What Is Intermittent Fasting? (Intermittent Fasting 16 8, 18 6, 20 4, OMAD, 5 2)

What is intermittent fasting? How do you do intermittent fasting? What is intermittent fasting all about? Coming right up. So unless you live in a cave. You have probably heard of low carb and keto and intermittent fasting. But what is intermittent fasting all about? Today we are going to take a little bit closer look and really explain in detail what intermittent fasting is. A lot of people are scared of fasting they think it is the same thing as starving and they have been told you have to eat so so many meals a day and if you don’t you are going to crash and burn, you can’t focus, you are going to get sick and lots and lots of other nonsense. So fasting is simply when you don’t eat So you either eat or you don’t eat. When you are eating you are not fasting and when you are not eating you are fasting. It is as simple as that. And when you are eating you are triggering insulin and insulin is a storage hormone so every time you eat you are telling your body to
store something and if you eat a lot of carbs You are telling your body to store carbs that get converted into fat so insulin is telling your body to store
It is essentially a carb and fat storing hormone. It doesn’t store fat per se but it stores fat indirectly because when it stores carbohydrate and the carbohydrates stores or the glycogen stores fill up very quickly the rest gets turned
into fat very quickly and insulin keeps us from retrieving that fat. So the more insulin the food triggers and the more often that we eat. The more we are telling our body to store and the more that we don’t eat the less we are telling it to store and the more we are giving it an opportunity to retrieve some of that fat and some of the carbohydrates. So essentially eating promotes insulin resistance and
not eating promotes insulin sensitivity or the opposite or insulin resistance. And why is this a big deal? Well the reason, the biggest reason that all of these ideas: the low carb the keto, intermittent
fasting has taken off so explosively is that people want lose
weight and insulin resistance is the primary
factor responsible for obesity and people that one thing that people really
really care about there are so many people are over weight majority of the
population are significantly overweight and finally
finding a way to turn it around but what they are really doing is they are turning around their insulin resistance and insulin resistance is not just above weight it is about, it is also a contributing, and you could make a strong
argument for insulin resistance where insulin being the dominant contributing factor in obesity diabetes cardiovascular disease
stroke dementia and auto immunity so probably at least
95% of the stuff that kills people is related to insulin resistance. So
intermittent fasting is one of the most powerful ways
to reverse insulin resistance. Foods that are high in glycemic index
trigger insulin and foods that are low in glycemic index
trigger less insulin so that’s why keto is so popular. It’s because it doesn’t trigger so much insulin. But an even stronger way of not triggering insulin is to not eat, so if you combine the two you aren’t necessarily have to go to go keto but you what to go low carb because then you bring in body into a better balance that prepares it for intermittent fasting. So you want to combine low carb with intermittent fasting now you’re attacking this
insulin resistance from two directions. Between each meal you are
fasting. So if you eat breakfast at nine and lunch at 12 and
snack at three and dinner at six and late night snack at nine you have a 3 hour fast through out the day. And then if you have your first meal at nine and your last meal at nine. Then presumably you don’t eat during the night you have a 12 hour fast
during the night so everyone of us is already doing intermittent fasting
while we are sleeping. And most of us are probably getting some where around 12 hours of intermittent fasting every night. A lot of
people call this a trend or a fad or all these new fangled ideas but nothing is
older than the idea of eating low carb and doing
intermittent fasting because our ancestors did not wake up to a breakfast buffet. there wasn’t oatmeal and pancake for
them to wake up to in the cave they woke up and maybe they had some thing left over from
the night before probably not. They went out and they found something or hunted or retrieved something or produced the food before they could eat.
Our ancestors probably ate one or two times a day and in between they might have snacked or found some berries or some nuts or something like that but they probably did not have more than two substantial meals a day so this is what we are designed for adapted to end doing a fast for a couple days and
humans had lots and lots of defense defense against produces insulin resistance internet fasting breakfast at night intermittent fasting fasting
windows 12:12 hours fasting
to 16:8 hours fasting is one of the most popular
ways of doing intermittent fasting intermittent fasting breakfast breakfast is into the body’s natural power one you
don’t feel it carbohydrates fasting windows 16 hours because you’re giving your body 16 hours insulin resistance insulin resistance breakfast earlier
like at six o’clock insulin resistance food and 2 single hour or single meal and during the
first thing to some people or water or maybe black coffee insulin
resistance bulletproof you don’t get very hungry insulin and to learn and then you can eat and
then 16:8 intermittent fast this way for a while breakfast
why would you eat
more than twice a day sweet stuff and i look around the clock and breakfast
a very long time breakfast
lunch and then eat an early dinner is 16 hr was almost like there was
still too much full time it was like break fast go straight for dinner there is no six hours you go
with as long as you start learning the principles in larger window without adding twice a day and then two days you eat more restricted 5:2 twice aweek where i’m because sometimes i just don’t bulletproof coffee
dinner and then that becomes an that it’s now and big deal breakfast need you
don’t get you blood sugar drops and you lose you focus conditions en wie bennie den tol die
minuten niet voor vijf zes mail cd dat but make sure you don’t eat snacks
more frequently you eat
program the body to insulin resistance and insulin resistance is often you eat and more
start insulin resistance and setting live for the strength super
ever you or just give it a try l a few hours and
just see how it works lowcarb body or
when you know how to stabilize blood you might wanna start and then it very very easy
to skip breakfast feeling when
window je wisselt time i know how to work please share your experiences and
please also share this video with many people you can be christus omar give you
some people think this is complicated and people uitdaging in droom van de
millions van insulin resistance zo save a life
share this video try and share your ideas and lines no words
thanks for watching

