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Intermittent fasting What is it? Do I have to do it? Do I really not have to eat
anything for a really long time? Stick around I’ll explain All right, so what is intermittent fasting and is it absolutely necessary to have success on Keto? Intermittent fasting all it is is the time period where you’re not eating versus the time period where you are now before a keto we were probably eating three meals three snacks and whatever we felt like during the day and That means our insulin levels were always constantly going up and down up and down up and down throughout the day with intermittent fasting Well with keto first of all with keto there’s a bigger time period between blips right because once you are on keto you’re eating less and you’re not eating all of the snacks in between So you’re eating your breakfast and you’re eating enough? Dietary fat that keeps you satisfied then you can go for longer periods of time then have your lunch so insulin goes up and then you can go and have your time period where you’re not eating any snacks Until you get to dinner and then you have your dinner and your insulin goes up because you’ve eaten the meal right with intermittent fasting We’re looking to push that back to the point where you’re actually only eating two meals So you’re like skipping breakfast or if you want you can skip dinner one or the other So, how do we do that and why do we do that again it’s about insulin so With intermittent fasting we’re looking to keep our insulin low and steady for as long as we can Because that helps us in our bodies to get through the glucose and from the carbs then and and and work through our proteins and and get through the food we’ve eaten so That we can then start receiving new food For the purposes of this video. I’m going to go with the one is usually the most popular and that is a 16-8 intermittent fast Which means you’re not eating for 16 hours and then you have an eight hour window where you can eat And then you’re probably thinking well 16 hours, holy moly, what the hell but really We’re counting your sleep time in there as well. So what does it look like? Well, if if I’m doing a 16-8 intermittent fast and I stop eating I’m done. I’m not putting anything else in my mouth At 8:00 p.m. The night before I Don’t eat again until 12:00 noon the next day So it means I go to bed I sleep I get up Don’t have breakfast I skip breakfast and then I have lunch at 12 noon And then from that point I’ve got another eight hours to fit my dinner in there somewhere Seams are breathable and if I need a snack then I’ll have a snack But these days I don’t Really need a snack But you have that eight hour Window where you can eat as you need to and how much you need to this is not about restricting calories This is not about saying well I’m going to intermittent fast for 22 hours and only have a two-hour window where I’m eating and I’m only going to eat Three lettuce leaves and two tomatoes. No, it is not about calorie restriction It is about keeping your insulin levels low Okay calorie restriction will shut down your metabolism? okay, so just make sure that if you are practicing intermittent fasting that you are also Eating enough calories to keep your body from shutting down as far as metabolically because it thinks you’re in starvation mode Okay when it comes to the intermittent fasting Again if you’re doing 16 hours of fasting versus eight hours of You know you’re eating window you eat normally as you do on keto during those eight hours when you’re Fasting you can drink things like coffee Tea Diet soda or water things that don’t necessarily Increase your blood sugars. It’s different from regular fasting where the only thing that you’d probably be able to drink is water There’s a difference here because this is about not increasing your insulin so people will have bulletproof coffee because you have coffee which won’t raise your insulin and then you have fat which Barely raises your insulin not like carbs or protein so they’ll have Bulletproof coffee in the morning as they walk out or when they get to work or before they go to work or before they go to school or wherever and Then that helps them stay satisfied until noon or until whatever time they’re eating window is so bulletproof coffee You can use MCT oil for it. You can use coconut oil butter double cream or heavy cream you can mix those up into your coffee and Have your bulletproof coffee and that can help you keep you going until you’re ready to start eating. I don’t recommend that you do this right at the beginning. If you’re going from a standard diet to – not just the keto diet –
[talking to noisy cat] She’s being noisy today. If you’re going from the standard diet – not just to a keto diet – but keto diet and intermittent fasting, it’s not gonna go well for you. You’re gonna have a horrible time, and you’re gonna give up. [Laughs] Unless you’re a person who normally already skips breakfast. And again, it doesn’t have to be breakfast that you skip it can be dinner that you skip – just… you’re basically skipping one, but ensuring that for the other two meals, you have enough calories to keep you from going into starvation mode. Okay, so you are eating less, but you’re not eating less in a way because again, it’s not about calories or calorie restriction. This is about keeping your insulin low. So don’t just go straight into intermittent fasting, especially if you haven’t done Keto for a while. Now on my challenge We are about to break into step two – which is month two – which is the adjust period. And this is why I haven’t touched on intermittent fasting until now, because you need about a month’s worth of being on Keto and trying it out and getting used to real food and cooking in a different way, before you can then say does this work for me? Should I continue to eat three meals a day? And if it does work for you, then do not be bullied into going into intermittent fasting, If it works for you health-wise and weight-wise, then stick with your three meals a day. or, you know, three small meals a day – whatever you want to do. if you feel that intermittent fasting would help you, and for people who are diabetic or insulin resistance or have metabolic issues, this might be something that would be good for you to do, because of your sluggish metabolism and your difficulties with getting through the food that you’re eating. You might want to, you know, extend that period where you’re not eating. How long the period that you’re not eating lasts, is up to you but again, one of the most popular ones is 16 hours of not eating and 8 hours where you can eat in that window and that’s intermittent fasting. Is it absolutely necessary? No. A lot of people do recommend it, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can still do Keto without it, Okay? Whatever works best for you. This is where you try to adjust and find that sweet spot between what you eat and when you eat it, and what you don’t eat and how long you’re not eating. And that’s that. So I do hope that this video has helped you… has helped clarify …maybe not… and if it hasn’t, please feel free to ask more questions down below. I’m happy to answer those questions at any point in time. And if it was helpful, then please click the thumbs for this video and if you have a friend or a loved one, who talked about intermittent fasting, or might need some information on it and please feel free to share this video. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you to my patrons and I will look to see you next time, and until then have a very wonderful Keto journey, and Foodie bye. If you like this video, please click the like button. If you like what I do Please click the subscribe button and the bell, so you’ll be notified when I upload a new video. And if you love what I do, consider becoming a patron and enabling more content like this one. Thanks for watching!

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