What Is Keto? Introduction To Ketogenic Diet, The Science Explained

– Hey, what’s up guys,
Christopher Walker here and this video is gonna be the first video in a series of videos on this channel called the keto diet exploration. If you’re interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet
or specifically more of my thoughts, my research around it, and my opinion based on that research and biological reality,
then I’ve actually made a playlist here for the channel and you can go find that playlist after watching this video, or just open a new tab and you’ll find it and subscribe to the playlist. Make sure you don’t miss the other videos over there about the ketogenic diet. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, so for this first video I wanna highlight some specific things. We need to lay down a proper foundation for understanding the human body and how it utilizes certain fuel sources to fuel its hormonal
and metabolic processes. Now any recommendations that I make throughout the series are gonna be based on specific reference point of assuming that you want two things. The first being hormonal balance and the second being a healthy metabolism. Now why would I assume
that you want these things? It’s funny you ask. First off, I personally believe that if someone is to focus
on improving their health or finding a pattern of eating, training, and living
that fits optimal health then the entire pursuit should be focused on achieving hormonal
balance, and through that, a healthy energy metabolism. This singular pursuit
will keep the human body at optimal health. No other reference point will. It will keep you cancer free with no autoimmune
diseases, no gut problems, no reproductive problems,
and incredible brain health. Your body will literally be operating at optimal capacity, and
this is how I personally intend to live until I’m 150 years old and most people have no reference point. They sling studies around, they claim that because the quoted a study that their argument is scientific. A problem with this
shotgun approach to health is that there is literally
zero reference point. There’s no focus, and
myself or any other person on Earth can cherry pick research studies all day long to prove any point. The field of quote scientific research is as tainted, corrupt, and misleading as any other human industry and therefore must always be viewed
with a speculative eye. Researchers are subject
to economic realities, biases, and laziness
just like the rest of us. Is it so surprising to realize that research could be
misleading or poorly done? Now the best way to
obtain an objective view is to reject dogma. Now if the masses agree on something it’s typically wrong and I’m
not sure why this is the case but it appears to be an age old truth, recorded from ancient times when the first philosophers
began observing human behavior and it’s
still just as true today. My favorite philosopher, Baltasar Gracian, put it this way in his book
A Pocket Mirror for Heroes. He said a large crowd, few people. So here’s the point with respect to the ketogenic diet in particular, right now we’re looking
at this large crowd. With most of the content
that you’re gonna find all over YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, et cetera, this shotgun advice is quoting random research with little to no reference to or understanding of the way the human body actually works and that’s why in this
series here on my channel I’m gonna go one layer deeper and before discussing research studies around the ketogenic diet
and its effects on humans, I want to explain to you the viewer some basic biological truths about a couple key systems
the human body relies upon for energy metabolism. Like I said, these are
truths, they’re facts. It’s not speculation, it’s not opinion, and it’s not research, it’s biology 101 and none of the keto gurus out there discuss biology likely
because they don’t understand or care to know it, however, human biochemistry will light our path on this journey precisely
because it is the truth and it can help inform our
decisions down the road. I’m gonna keep things
easy to understand too so no worries, this is
not gonna be boring. The idea of keto definitely feels good and that’s why it’s become
so popular once again. It seems logical, how
logical is it really? Is it based in basic human biology? Let’s take a look. Now in this video, we’re
gonna cover the following. First, the Bohr and Haldane effects. Then the Randle cycle, which is also know as the glucose fatty acid cycle, and then how the body uses glucose. In the upcoming videos, we’re
gonna keep the ball rolling and we’re gonna move into ketogenesis, precisely why and how the
body uses ketones for fuel, and then we’re gonna look at sugar and antioxidant production. Then we’ll finish off the series with an exploration of
the scientific research with specific topics,
and these are gonna be keto and thyroid health, keto and testosterone and cortisol and the relationship there, keto and fat loss, keto and cancer, keto and muscle building,
keto and the brain, exogenous ketones and
the role that they play in this system, and then the
keto diet versus fasting. So that should basically
cover all of our bases here. Now first things first,
let’s actually define the term ketogenic diet. There are a lot of people
slinging the term around but it seems as though people
are bending the definition to fit their own purposes, baiting people to use the same term
for different protocols which can be misleading and confusing. Therefore, it’s gonna be helpful for us to identify and agree upon a definition of the
actual term ketogenic diet before we dig into this series. The definition I’ll be using for keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate diet which was specifically designed to treat epilepsy in
children back in the 20’s. The depletion of glucose stores in the body requires the body to switch from a glucose metabolism
to a ketone metabolism, the secondary energy source
that proponents claim allows your body to burn fat for fuel. However, as we’ll see shortly, this is a drastic oversimplification of the mechanisms at play. The ketogenic diet was started by a physician named
Russell Wilder in 1924 specifically to stop seizures in children. It’s been an incredibly
effective diet protocol for treating epilepsy so its
therapeutic effectiveness for this reason is
definitely not challenged. Interestingly enough, though, fasting, not the ketogenic diet, has been used since ancient Greece to
effectively treat epilepsy. Wilder’s original intention was actually to replicate the therapeutic benefits of fasting in a dietary protocol. So fasting is quite different
from the ketogenic diet, however, since it’s a rejuvenative state and we’re gonna go deeper
into those differences in another video later on. Now that we know what
the ketogenic diet is let’s talk about CO2 and
oxygen production in the body. This is important so stick with me here. A healthy metabolism is essential for overall health and
long life and almost nobody would argue this fact. Your metabolism is the sum
of the chemical changes taking place inside your cells to provide your body the energy it needs to perform autonomous,