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Reader Comments

  1. Ketogenicinfo

    Great video. Dr. Ekberg has helped me so much on my weight loss journey. I think Fasting is key. It is way easier than I thought it was going to be. At first, it was a little hard but I got used to it.

  2. Dr. Sten Ekberg

    Learn more about Keto and Intermittent Fasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykPdkd5ALGc&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6589-_IGStaHxj6a-BP8iY

  3. Dillons Woodworks

    You are so right my friend! I was eating 8am to 10pm daily. I then started eating low carb, then focused on keto. Then started 16/, then 18/6, then 20/4. In less than two months I have lost 32 pounds and my energy is SUPER HIGH!. Today I now do 20/4 on a daily basis and once or twice a week i do OMAD. Eating that way now just feels natural to me and I continue to lose 3 to 5 LB per week. I have about another 50 lb to lose to get to my ideal weight, and I am very confident I will get there within the next few months. Thank you for all the great information you provide as it has helped me a lot.

  4. Cindy Hsu

    Dr.Ekberg, whenever I break a fast, the longer it is the bigger I eat. I recent ate a 3000 calorie meal after 25 hr fast. I feel it’s a bad cycle?

  5. Cajun Lady

    Just found you on YouTube Dr. Elbert. I just want to say that I really enjoy your presentation and you explain things so well that anybody can understand it. You are a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of these people that seem to just want to sell you something. Keep making your videos you’re awesome.

  6. Giuseppe Greco

    I do 16/8 (lunch at 1pm and dinner at 8:30 pm)… I use to go to the gym at 6:30 am and train about 80-90 minutes. So far so good… but when I go cycling (120-150 km) I need a third meal (mainly fat and proteins).

  7. John Thunder

    Just passed the 24 hour water only fast window, going for 48. I will drink plain black coffee, but not with butter.
    I have no weight to lose, just fasting for autophagy.

  8. YOUtuBeCritic

    Dr. I have to disagree with you on intermittent fasting being easy. We must understand that foods have vibrations and programs coded into its genetics from the earth and sun and it literally controls the way we think and behave. The food we eat is not natural, it is Genetically modified. An apple tree gets it instructions from the earth and sun, it doesn't need any help. Humans are a Genetically modified species and because the programs are so violent and disruptive, many of the human species are resisting their own internal reproductive and self sustaining manuals.

