What I Eat In A Day On Keto I Endomorph On Keto

good morning YouTube family so we are
about to start meditating y’all haven’t had anything to eat
uh oh I’m going to have some tea before I came out here well I’ll have some tea
after I work out y’all because I really do love just having that me time and
just sit down have some tea and just think about things and it’s just no no
it’s just like becoming a ritual now for me yeah I know my nails look horrible I
really do need to take time and go to the nose salon hello has this girl ever
hurry of a manicure and a pedicure because wow like it’s definitely needed
and we won’t even talk about these eyebrows y’all like oh my gosh but
anyway so we have got stopped meditating and I’ll come back on here and talk to
y’all what I’m okay so we’re in the car today is going to be my whole body day
hashtag get rid of these flabby arms flabby arms be gone I know I told y’all
that my body type what is going on over here let’s get this together so I know I
told y’all that I have the body type of an endo morph um so yeah my fat just
loves me so much it never wants to separate like ever we are slowly seeing
results y’all like you know the muscles are there it’s just the fact just don’t
want to go but yeah being more consistent on keto has really helped me
shed this fat but I really have to dig deep and go harder with keto I knew I
can’t go harder with my workouts I know I can drink more water which I know I
can and yeah I’m so like y’all we gotta stop just talking about it we gotta be
about it like you know I would really like for my body to be in shape for
summer 2020 you know it better yeah I would really like my body to be in shape
for my birthday well by the time of my birthday which is March 17 y’all same
time today yeah so yeah I would really like yeah I
want to say before my birthday I would really like for my body to be in shape
so therefore I need to get on it but anywho my love let’s stop talking let’s
go to the gym so we can be one day closer to the body that we actually
want I’m not like hungry hungry just a little
bit hungry but I’m still gonna cook some food I don’t know what I’m gonna cook
this is why I need a meal prep y’all like if I’m ill prep life would be so
much easier do any of y’all meal prep like give me
some suggestions or I like some tips if you do do it because I need it in my
life now okay so first meal of the day I have
three sausage patties with cucumbers I’m gonna put some pink Himalayan sea salt
on top of my cucumbers of course duh then I have two eggs and I’m drinking my
water and yeah that’s about it oh my YouTube family I don’t know what I
came from I guess I’m getting ready for letting Zumba or whatever but I’m
striving okay also while I’m here working out in Zumba Class I’m gonna be
having the Everly I think it’s the fruit tea packet creating an imaginary why don’t you have a model for me so
yeah my mom and I just got done grocery shopping my next video is going to be a
keto grocery haul but like on a budget though y’all so yeah um I’m talking too
much already regarding that but I just do not do not do not do not feel like
cooking tonight so the girl is gonna have some pork rinds and it is the salt
and vinegar kind yum yum yum so good haven’t had these in the Wow so yeah I’m
going to do my best not to eat the whole bag ready yet no I will not eat the
whole bag hey YouTube family so I’m just getting done with Zumba Class huh so
much fun then I realize like I haven’t came on here like just really talk to
y’all like how rude so this isn’t like the editing version of myself coming in
this is like the hey I wanna talk to y’all version of myself coming in so
y’all let me tell y’all this yo my body was just feeling so horrible
before I started using Epsom salt like soaking in that y’all has just changed
my workouts completely y’all because you know people tell you to use Epsom salt
you don’t really give it like a I really don’t you know it’s not gonna really do
all miracles y’all I feel like Jesus just place his hands on me and just
removed all the pain y’all like I feel like an entirely different person now I
was blind but now I see y’all like oh my goodness I could give like a ho
testimony right now that I feel because y’all like my I was like trying my best
to still work out because you know I’m supposed to be sharing my you know about
weight loss journey with y’all and plus I wanna do this for myself as well but I
was like I’m gonna still go to the gym but y’all my body was hurting so bad
like no offense to anyone that’s like older but how can I say this another
slight way I thought like I was like an older woman like that’s how my body was
feeling like I was still doing like my workouts and all that stuff y’all but
literally I could just feel my bones just like in the whole time like I don’t
know what’s now that was but um just fun fact I don’t know that’s a fun fact
but when I first started my weight loss journey
y’all I had lost 40 pounds and then I ended up messing up my ankle and when
that happened it’s like that kind of like put me in a hole little like
negative mode mindset or whatever and I got to the point where I just started
eating and all that stuff and just like you know not going to the
gym anymore cuz I was so sore like I had sprained my ankle or whatever but um
yeah so now well at the time I didn’t I think I knew about you else inside but I
never used it but I’m so glad that y’all like pushed me to start using epson salt
and plus my booth ain’t do that – and that really helped me I was to be 100
with y’all my joints head started feeling like before to the point where I
felt like I was about to sprain my ankle again because you know I was working out
so much but I’m cuz I feel like a whole different person like but to sum it up
y’all if you workout routinely or if you work somewhere where you have to move
your body a lot so can some Epsom salt y’all kiss ciao
I feel like a brand new person anyways my love so if you are new to the channel
welcome to the fam the movie here documenting my Aikido weight loss
journey and your girl is sharing everything right now we are trying to go
by strict keto and lazy keto so join me by clicking that subscribe button + the
notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here I do
upload three videos a week so you can’t expect a video from me on Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays – my returning YouTube family you know the amazing
beautiful fabulous people yes thank you so much for watching this video as
always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I
will see you in the next video which will
be Friday y’all and my next video is going to be I think I talked about this
already in my video but it’s going to be a keto grocery haul y’all and it’s gonna
be like keto on a budget and yeah you know we got still try to save that moolah
y’all okay, but anyways yeah I love y’all so much! BYEEE : )

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