What I Eat in a Day – Mediterranean Diet – January 2019

Hello my lovelies and welcome to What I Eat
in a Day January Edition. I want to try to do this each month now where
I find out what vegetables are in season for that month then I create a meal plan around
it for the whole day, keeping in mind the Mediterranean diet. So let’s get started with January. In January the types of vegetables that are
available are the winter root vegetables. So things like rutabagas and parsnips and turnips and
potatoes, but also things like onions and shallots and garlic that add a lot of flavor
to dishes. And in the fruit world, there are plenty of
pears and apples around, but also citrus fruits like oranges and clementines and lemons. The kind of fruit that you need when you want
to ward off the things like cold and flu symptoms. So let’s see what kind of meals we can create
today keeping those vegetables in mind. Let’s get started. Today I’m going to make one of my favorite
breakfasts. It’s avocado toast with some smoked salmon
on top and an over-easy egg. And I’m going to put it on this soft Italian
bread that I got at the bakery. I love to buy my bread at the bakery because
it doesn’t have all preservatives that the bread in the supermarket does. So it doesn’t have all those unpronounceable
ingredients in it. It won’t last as long in your household, but
you know in my household bread doesn’t last long anyway.So I don’t really have to worry about
it. And then I’m going to garnish everything with
some of these little grape tomatoes. Here we go. I mashed up the avocado and mixed it with
a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some salt and pepper. Now we’ll see if I can turn these eggs over
without breaking the yolk. And there you have it: my favorite little breakfast. So you get some omega-3 fatty acids, you get
the good fat from the avocado, some protein from the eggs, and a little garnish with the tomatoes.And now I’m on my way to Starbucks
to get a coffee. I’m getting my usual decaf nonfat latte. I have to have my coffee for the day and I
didn’t feel like making it at home. Sometimes I buy these really good beans I
get from Whole Foods, and I usually drink decaf but today I just felt like having a
latte. So I can chill in the afternoon and do some
work with some music on.Here’s a perfect January snack, the
world largest clementine. Look how big this is. And now I’m taking a nice brisk walk
in the park. As you can see behind me, there’s a flock
of geese. It’s cold out today but it’s not super cold,
so I’m just glad to be able to get out and stretch my legs. And there’s just so much scenery behind me,
as you can see. It’s so quiet here, except for the geese. Can you hear that?They bark.So let’s take our walk.Today for lunch I’m making a little
pasta dish with things I have on hand. I’m taking inspiration from the cover of this
book. Doesn’t that just look so yummy? I like to make what I call one-off pastas,
where I don’t make a tomato sauce. I just make a sauce out of the things that
I have. And right now seasonally, garlic and shallots
and lemons are in, so I have some fettuccine nests here. I’m going to squeeze a little lemon juice,
maybe a little lemon zest. I have a handful of little grape tomatoes. I have some beautiful garlic, a shallot, and
some parsley. Let’s see what we can make out of this.I rough-chopped the shallot and I’m
going to warm it up in a little extra virgin olive oil. I’ll give that a head start. I’ll put the garlic in next but I don’t want
the garlic to be in too long because it can burn easily. Adding a little crushed red pepper. Normally, I would cook in regular olive oil,
not extra virgin, but because this is the basis for the entire sauce, I wanted to use
extra virgin olive oil because it has much better flavor. In a minute I’m going to add the tomatoes
and the garlic. Now we’ve got the basis of a sauce here. We’ve got some grape tomatoes in here, I put a lot of garlic. And I just kind of rough-chopped the garlic. I didn’t want to dice it. I wanted to actually encounter some pieces in it while I’m eating it. Let that go for a couple of minutes. I’m adding a little splash of white wine. I added a little bit of salt , a
little black pepper, and I’m squeezing in a little bit of lemon juice. Not a lot, just something to give it a little
brightness. I’m going to put a cover on this for a couple
of minutes just to give the tomatoes a little bit of a chance to break down. The pasta takes about 13-14 minutes, so I
have some salted boiling water here. I’m going to add the pasta now. By the time the pasta is done, the sauce should
