What If You Only Ate Meat?

2.5 million years ago we first began to eat
meat. Prior to that our ancestors ate a vegan diet of berries and flowers and only when early hominins began to eat more seeds and nuts, therefore taking in higher levels of fat and less fiber did our bodies begin to adapt to handle meat. But what would happen if now you ONLY ate
meat? Without fiber rich foods like lentils, beans,
and broccoli you are going to feel constipated and uncomfortable. Not to mention, the simplest way for the body
to make energy is to convert carbohydrates into glucose. In the absence of carbs your body will have
to burn fat and break down important proteins. Creating glucose from protein is known as
gluconeogenesis, and it occurs in the liver, creating a nitrogen waste that is converted
into urea. Too much can lead to protein poisoning – which
includes symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and potentially death. It’s even been documented if you ate only
a lean meat like rabbit, which has hardly any fat, you could eat and eat and eat and still
end up wasting away. Another potential killer could be the lack
of Vitamin C. Humans are one of the few animals that are not able to synthesize the Vitamin
on their own. Without easy access to Vitamin C from fruits
and veggies your body will be unable to effectively create collagen, a structural protein found
in your tendons, ligaments and skin. This will put you at high risk of scurvy and
cause you to have poor wound healing, rotting gums and personality changes. If not treated you would die from infection
or bleeding. But eating raw meat could be the way around
this. The cooking of meat degrades most of the Vitamin C, but raw, thick, chewy collagen rich skin and blubber of whales can take in 36mg of
Vitamin C per 100g serving. Way more than the 10mg needed to fight off
scurvy. This brings us to an interesting case: shaped
by low temperatures and a stark environment, a traditional Inuit diet consisted of what
was hunted and fished with little, if any, plant food, dairy products, or carbohydrates. Despite this, cardiac death rates were half
that of other Americans and Canadians. How can you be healthy on a fatty diet without
any fruits and vegetables? You can snack on organ meat like liver to
get your recommended Vitamin A, which is vital for eyes and bones and Vitamin D (for your bones
too). And Oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids will benefit your heart and vascular
system. Inuit bodies have adapted to manage gluconeogenesis
by having larger livers and increased volumes of urine to get rid of the extra urea. A recent genetic study investigated the genome
of Greenland Inuit and found a selection for variants that create a protective effect against
cholesterol and triglycerides. So, it is possible to thrive on only meat
but it’s important to remember that Northern communities have relied on animal food out
of circumstance and necessity. Their high fat diet was intended to keep weight
on for days of hunting, and when food was insecure, not lose weight like modern low
carb diets. Unless you are planning on eating raw whale
blubber, organ meat, and have genetics on your side consider sticking to a balanced
diet of all the major food groups.

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Reader Comments

  1. lockergr

    Even just two days of an all protein diet left me feeling sick and constipated. Had to check this video out. I can tell you that just eating meat and eggs definitely fills you up, but your mind and body start to go sugar crazy, even if you don't eat much added sugar. I was hard-core craving oranges, which makes sense.

  2. Jan Svoboda

    Complete scam.

    All this trash "science" was empirically refuted 100 years ago.

    And now again:

  3. שטיינמץ עידן

    first of all when rabbit starvation (protein poisoning) is due to a lack of fats its even written in Wikipedia you don't have to look at scientific evidence to see that, you will not break down organs and muscle on a carnivore diet if you are consuming high amounts of fat and organ meat. a good amount of vitamin c is in the organs therefore it's stupid to claim you will be vitamin c deficient and also glucose metabolism and vitamin c metabolism are competing so on a diet that has little to no glucose you will absorb the vitamin c better. the lipid hypothesis has not been proven beyond all doubt and most studies supporting it are observational therefore we cannot claim that the genetics does not allow us to thrive on that diet, also if you come from a place where most of your ancestors ate meat you will probably be adapted to this kind of diet and i think you should do your n = 1 experiment, and look at frank tufano, tristan from primal edge health, the dude from carneval, mikhaila peterson, jorden peterson, shawn baker and more who are thriving on a carnivore

  4. johto

    This video is total bullshit. The opposite is true. You DONT NEED FIBRE. I mainly eat raw beef and only animal products and fat nowadays and i feel best i ever had. Zero constipation or bloating. Try it. Only slaves and sheeps believe anything without trying them self. Google "NWO diet" and watch the document for the truth !

  5. 027christy

    You won't get scurvy on a carnivorous diet as vitamin C competes for uptake with glucose, you had one job, stop spreading misinformation. If this was the case a lot of people would be dead.

