What I Eat in a Day KETO and Intermittent Fasting + ANNOUNCEMENT!

(inspirational music) – Hey munchies, welcome if you’re new. I’m Alyssia, and today I have got a What I Eat in a Day
Keto Edition for you. So, when I’m eating low carb,
or when I’m eating Whole30, or really any healthier
home cooking in general, cooking needs to be efficient. When I use whole foods, I cook a lot more. And I don’t have time to
spend all day cooking, so I really have to
figure out how to spend between 10 and 30 minutes
getting my meals ready, depending on my day. So, today I’m hoping to
give you some inspiration for quick and easy meals,
where I didn’t even use a recipe to make them. Although I have included recipes for you in the description if you
want to recreate them. I also want to let you know that my Kitchen Confidence course is
open for enrollment right now for only one week. It closes next Friday, June 28th, and enrollment will not
be open again for months. If you don’t know, my
Kitchen Confidence course was designed to help you find
confidence in the kitchen, with basic cooking, but also by learning how to pair ingredients together, how to pair flavors, how
to decide what to eat, how to substitute ingredients when you don’t have them for recipes, and how to make your own
meals without recipes so that your meals don’t
need to take so long, which also saves you time and money. I have organized it to
be six weeks of content, but you can go through
it faster or slower. It’s up to you, but I wanted to give you structure for accountability. There are homework assignments each week to help you learn and get you
into the kitchen and practice. If you want to find more
confidence in the kitchen, check out the website
for more information, and there is an informational
video up as well at kitchenconfidence.com. But enroll now, because
it is not staying open. I really think that my kitchen confidence is what’s made it so much easier for me to eat healthy and save time and money. I started sharing no
recipe dinners on Instagram a few months ago, and so many of you got excited about them, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned, hoping to help make it easier for you too. So, what do I eat in a day keto edition. I start with coffee, of course. Now often with keto it’s common
to do intermittent fasting. Which I usually do, because
when I’m eating more fat I’m just not as hungry or
thinking about food as much, which is great. If you want more info, I do have an intermittent fasting video, as well as a keto 101 video,
which I recommend watching if you’re like, I don’t know what keto is, why you do it, or it just
doesn’t make sense to me. Check that out first. Plus, all of our needs
on keto are different. So, you might need less total or net carbs than I’m sharing here, or you
might be able to have more. But it really is so
dependent on the individual. But anyway, with intermittent fasting you can actually consume coffee. And while you don’t want
to consume carbohydrates or protein, which can affect blood sugar, you can consume fat. So, bulletproof or fatty
coffee is totally allowed. It’s super easy to make. I just combine everything in a blender. So I have some brewed coffee here, and I’m adding MCT oil for my fat. Some people do grass-fed butter. I like MCT oil. It’s from coconut oil, and
it’s a concentrated source of medium chain triglycerides
from coconut oil. And, it’s what makes the saturated fat in coconut oil so good for you. I know we hear saturated fat,
a lot of times we’re scared when it’s from animal products, but when it’s from plant-based
sources like coconuts it’s really good for you. I talk about it more in the vegan keto what I eat in a day video,
so you can check that out if you want more information on MCT oil. A pinch of cinnamon, and
I’m adding some of this Califia butter half creamer. It’s the coconut and almond one. And it’s dairy-free. This doesn’t contain any protein or carbs, it’s only fat, which is
okay when you’re fasting. You don’t want the carbs,
but the fat is okay. All right, and it comes out super frothy. Can you see the top there? Maybe you can see it
better when I pour it. It’s so frothy on top, it’s like a latte. Oh look at that. So this fatty coffee is going
to keep me full until lunch. I’m not even gonna think about food and those MCTs are really
gonna help fuel my brain. One thing that’s a benefit
of intermittent fasting is it’s one less meal
I really have to cook, so it does save me time too. Ah, oh hint of cinnamon. Okay, for lunch I am making a burger bowl. A bowl is just a bowl
of food thrown together. So I’ve got some oil in a pan. You could use ghee or
butter, any cooking fat. And I’m getting some onions going, because onions, a little
bit of sauteed onion is always gonna add more flavor. So you know the flavors of a burger. We’re pretty much putting that in a bowl. And after a couple of
minutes I am going to add an entire bag of cauliflower rice. So this one is 10 ounces,
and you can microwave it but I’ve actually just let it thaw out for like an hour or two on my counter. And it’s gonna cook up a lot more quickly. The only ingredients are