  9. Chris Saenz

    I really appreciate your videos – you make everything so clear! I'm 6 months into my low carb ~ intermittent fasting journey & I feel so good — these tools are helping me correct health issues I had … I've lost 44 pounds, my blood pressure & blood sugar are normal now & I have no cravings for sweets …. I'm 55 and struggled since childhood with what I thought was a sugar addiction… and/or poor will power. I thank goodness everyday that I finally learned what the real problem was before getting hooked into medications. If I can do this — and I can & am — anyone can!!!!! I was shocked how fast my cravings disappeared once I truly cut the carbs. I'm sharing your videos every place I can with all my friends!!!


    Yeah, instead of going to hunt Bison, they called it a day and went to IHOP….  I have been doing 18-6 or 19-5 IF for years with fasted exercise. And, by accident, there were days that I only ate 1 once a day. I didn't even notice it either.

  11. Patricia Kliger

    In my 7th week on Keto and OMAD. Feeling fantastic, and my sugar addiction has completely disappeared. I have lost 15lbs so far, another 10lbs to go. I cannot believe how easy it has been. I never want to go back to eating sugar and junk ever again.

  12. Gay Preator

    …and all that nonsense 👍. Love the not eating – except when hungry. Sometime 24 – sometimes 48 – sometimes I really forget. Low Carb is the Key and only eat when hungry (not bored). Yeah and eat Nutritional foods when you do eat.

    Another great Video.

  13. Miklós Varga

    Great summary! I am working on my IR elimination. Started with KETO. It helped me a lot to come out from starvation for sweeties. Than I could launch IF step by step. Now I am on OMAD some days and 20/4 some other days. Now I see the results both on my blood check results and on my weight and size. You inspired me and helped a lot.Thank you for this!

  14. Manny

    I hate having breakfast and I also don't like snacking specially sweets. Been like this as far as could remember. I didn't know I've been doing IF.

  15. Brenda Douglas

    I still don’t understand about the calories or macros. If One eats two meals or 1 meal how is this suppose to effect the calories and particularly protein. I base the norm on the macros stated by Carb Manager.

  16. Felicia Trujillo

    Enjoying your videos Dr. Ekberg question if being low carb not Keto can we have a dessert treat once a week? And maybe a piece of toast with Almond butter along with salad every morning.I do an IF of 19:5 and no longer on diabetes meds but will always be Diabetic I know. Thank you!

  17. Mette Harter

    Thanks again, I am doing only 2 meals a day, and only one meal once a week. I will do the one meal 2 days in a row, and I’ll see if that works. I will of course share this with family and friends.

  18. gordanamiladinovic1

    Thank you for educating us Dr. Ekberg. I also watched people overeat on a cruise ship. I should have recommended your channel so you can help them too.

  19. Elle MelbAus

    I discovered you not so long ago and think you would have to be one of the best in explaining keto, LCHF and intermittent fasting. You really deserve to have a lot more subscribers. Cheers from Australia.

  20. bora alben

    Thanks for the detailed explanation Dr.Ekberg..
    I'm doing 2 meals a day with 20/4 period, which seems now the best option for me. I also tried the omad, but find out that i can't get all the nutritions for my body needs, just in one meal period. I was also eating that one meal, almost in 2 hours, so 4-5 hours eating window in two parts seems more practical for me to apply now.
    I also try to consume black coffee in the fasting period, which i've heard and hope for helping the autophagy.

  21. RLSCS

    I tried low carb and IF to lower blood sugar. I did see improvements with blood sugar but it also caused weight loss that I didn't need so I stopped IF. I'm still eating low carb but finding it very difficult to put the weight back on. How can I gain weight without eating carbs?

  22. Little Voice

    The benefit of fasting go far beyond weight loss. Science has proven fasting improves gut healing, reduced inflammation, triggers autophagy, regenerates pancreatic cells, reduces cancer cell proliferation and many other positive effects.

