What Paleo Can’t Eat

if you are considering jumping on the Paleo diet bandwagon you should know it travels at a specific rate of speed when it comes to the specific types of food you can and cannot eat Palaeolithic humans who are basically our ancestors from the caveman era had a very basic but healthy diet it consisted of meat fruit vegetables seeds and nuts a lot of things we see on store shelves today were obviously not on the Paleo menu back in the day and for good reason grains and dairy topped the list of foods that are not approved on the Paleo diet processed grains and milk both were not available during the pre-agricultural era sugary fruit juice soft drinks including soda energy drinks processed meat snack food like chips unnaturally salted food and candy should also never make it into your grocery store cart in case you are wondering about other foods or drinks like alcohol deli meat and spam that answer that hardcore paleo supporters will tell you is unfortunately for some of you a big no I hope you found this video to be really helpful and I really encourage you to share and subscribe to my channel thank you very much

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