life-giving processes. When cellular metabolism declines, aging accelerates, hormonal
functioning suffers, and a wide range of disease states and common annoyances occur,
such as stubborn body fat, weight gain, muscle wasting, and insomnia, among other things, and with
this accepted importance of a healthy systemic metabolism, it’s strange how very few people really know how metabolism functions and therefore are led down all sorts of rabbit holes with misinformation from people who also don’t
know anything about it. Here’s what you need to know. You want your cells to produce more CO2 to increase oxygen use
and energy production. Now the Bohr effect, which was named after Christian Bohr in 1904, describes the inverse relationship between hemoglobins,
oxygen binding affinity, and blood pH and CO2 production. The Bohr effect allows
for enhanced unloading of oxygen in metabolically
active peripheral tissue such as exercising skeletal muscle. Increased skeletal muscle activity results in localized increases in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide which in turn reduces the local blood pH. Now because of the Bohr effect, this results in enhanced unloading of bound oxygen by hemoglobin passing through the metabolically active tissue and thus improves oxygen delivery. Importantly, the Bohr effect
enhances oxygen delivery proportionately to the metabolic
activity of the tissue. As more metabolism takes place, the carbon dioxide
partial pressure increases thus causing larger reductions in local pH and in turn allowing for
greater oxygen unloading. This is especially true in
exercising skeletal muscles which also may release lactic acid that further reduces local blood pH and thus enhances the Bohr effect. Now here’s a nifty chart
from Christian Bohr describing this visually
so you can see it. Now another effect
called the Haldane effect describes how oxygenation
of blood in the lungs displaces carbon dioxide from hemoglobin which increases the
removal of carbon dioxide. Inversely, oxygenated blood
has a reduced affinity for carbon dioxide. Taken together, we see
that these relationships cause a positive feedback loop, increasing oxygen use and
improving metabolic function. The opposite is also true
as a negative feedback loop. When this system is neglected or abused then the cells cannot release the oxygen due to lack of CO2 and energy
metabolism actually decreases. So why does this matter to our understanding of the keto diet? I’ll show you. Now the Randle cycle, otherwise known as the glucose fatty acid cycle, is characterized by a competition between glucose and fatty acids for their oxidation and uptake in muscle and adipose tissue, fat tissue. The cycle controls fuel selection and adapts the substrate supply and demand in normal tissues. This cycle adds a nutrient
mediated fine tuning on top of the hormonal
control on fuel metabolism. This adaptation to nutrient availability applies to the interaction between adipose tissue and muscle. So let’s highlight some
important things right now. First off, carbohydrate breaks down to pyruvate through glycolysis. Now second, pyruvate beaks down into the necessary CO2,
remember the Bohr effect I just talked about, and
electrons via the krebs cycle. Third, that potential energy of electrons produces cellular energy via
the electron transport chain. As we mentioned earlier, when the CO2 production is optimized, the cells are not just
able to increase oxygen use which leads to a healthier metabolism, but this cycle is also a
positive feedback loop. On a cellular level,
this glucose metabolism leads directly to metabolic harmony not just at the cellular level, but also translated to the hormonal level via optimal thyroid functioning
and androgen levels. Now fatty acid metabolism
on the other hand occurs via beta oxidation, a slow process that produces much less CO2, therefore less oxygen
can be used by the cell, slowing metabolic function
and a negative feedback loop. This downward spiral is intended as a survival response, sparing glucose for as long as possible and in the process creating an increasingly poor ability for the body to utilize glucose properly. This is the Randle effect
and it explains diabetes. The sugars in the blood
can not be utilized due to fatty acid metabolism shift because the cells ability to use glucose is decreasing due to
the use of fatty acids resulting in insulin resistance. Instead of training
cells to use fatty acids for survival metabolism,
this biochemistry, what it suggests that humans need to utilize carbohydrate
for a healthy metabolism and a hormonal balance. Now in the next video in the series, I’m gonna look at the question regarding where ketones fit into all this. So far in this keto exploration, the biochemistry involved is pointing to the vast superiority
to glucose metabolism for cellular, metabolic,
and hormonal health. Fatty acid metabolism is and has been considered secondary
and a survival mechanism and the fact that it’s caused by a shift in catecholamine, i.e. adrenaline, noradrenaline stimulation in high cortisol which is the bodies chief stress hormone, to even achieve the shift from glucose to a fatty acid metabolism is definitely not a good sign for those of us seeking hormonal balance
and a healthy metabolism which are the goals that I referenced in the beginning of this video. Now the next video in this series is called Ketogenesis:
Why and How The Body Uses Ketones For Fuel, and in this video I will obviously answer the question about how ketones are used by the body but I also want to address the reality that many newbies to the keto diet quote feel amazing when they switch to it for the first 30 to 90 days. Now a lot of people swear by the keto diet based on how good they feel when they spend their first month or so in ketosis, I’m gonna
explain why this happens but also why it’s what
I call this time period a false positive, a state
of bodily disharmony that ultimately will run your body and your health into the ground. So definitely you don’t
wanna miss that one. If you’re interested in more information on this series of videos and
the ketogenic diet exploration, then subscribe to this channel right now and find the keto exploration playlist. I’ll be putting all of
these videos in there. Also, after all this information, you may or may not be a bit confused about exactly what foods that I recommend people eat, so what I did, I always wanna make things easy and simple for people who are
following this information so I went ahead and put
together a grocery list called 30 man foods and
it’s completely free, you can go over to
30manfoods.com right now, there is a download link,
just enter your email and I’ll send the links
directly to your email address. You can take it, print it out, or you can bring it on your phone or your tablet to the grocery store. It makes things easy,
there’s 30 foods there that are all recommended
for hormonal balance and hormonal health, so those are gonna be extremely helpful, go to 30manfoods.com to find those now. If you liked this video, if
you thought it was helpful, give it a thumbs up, that
helps with my YouTube, the YouTube algorithm, helps
with the ranking, et cetera, and if you wanna see more videos like this subscribe to the channel and I will see you on the next video.