  6. Bubby Flippu

    0:24 That’s a myth spread by the FDA. This is not the case. A study was done, and those on a high fiber diet had the most problems and a bowel movement only every 6.83 days. Those on a carnivore diet had no problems on the to islet and one bowel movement per day.

    0:34 and the rest about gluconeogensis. If you are eating fatty meats, which is a good idea, you will go into ketosis. This means that your body’s primary source of energy will be fat and ketones, not glucose. Obviously some amount of gluconeogenesis will be going on, but it will definitely not cause protein poisoning.

    1:07 Vitamin C is actually found in animal tissue, and is abundant in organ meats, especially liver. Anyways, glucose competes with vitamin C for use, so in the absence of glucose, the efficiency of the use of vitamin C will increase greatly.

  7. The Dragon

    The appendix, found in many carnivorous animals is used to digest raw meat. Before it was much larger in early human beings.
    In this case scientists are found to believe that the human race began as a carnivorous species, but due to a decline in animals(likely because of hunting), through evolution the appendix became the size that is now within the human body.

  8. Bryan M

    Higher Vitamin C is needed for carb consumption. Same for thiamine or niacin, when consuming carbs.
    To avoid protein sickness, eat 70% animal fats to 20% animal protein.
    The 8% egg/dairy, 2% kelp and blueberries.

    So instead of eating rabbit muscle, target only it's fat: brain, spinal cord, fat deposits, toss or jerky the rest.

  9. Bryan M

    The fiber consumption to prevent constipation is a myth. Fat consumption is the trick.
    And a recent study with 0 fiber consumed healed constipation sufferers 100% compared to controlled groups.

  10. ty kerr

    2.5 million years ago we began to eat meat
    You can get protein poisoning from eating too much meat
    Lack of vitamin c cannot be synthesized by humans

  11. Sir Lancelot

    This may be the most ill informed and unsubstantiated video I have ever watched on YouTube. One word more – Eskimo’s

  12. Antoinette Parry

    As I live in one of the hottest counties in the world, Australia and manage to precisely the same thing as the Inuit without any problem and don't suffer with consipation, an occasional lambs liver is all I require for all the vitamin C is all I need this bloke is talking out if his Ar…..!

  13. garret owens

    Pretty sure constipation claim has been debunked. Fiber helps the body eliminate plant waste. A study found that people with a high meat diet had less bathroom problems than the control group or the high fiber group.

  14. Torok Akos

    The Arctic is not Antarctica! Eskimos also eat plants! Few greens has to eat! The lichens in the reindeer's stomach. And Fermented Plants. For this lifestyle over the centuries The digestive system has adapted. But In fact, data collected over many decades showed that coronary artery disease is common in Greenland's Inuit population. Heart disease is as frequent — or even more so — among native northern populations as it is for other populations. Strokes are particularly common, and life expectancy overall was found to be about a decade shorter among native populations. https://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2015nl/apr/eskimos.htm

  15. Beyonce Obsessed fan

    You can get protein from bugs and snails and insects. But meat is also very nutritious. To live long you need to eat nutritious foods and stop wasting time eating white bread, fish & drinking soda.

    INSECTS, red meat, kale, Olive oil, berries, are the most nutrient dense foods in the world and they are a good source of healthy fats and calories

  16. Radio 4Men

    its easy we’d get fat and then seriously sick… and then death. Since humans weren’t design from eating meat/ dairy/ fish.

  17. Glen Vance

    This is without doubt the most laughably pathetic, ill informed and inaccurate video I've ever watched on YouTube….these soy boys are dangerous

  18. Zach Albin

    Many people have done a carnivore diet for years, some rarely ever eating organ meat and are healthier than 99.9% of the general population. There's a lot more to it than most people know or are ever willing to do the research on. They just write it off as some stupid diet that is devoid of essential vitamins and nutrients when that is really not the case at all.

  19. Mello.B33

    There is a reason why nearly 90% of vegans / vegetarians go back to eating meat and animal based products within 5 years. There is a reason why vegan and vegetarian diets are strongly linked to mental illness, mental health problems, depression etc. There is a reason why most vegans end up being delusional and mentally ill, especially vegan activists. There is a reason why vegan and plant based diets require supplementation. There is a reason why vegan and vegetarian brains are shrinking over time and are smaller in comparison to people who are eating meat. There is a reason why since the introduction of an agricultural revolution that happened 10000+ years ago our health started deteriorating and our brains started shrinking.

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