cauliflower and sea salt, and a serving is 3/4 cup, but
I’m gonna eat the entire thing which is three and a half servings. So when you’re on keto, a lot
of people make the mistake of not eating enough vegetables because vegetables are carbohydrates. But they’re also mostly
fiber, and they are one of the most beneficial parts of
your diet, especially on keto. Do not skip vegetables. Do not skip non-starchy vegetables. Starchy vegetables you’re
probably gonna want to limit or avoid, but non-starchy vegetables, have as much as you can. And remember, with whole foods, you need to eat more to get enough. So if I was just to eat
3/4 of a cup of this, it’s not gonna fill me up at all. I’m pretty much eating a tiny
little bit of cauliflower and some vegetables and meat. I need more than that
to really feel satiated. So as you could see when I poured that bag of cauliflower in, it
wasn’t a big block of ice. That’s because it’s been thawing out, so it’s a lot easier to cook it up. That’s my preferred way. You can totally throw the
block of iced cauliflower in and just cover it, and let it cook down and the steam will break
down that block of ice. But this just kind of cuts down on a step and keeps it a little faster for me. So now that this is heated
through and softened, it’s only been about three to four minutes but because it was thawed out
it’s going pretty quickly. I don’t want to take it too
soft so I’m gonna keep moving. I have my meal prepped meat here. So this is just some organic ground beef that I’ve meal prepped, and
this is one of the things I teach in the Kitchen Confidence course, is meal prepping just a little bit. You don’t have to do everything. I don’t even have time to
meal prep everything anymore, but just having my protein or
just having my vegetables cut makes it easier. This is gonna keep this
meal, you know, 10 minutes. So I’m just gonna add what I want. It’s precooked ground beef, and I’m gonna add about four ounces, four to six ounces, whatever
a serving is for you. Which we also talk about in the course is, how do I know how much to eat? I don’t have to wait
for this meat to cook. It’s already cooked, I’m
just letting it heat through and warm up. So I’ve got my meat, I’ve got my base. I am adding some more
vegetables, some greens. Spinach, which is like nothing. This is like one calorie of spinach here, but it’s lots of goodness and it’s gonna wilt down quite a bit. So, I’m just gonna kind of mix it in, get it all coated, and then
cover it up and let it wilt. Seems like a lot, but
it’s gonna become nothing. All right so the spinach
is starting to wilt down. I’m gonna let it go just
another couple of seconds, but I’ve got to start to add
more of my burger flavoring. And so for me, a burger’s
gotta have ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Now believe it or not,
there is a clean way to do mayonnaise. I’ve actually talked about
it a bunch on my channel. I do a homemade avocado oil mayonnaise. I showed it in my ALDI
meal prep video I think. I’ll link it below. It’s dairy-free, it’s not
egg-free, there is egg in it. And I’m just gonna throw
about a tablespoon in there, and coat everything with it. I could also throw the
ketchup and mustard in here, but I think it’s pretty to put it on top, so I’m gonna wait to do that. But I want to get this coated, and I want to taste it,
because what I talk about in the course is, when people say, everything I cook tastes
bad or it tastes bland, it probably means you’re
not using enough salt. You have to use salt, and
don’t be afraid of it. Sodium is good, we need some sodium, and if you’re cooking at home, it’s gonna be hard to overdo sodium. Really your risk for overdoing the sodium is when you’re eating out a bunch or you’re eating packaged
or processed foods. And if you’re doing keto,
you actually might need to up your sodium intake. If you’re getting headaches on keto it might be because you’re
not having enough salt. So, don’t be afraid of it,
especially on low carb. So I’m gonna taste this. Hmm, needs some salt. And I’m gonna season it now. Now I’m not measuring,
I’m seasoning to taste, and this is what I teach
in my course how to do. We actually have a homework assignment to learn how to season to taste. Because all of our preferences
are gonna be different, and let me tell you, if
I use a cauliflower rice that has salt already or not,
it’s gonna make a difference. If my meal prepped meat
has salt already or not it’s gonna make a difference. So going by an arbitrary recipe saying use a half teaspoon of salt, I
might not need a half teaspoon. I might need a quarter, or
I might need three quarters of a teaspoon. And honestly the number doesn’t matter if it doesn’t taste good. So season to taste. Make sure that it tastes good to you, and this looks like it needs a little more creaminess for me. So just a little bit more mayonnaise. And this mayonnaise is
pretty much all fat, so it’s good for low
carb high fat lifestyle. I am going to turn off the heat. And I’m also adding in some pickles. Now, these are dill pickles. No sugar. And pickles are a great