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  1. Christopher Walker

    Check out our Instagram for the info in this video condensed into an easy graphic https://instagram.com/p/BWvYq-6gRjQ/

  2. Yhor Bike n Camp

    I hope you sell enough supplements to survive, but you won't be selling to me.

    The Ketogenic diet has given me a healthier body and mind. This video is a lot of fast talk without making a point. My progress is all the evidence I need…

  3. Melissa Lewis

    Well everyone curious bout Keto and trying to make money on it sry but it's not a diet it's a way of eating! It has healed my body for sure!

  4. Aditya Lalchandani

    Beta-oxidation produces less CO2 than Glucose metabolism. KETONE metabolism is an entirely different metabolic pathway. Ketosis has been proven to increase VO2 max time and time again-which is indicative of higher tissue oxygenation. It's also been shown to have metabolic benefits.

    Ketones are the byproduct of beta-oxidation and are metabolized differently to fats. Comparing the metabolic effects of beta-oxidation to glucose metabolism is entirely different than glucose metabolism and ketone metabolism. They're just different pathways.

    Chris, this is an unfair portrayal of the keto diet. Your science is extremely good but you have to factor in the different metabolic pathways of fat and ketones.

    Don't get me wrong, everything in this video is correct. But, it's not about ketosis. It's about burning fat. They're two different things.

  5. Armaan Chawdhary

    Amazing Christopher.This is really good info and presented in a very high quality format. One tip, you might need to slow down a bit when delivering information. It was a little difficult for me to stay upto speed with the pace at the which info was delivered.

  6. Vojtěch Slánský

    Dude, I dont doubt that you know a lot about it, but if you want to communicate those ideas to normal people, who dont already have deep knowledge of the subject… You need to slow down, use less unknown terms and create more conclusions along the way. Also you use terms, that say nothing to avarage person. Hormonal balance? Metabolism? Who the heck cares. Try to reel people in with actual benefits they care about. Something you can use in daily life. Instead of describing in painful detail bohr effect put it in simple words, use methaphors, examples. Something a person can actually relate to.

  7. Dovydas Nesvarbu

    Hey Chris! Got some questions about this video.

    1) Does eating fat and carbs together lower your insulin sensitivity and create insulin resistance?
    So should you eat fruits, potatoes, rice alone? Will eating fruits with CO, potatoes/rice with butter cause you insulin resistance in the long term?
    2) Do you suggest ketogenic diet (short term – for example 3 months) for reducing pre-diabetic, insulin resistant state?