  23. KpopKayla

    Hi, can you make a lecture about how to HEALTHILY increase blood glucose level in the brain (frontal lobe) to promote energy and motivation (for people with ADHD)
    Dr. Russell Barkley says that sugar in a liquid form will help get to the brain quick and help motivate people with ADHD but knowing what I know about ketones and stuff I'm confused if he might have some misinformation about what types of sugar to consume. (he recommended lemon water or Gatorade)
    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tpB-B8BXk0&t=32s

  24. Alexander Balderas

    Hello from Corpus Christi Texas. several of my fellow fighters are on the keto life style. my family has already got rid of sugar
    Got rid of all GRAINS especially wheat 🌾 corn 🌽 rice 🍚 and oats
    Got rid of VEGETABLE OIL canola, crisco, corn and soybean oil. can you suggest a simple keto meal plan, with simple ingredients, easy to cook. we're the typical busy family. we look forward to your videos, very eye opening…
    thank you Alex

  25. Juan Carlos Guzman

    Hello there, thanks for doing these videos, very good information I can’t stop watching it. I am type 2 diabetic person and sometimes I skip my breakfast and just take coffee with whole milk not sugar. My wife always telling that my sugar will spike if I don not eat, it’s that true. Thanks once again

  26. Lucita C

    Waoo I just found your channel and love the easy and professional way you explain everything. I have a question. I have heard that during the hours of fasting you can drink green juices (no smoothies) without affecting the fasting. It is that true or you can drink only coffee and water? This is very important for me because I don’t like coffee

  27. Bull

    Very informative. I've done OMAD for nine months now. Saving loads of money and have less garbage to take out. HA. The only issue I have is when people eat around me and I don't – no matter how hard I try to convince them it is okay to eat and that I am fine, they just don't get it.

  28. Nur Ysrael Madayag

    Hi Doctor what blood test should i need to have to check if my Metabolism works fine.. im doing IF for 3months already and i lost 15 kgs from 106 kg.


    I find this interesting and i also dont have any issues going longer without eating. However, its just that i read so many vits and mins, including other things like k2 to work if low on vit d. Also low b12, et, etc. What is the best dinner for 1 meal or even 2 that would also insure you dont miss anything important and then end up low in a blood test. I say this, as my brother used to eat an6thing, then decided to cut things out, like bread, etc. Recently he was told he was now low on folic, b12. So it kind of works, but leaves u wondering. I have not drank alcohol for 22 years as never really liked it. Dont drink pop or squash, tea, coffee. I just drink water. Avoid sugar, sweets mostly, although oncw in a blue moon, may have odd treat. Last main sugar thing i had a month ago was a apple crumble with custard and ended up with a major headache, so basically put me off anyway. 😕

  30. Nilda Silva

    I added to my diet flour from avocados ´pits.After putting them to dry for some days I peel them off,cut them in tiny small pieces and eventually blender them, turning into a red flour,I put into a panel ,mixing it under a low heat it to become drier,keep in the fridge in a glass closed pot.Better than the own edible fruit for inflammation A 76 YEARS OLD BRAZILIAN ,WALKING WITHOUT PAINS ANY MORE

  31. Triggering Light

    I put coconut oil in my coffee along with stevia. This makes it help me stick to my fasting and have what feels like a treat. Also it's and MCT vice butter. I feel like I am not overdoing it with fat.

  32. jfwng99

    I had learned about intermittent fasting from other sources, but decided to watch this video because I like your other great videos. I've got to tell you this is the best video I've seen on IF. It's informative, clear, and to the point. I have type 2 diabetes; my blood glucose went down from 194 to 152, and my A1C down from 7.5 to 6.8 after 5 weeks of doing the 16:8 IF (or skipped breakfast as you call it). I expect to see even better numbers next time around.

