay to add, like just keep it simple. Apple cider vinegar if you’re wondering, cool. Lemon juice, cool. Other than that, if it has calories, or if
it has sugar, or if it has anything that’s gonna require excess digestion, don’t even
bother. Supplements? You may want to give yourself a break from
your supplements for one day. Again, your body’s gonna have to work through
those, again, it’s not the end of the world, but give your body a break. Give it a day of rest to let it do its thing,
it’s gonna go through what’s called autophagy, where it goes and repairs and recycles all
that stuff I mentioned. And your health will be a lot better for it,
okay? So, those are the three foods to avoid on
a one-day fast. And basically, to keep things simple, we’re
not eating food for 16 to 24 hours. Water, herbal tea. We good? Cool. Thank you so much for taking the time out
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