  8. Danny Curry

    << Keto-adapted since early Dec. 2016 ;
    76 lbs. – GONE
    4 pants sizes – GONE
    Type 2 diabetes – GONE
    Metformin – GONE
    Brain fog – GONE
    Fatty liver… almost gone.
    Energy / Metabolic levels – HIGH and sustained. ( almost 8 months, now. )
    Testosterone levels – High and sustained. ( 790 ng/dL – 2 weeks ago. Age-57 )
    Since I've watched several of your other vids, it's easy to guess where this is headed…
    Just more ' Bro-biased ' hype. ( with a healthy dose of personal contrarianism )
    The 'science' of the ketogenic diet / lifestyle DOES work… for me, anyway.
    ( and it's, hardly, a common, mainstream ' bandwagon ', outside of body building circles )

    Sorry Bro, I'm back to Berg.
    Good luck with those carbs… 😉

  9. Einz2

    Little bit sleezy bro. Create a problem and solve it. Don;t need your supplements to repair T you trying to be Dave Asprey or something? You don't have to try to sell shit every single email and every single video. Take a more nuanced approach it will work better. Surprised I have to write this.

    Trying to get your 30 foods shouldn't be that hard, but yet it is. You went to Duke but who taught you how to market?

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    it seems ray peat's dietary ideas have fooled everybody
    a well formulated ketogenic diet is perfectly healthy, not stressful, and totally sustainable.

    the only person here who disagrees is ray peat
    i wouldn't bank on his theories

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    Finally, as someone who has taken an intense interest in the Ketogenic Diet with the aim of adopting it, unbiased pieces on keto are frigging hard to come by on the interwebs! Keto forums are sadly, a circlejerk. Really appreciate your efforts coming to my aid. I'll be watching you closely from now on 😉

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    The "Ignite Your Metabolism" course TruthNutra offers is a great start for reforging your diet into something that will cooperate with your biology instead of work against it.

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    You're doing exactly what you're accusing others of doing by using "science" to sound like you're making a compelling argument. The moral of the story is both fat and sugar can be used for energy, but fat is cleaner due to not having to convert pyruvate to acetyl CoA just to use it in the citric acid cycle. This talk of "reduced CO2 production" is just seemingly pulled out of nowhere.

  36. Susan Kester

    I eat meat/poultry/fish, vegetables, cheese and oils. (Moderate protein) Very few carbs and no sugar. (Keto) I don't see how that can be bad even in the long term!!! I have done that kind of diet most of my adult life and it works the best.

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  50. O

    Totally unscientific. If you really have a neuroscience degree, you must now a little bit about critical thinking. How can you say in the beginning that you won't believe studies because they may be biased, then use not only your so called biology 101, but other studies about ketogenic diet to make your points? Even worse, in some other video about ketogenic diet of yours, you present the result of a "cool study". What do you have to say about that ?

  51. Cade Stegall

    He used the term negative feedback loop as though it was inherently negative but it’s not it just means that the feed back tends to bring itself back to the mean. Positive feed backs are normally the ones that take you out of homeostasis and are dangerous not to say his example was

  52. Christopher Markov

    I watched for several minutes and even subscribed, then I heard the nonsense about the insulin resistance from fatty acids and it was all over…. lol… 🙂
    Don't get fooled by the word "science" in the title or the pretty animations and complex words, this video is very far from it.

  53. craigofyorkshire

    Are any of these diets intended to be done long turn? I have done both these diets and noticed temporary benefits with both but not long term. is it more of a case of training your body to adapt to both of these metabolic processes. the best way of eating for me seems to be a diet that mainly contains animal products, meat, dairy and eggs. I don't do very well with plants.

  54. Joel McLaughlin

    I was on the keto diet and my testosterone was at 950 ng/dl. After I ate bad for a little and had no keto diet and exercise, i dropped to 180 ng/dl (not joking).

  55. Jawad H

    Chris i would like to offer you free education, you pick whatever university you would like for medical science and i will pay.
    Dont even thank me, you deserve some education my man. PM me.

  56. novelaviator

    LoL, more than half of your video was just rambling how others are doing it wrong. I just wasted 15 mins of my life going through it.

  57. OpuLean

    Chris, Awesome Intro Video man!! I really appreciate you putting out this series because I did this Keto diet for 4 months straight, and your work really helped me clear up a lot of confusion on this!

  58. Aurelien B

    Ketogenic diets are "diabete-mimicking" diets (Diabetic ketoacidosis – DKA)… It might not really be a healthy thing to follow long term…

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