source of probiotics. They’re one of my favorite things. I was never about pickles. I was never about pickles or pickled foods until I started focusing on my gut health. And learning how probiotics
are so good for the gut, and they’re in pickles naturally. The thing is, you want to look for a brand where the only ingredients are pretty much water, cucumbers, and salt. They might have a preservative
or something like that, but you don’t want vinegar,
and you don’t want sugar. If your pickles have vinegar or sugar, it’s just, it’s not necessary
and you’re not gonna get those probiotic benefits. All right so this is done. I mean that literally took like, I don’t know, seven, eight minutes. Okay, and instead of
serving this in a bowl, I’m gonna serve it in a bowl plate because I’m obsessed with these. It’s like a plate but it
keeps everything contained. So I have my bowl in my bowl plate. My bowl of food in my bowl plate, and I now need ketchup and mustard. So, for keto, for low
carb if you’re really being strict on keto, and
you want no sugar whatsoever, the Primal Kitchen ketchup is unsweetened. It uses balsamic vinegar,
but there’s two grams of carbohydrates, one gram of sugar. But there’s no actual added sugar. And then this Good for Good
ketchup has no added sugar. It’s sweetened with
dates, and there’s also two grams of carbs, and one gram of sugar, but none are added. I think this one tastes a little
more like regular ketchup. Like, not exactly, but this one tastes more like tomato paste,
this one tastes more like a sweeter ketchup, so I’m going with that. I’ve just put it in
here to make it pretty. This video is not sponsored
by either of those companies. I have also got some yellow mustard, because I need yellow
mustard on my burger. I need mustard on everything. And I’m finishing it
off with some avocado, which on low carb or keto I
eat with almost every meal. This avocado looks like
it’s a little bit damaged but it’s gonna taste fine. So here is my burger bowl,
it’s almost complete. I have to have the Everything
But The Bagel seasoning on every avocado that I have. And since it is a burger
and usually there are sesame seeds, or often
there are sesame seeds on a burger bun, why not
sprinkle a few on top just to make it look nice? I will say, eating whole foods, whether it’s low carb or not, taking like the extra minute or two to make it look nice does make
me appreciate it a lot more. I just sit down and I look at it and I like the way it looks,
and then I’m thinking about it while I’m eating it. I’m just a lot more mindful. So, even though I am doing this because it’s a video and
it’s for Mind Over Munch, I’m also doing it for me
because I enjoy the food more. So that is my low carb lunch. For dinner I am making a
sesame salmon and vegetables, and I’m doing the
vegetables in a foil packet, which is like my new favorite thing. So I have got some zucchini, some broccoli florets, and some red onion. And I’m gonna toss it all together with a little bit of soy sauce. Now you could use coconut aminos. But it has more carbohydrates, so for keto low carb,
may not want to do that. Add salt if you need it. There is usually a lot in soy sauce. This is low sodium and I still don’t think I’m gonna need to add salt. But, you should taste. I’ve got a little bit of pepper. And some garlic powder. I’m also adding a bit of avocado oil so that it can all roast up really nicely. Tossing it to coat. And this is gonna pair really
well with my sesame salmon. It smells so good. So I have a piece of foil
and I’m simply going to add my vegetables to this
foil and make a packet. I showed doing a foil packet dinner in the sprouts meal prep video from like a month ago or two months ago. I’ll link it below. But after that, I have been on this kick of just throwing everything
in the foil packet. So I’m pretty much just making
a little packet out of it, rolling it down, rolling
it in on the sides. There’s no like magic technique here. Just make sure that the
air is not getting in because containing the heat is going to cook everything and retain all the flavor. And what is so cool about this is you can actually make these in advance. So in the sprouts video I showed, it was like a sausage
Brussels sprouts thing, I can’t remember, but
I made a bunch of them and just kept them in
the fridge like this. And then I can take this
out and just cook it up whenever I want. So this is going into the
oven now for about 25 minutes, and that gives me time
to prepare my salmon and finish cooking it with the vegetables. So for my sesame salmon I’m
making a sauce-like topping to go on top of the salmon as it bakes. So the base of that is
going to be this homemade avocado oil mayonnaise again. And what I usually do for low carb is I’ll make some of this and just use it throughout the week
with different recipes. So I’m using about a
tablespoon of the mayonnaise. And this is something
that I’ve just made up. I haven’t used a recipe. I’ve given it to you in the description if you want to recreate it,
but this is what I teach in my course, is how can
you do this on your own. In the course, I give you some tools like an ingredient pairings cheat sheet that helps you learn how to pair different ingredients together, as well as a sauces formula
