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everyone and welcome back to my channel
today I’m going to be filming a what I eat in a day you guys said that you
liked the vlog style of them more so that’s what I’m gonna be doing today and
if you haven’t heard March for the month of March I’m doing keto diet so I’m
trying it out the research on it is really good in terms of health benefits
I’m for your hormones for your skin for your gut even for weight loss those
that’s not my goal and also a mental clarity so the big ones I’m trying it
for is for gut health and mental clarity to see that makes a difference so I’m
gonna leave all the macros for things down below in case you guys are
following a similar like low carb diet and want micros I’ll leave that down
below but this morning I’ve been sipping my lemon water with ginger apple cider
vinegar and pink salt now a lot of questions about why I add
pink salt and that’s because it has a lot of trace minerals in it for you so
although it’s kind of like natural electrolytes I’m so just a small pinch
the morning really helps to hydrate you also our keto you need to hide you it a
lot more than you normally would so let’s say before I was having probably 3
liters at least of water a day I’m probably closer to four or yeah probably
closer to four now just because you need this extra electrolyte so yeah I’m enjoy
this and then soon have my coffee which is my favorite thing in the world let me
know down below how you take your coffee you guys know I make bulletproof coffee
so it’s my favorite so this is the coffee I use it’s the bulletproof French
kick you want to make sure you get a good quality coffee because it’s one of
the most heavily sprayed things coffee and corn are so I get this one because
it’s no mold no pesticides and it’s like certified to clean so this is my morning
coffee situation if you’re not warming up your cup yet you need to I literally
pour boiling water in it so that it heats up the mug while the coffee brews
in that way it stays warmer longer I put in some brain octane and then I
have my French press coffee which I used 36 grams of coffee and it makes a 12
ounce pour so just fill it to the max fill line it’s like a 12 ounce coffee so I’m going to enjoy my coffee and I’ll
check in with you around breakfast hey guys so I’ve just been at a filming of
this morning and some delicious keto donuts which will be up on my channel
before this the video right before so I will let go down below make sure you go
watch it but it’s time for breakfast and because tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday or
Pancake Tuesday I really wanted to figure out like a nice keto recipe so
this is the batter it’s a mix of eggs vanilla a little coconut flour and I
also add it in some collagen so I’m gonna leave all the measurements down
the scripture box but let’s get make it in the pink so these are my two pancakes
so it’s 2.5 net for half of the serving so it makes two batches and I put a
teaspoon of this maple baby Lee’s ghee which is so delicious guys so checking in it is about its 207
I just got back from SoulCycle I did a 12:30 class and then I showered and like
looked more presentable and I’m gonna make a keto green smoothie it’s
basically just a low carb green smoothie but it’s delicious and it’s a great way
to get in some healthy fats and some greens so let’s go ahead and make it so
I’ve got all the goods for the smoothie I’m using this new zest clean lean
protein in smooth vanilla this is my new favorite protein powder brand and this
is the nutrition if it’ll focus but it’s one net car but which is really good 20
grams of protein and no weird filler a scoop of this MCT powder which I really
like because it also has fiber in it unsweetened almond milk and a bunch of
spinach for greens guys you don’t even miss that it’s low
sugar the carb isn’t in it is only from like the spinach and the protein powder
so it’s like four net carbs so delicious mocha green it is so you get all your
greens in hey guys it’s about a quarter to four and I’m gonna have one of the
cookie dough balls that I prepped if you saw my keto grocery haul and meal prep
video but you haven’t I will leave it down below so you can get some ideas but
they’re really good and they’re only half a carb net carb but per little bite
so that should hold me off till dinner hey everyone so I just got back from a
lash point mint and they need to have up some dinner because it is like ten to
seven which is a little bit late I may be eating so I’m just heating up some
chicken thighs that I prepped and then I’m also heating up some broccoli so it
took me about less than five minutes just to heat up the broccoli and the
chicken half an avocado and then I threw on some of this cashew queso from CIT
foods it’s only got one net carb for two tablespoons and I evenly used less than
the two tablespoons I’m gonna go ahead and dig in but you see dinners are
really easy if you just prep things like veggies and meats beforehand so I wanted to show you guys my
after-dinner treat it is so good so I have this keto donut which I made in my
video on Wednesday so I’ll leave that oh that’s a dishwasher pod I will leave
that in the description box below and then I made a mug full of this the
Tanika ray she hot coke I like this one or the four sig Matic one but really
yummy um this is good for calming down at
night because reishi so here it is I put a splash of almond milk in it and I’m
gonna go and enjoy I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some
inspiration you have any specific keto requests let me know I’m kinda just like
going through it and learning with you guys how to do this and there’s creating
yummy recipes so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you in my next
video bye guys

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Reader Comments

  1. Aimee Rivera

    I hope you will be sharing more of "what I eat in a day" because I really want to try keto but I need options on what to eat and have "sweets" at the same time and your recipes are always delicious! Looking fwd to your future videos! Thanks Liv!

  2. chico

    Your what I eat in a day videos are my fav💕your videos always get me so excited!

    More keto What i eat in a day/keto smoothie variations/keto dessert recipes would be helpful😊

  3. Taylor Hollabaugh

    I’d love to hear an explanation on why Keto is healthy! I have family members that have lost a lot of weight on it but they eat a lot dairy, they’re not eating a lot of veggies. Dairy kinda grossed me out and I have to have greens to feel good. Love your videos! Btw Your diet is so balanced! You’re such an inspiration to me:)))

  4. Jade Zhu

    I've always wanted to try keto for fun haha! Have you seen this paper (keto diet actually reduced beneficial bacteria)? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6344533/?fbclid=IwAR27ZfEP8aWx3BNCjmLekGvC3Ye5h6QdIk05nAg_Igh9qvinsLnd73BRuIA

  5. Samantha Danner

    Love these what i eat in a day videos @💙Couple of table spoons of dairy free creamer any flavor to my coffee. I cant funtion without coffee been drinking coffee for years . trying to cut down i drink alot per day. Love everything about coffee.

  6. Sally Sings

    Glad you’re doing keto. I’ve been been on and and off keto for a few years now, normally doing it twice a year for 1-3 months. Always feels like it helps “reset” my body, clears my skin, soothes my gut and makes my body get more efficient in using fat for fuel. I think it’s great to completely cut out the sugar and it’s so much easier when doing keto than trying to “restrict” carbs on a normal healthy diet. You have more insensitive to stay on track with keto 🙂 looking forward to new recipes!! Keep us updated.

  7. Leah Farrar

    I'm looking for a new and better plant based protein powder. Would you recommend Nuzest even if I'm not doing keto? Also, where did you purchase it? It's rather pricey so I'm looking for a deal. 🙂

  8. Agnese R

    Thank you for suggestion to warm up coffee mug with hot water! I love my coffee nice and hot , I also keep silicone lid on top of my mug to keep it warm during my meal.

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