be ready as well. I’m adding a little bit of pasta water. It’s about my third scoop. So we got a sauce going here. You can see it’s turning into something. Yummy. Pasta is done and I’m about to drain it. I’m just going to reserve a little cooking
water just in case we need it. Here’s the final product. Sprinkle on a little parsley, a little cheese. Mmm. There’s lunch. You know you want some. I’m in the car again on the way to the supermarket
because I think I’m going to make fish for dinner tonight. And I want to see what kind of fish they have
at the supermarket. And I also want to pick up a bunch of root
vegetables. Because I want to make a roasted dish of vegetables
with all the things that are in season right now. And I think fish will go really nicely with
that. And it’s very Mediterranean diet. Here we are where the root vegetables
are. And here are parsnips. They look like yellow carrots, but they’re actually parsnips. And there’re some turnips, and behind here are some rutabagas. Brussels sprouts. These are all in season right now. And if you want to make it easy on yourself,
they have these soup kits that havethat have everything in it. There’s a turnip, there are some onions, there
are some parsnips, some carrots, so you can make soup out of that or you can just buy
this and chop it up and roast them in the oven. I think that’s what I might do. Here’s the section with greens and things. I have fennel at home already so I’ll put
some fennel in my dish. And I have beets at home. I love beets. They bleed all over everything so I’m going
to cook them separately probably from the other vegetables. But these are the kinds of things that you
can just toss in some olive oil and just put in the oven. I also like to buy fresh herbs when I’m making
fish, so you can get something like thyme, or marjoram is always nice. Or they have these soup herb kits which have
a couple things in it like a chili pepper, and some parsley and some thyme mixed in. I think I’m going to get marjoram and some
thyme. On the Mediterranean diet it’s always good
to eat a lot of fish. So while I’m making fish for dinner, sometimes
I like to sneak fish in at lunch time by making a tuna sandwich or adding some tuna or maybe
some canned mackerel to a salad. I like to get tuna that is in olive oil. So here we have solid yellowfin tuna in extra
virgin olive oil. So I’m going to get these. In the evening sometimes I like to have some
tea. I’m a coffee person in the morning, and sometimes
a tea person at night. But I usually like herbal teas, unless it’s
something like Oolong. I love Oolong tea. But I really like this Sweet Dreams, and the
Cozy Chamomile, and the Mint Medley. I love the Mint Medley. And I like Orange and Spice. So sometimes when you want a little something
at night, you’re not always hungry. Sometimes you’re thirsty. Maybe a cup of tea will just solve your problem. I prepared a baking sheet with some
foil and you can see I made a separate little compartment for the beets because I don’t
want them to bleed all over the rest of the vegetables. So we’re going to toss all of these vegetables
in some olive oil. I pulled the brussels sprouts out. I’m going to put them in with everything else. But I didn’t want to toss them, because I’m
afraid they would start to unravel. They are also going to get coated in olive
oil. We’re going to put some herbs and spices on them and bake them in the oven at 425 degrees F. We’ll check them in about a half hour. I coated these flounder filets lightly
in olive oil and then I sprinkled on some fresh marjoram and some thyme sprigs. And then we’re going to cover them in foil
to make a little tent out it. So we’re making fish in a packet. This is naan that I bought at the supermarket. I basted it lightly with extra virgin olive
oil and I sprinkled on this same seasoning blend that I put all over the vegetables. Now I’m going to warm this up in the oven
about two minutes before we are ready to eat. Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoy January’s recipes. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification
bell if you want to know every time I release a new video. And I can’t wait to do February. See you then. Bye.

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  1. Muriel Perez

    Hello Donna, I just came across your channel. I’m thinking of starting the Mediterranean diet. I wanted to know if you could give me some advice on what to eat for breakfast. I don’t really like eggs or avocado. What are some more healthier breakfast options for people who don’t eat eggs, avocado, and also cheese? Can you also lose weight while on this diet?

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