  33. Krishnan Narayanan

    DOCTOR , My wife is diabete. I AM NOT A DIABETES still i am fasting every week from afternoon of saturday(no breakfast only a small lunch with veg and yogurt ) and upto night of sunday. only water and lime juice are the liquids twice on saturday and thrice on sunday & one spoon of castor oil in the early morning of monday and the same will clear all the impurities & wastes in the stomach and intestine. I feel very cool and fine from monday to saturday with out break fast. No breakfast for all seven days of the week. No ailment except very rare occasional headaches. I hope i am doing correct thing for healthy living. i hope you may suggest these to your patients whether they r dabetes or not. I am from india. I am used to this (since in our culture fasting plays important role) along with a spoon of castor oil.

  34. Zakhir Hussain

    Dr Sten , How are you doing ? It's been immense pleasure to have a Dr like you, I have seen all your videos and i had reversed my 12 years Diabetic just following your videos, from 1 months now i am under low carb diet and no medication , it's really amazing, i am pleased with your kind help towards man kind also i understood how the body works, past 12 years i was not able to understand the situation of the body, I am from India , Bangalore , 48 years , 81 KGS , Height 162 cms, now my HBA1C is 6.2 from 8.5, Also could you kindly help me out how long should i go on Low Carb diet and how to maintain my weight and energy. I had a surgery last month perinial abbess, i am sure it was because of Tablet Jardiace 25 which i was consuming 1 tablet every morning during diabetic type 2, this forced me to take action towards diabetic , now this is what i have acheived after seeing your video, also my humble request will be if could you post a video after reversing diabetic how to maintain hygenic and healthy life style, if you could give me a missed call also will do my no is +919900002424, i would be pleased to get in touch with you, Very Trully Yours .

  35. Era

    So i want to try: 20:4 and I have to skip breakfast, eat lunch at 2 and dinner at 5 or dinner at 6? When should I stop eating? 5 or 6


    hi Doc. I turned type 2 diabetic 4 years back. had a question on intermittent fasting. if I to 16:8 or 18:6 fasting then how many days a week that should be done. your reply will be appreciated. thanks

  37. wwmilanl

    I wanted to thanks you for your videos, I discovered your channel today and already seen at least 9 of your videos, I was diagnostic Type 2 diabetes last week my glucose was 330 5 days ago is already 172 thanks to your recommendations so many thanks for your help.

  38. Nancy M. Harris

    I have fasted four days was not hungry but started up all old habits so like yo yo keeps coming on and harder to take off 😒

  39. Jessica Varma

    How long do you stay on 18:6? I don't track macros and have been on 16:8. My goal is reduce fat in the belly area which is happening? Can you do 16:8 for a few days and then switch back to 18:6 other days? I do 1hit circuit, Upper and Lower Weights 5 sets heavy, and then 4 sessions of interval cardio. I am down to 126lbs, 5"5

  40. robg7569

    Hi Dr Ekberg thanks for your videos, I'd like to ask you a question about IF: can I take supplements such as L-carnitine Alpha Lipoic Acid, Creatine and Glutamine before fasted workouts and not break my fast?

  41. Sheila Nagels

    With all this great information the one part that no ones mentioned is how to deal with all the fasting with our dr meds that we take ?

  42. CarmellaNYC

    Does fasting have adverse affects on the gallbladder and bile production and on necessary stomach acids to digest food properly? I have been IF and am constantly belching even in a fasted state. I’m also on Keto.

  43. Daniel Karlsson

    But 5:2, as it is promoted here in Sweden at least, means that you can eat how many meals you want during the 2 days of fasting just as long as you don't exceed the calorie limit (500 kilo calories for women, 600 kilo calories for men). Is that a less good variant compared with shorter eating windows during the low calorie days?

  44. Sugarbee lps

    Have been doing IF for two months work well for the first couple of weeks now the weight stops decreasing is it because my body is tired stuburd or I need more stricted fasting have done 48 hrs fasting once a month and normally 18:6 two days and 20:4 two days free options for the rest of the week thanks

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