guide to help you learn how to make sauces on your own that don’t need to be cooked in advance. So here I have some of that mayonnaise, a little bit of garlic, some sesame oil. And I also give advice
and insight in the course to learn how much to use. Like I’m not measuring here, because I’ve used them
enough now to just know about how much, but when
you’re just starting out you don’t know that, so
I teach you in the course how to figure that out,
what to start with. I also added some soy sauce
and a little bit of hot sauce. And I’m going to mix it together. And always, always, always taste it to make sure it is seasoned
to your preference. And, that is plenty salty for me thanks to the soy sauce. There’s also some salt in the mayonnaise, but if it’s not salty enough for you you’ve got to add salt. Okay, so I have this piece of salmon here. Which, it’s about five ounces or so. And in the course I talk
about, a lot of people say, a serving of fish is three ounces. Well that could be a serving of fish, but for some people three
ounces isn’t enough. I’m not gonna be full on three ounces so I’m eating about five ounces, and you have to figure
out what your body needs and what’s gonna really satisfy. So I’m just going to simply
add this little sauce on top, and cover it completely. Oh, it’s so good. And this is one of the easiest ways to prepare salmon on a weeknight. I know a lot of people are like, well I can’t do salmon during the week because I can’t meal prep it. Yeah it’s true, fish
doesn’t meal prep great, but it’s so easy to prepare on its own. It takes me 10 minutes
to throw it together. All right, my sauce is on there. I’m adding a sprinkle
of sesame seeds on top to my sesame salmon. Again, like I said with the lunch, making it look nice, it only
takes an extra second usually and it doesn’t mean it has to look like a food stylist did it. But just having a little bit of intention just makes me appreciate it more. And that’s why I also like to
use these black sesame seeds. They don’t taste really any different but they look so nice. And I always prefer to cook salmon with a little foil tent on top. I think that the flavor
is, it’s just tastier, it keeps it moist. And I know moist is a gross word, but that is what it does. And in the course I
teach you how to do this because I have a resource cabinet which is where I’ve made pretty much a collection of videos
that are little like one minute tutorial videos teaching you how to
cook almost everything. There’s like every cut of protein you can imagine, including seafood, even shrimp and scallops, as well as vegetables and tons
of different preparations. Eggs, grains, plant protein, you name it. So now, my vegetables
have been in the oven for about 15 minutes,
there’s about 10 minutes left which is the perfect amount
of time for my salmon. How did that happen? I planned it, and I don’t even have to think about it that
much because I teach you how to do it in the course,
so that you can do it without thinking so much. And that’s what’s going to keep your weeknight meals efficient. And I also give tools in the course to help keep the meals efficient, like my two in one combination PDF that shows you how much
time it takes to cook vegetables and protein in the oven so that you can decide
what to pair together for quick meals. So while that’s cooking
I’ve got 10 minute left. I could hang out and
scroll through Instagram, or I could do what I teach in the course which is do the dishes. There’s only like four or five dishes. I can just do them now in that 10 minutes so that when my dinner
comes out of the oven, it’s ready to go. You guys, I promise you can
have easy weeknight meals. It just takes a few simple tips, some fundamental cooking knowledge, and some intentional time in the kitchen with the homework assignments,
and I promise you are going to find Kitchen Confidence. All right and as you can see,
everything is cooked through. Oh, these smell so good, and
this salmon looks beautiful. Look at how pretty those
sesame seeds made it seem. All that’s left to do is plate it up. If you don’t like the skin of salmon, use parchment or foil. Don’t spray it or oil it, and the skin will stick to
the piece when you peel it up. That foil pocket cooked
those vegetables through and made them really tender,
but they’re not too soft. Sometimes when I roast zucchini it ends up just kind of falling apart. So it’s still holding its form here, and it tastes delicious. I’ve also added some avocado
with a little bit more of that seasoning, and
there is my keto dinner. I prefer roasting salmon in the oven. You can totally do it on the stove, but I love how flaky it
gets in just 10 minutes. I usually also keep
some fat bombs as snacks for low carb or keto. I’ve got these in the freezer. I can just pop out a few when needed. They are coconut lime flavored and they are in the free eBook from the fat bombs episode
I shared a few months ago. You can check that video
out now for the recipes, and you can still download
the free ebook there too. I’ll link the video in the description. And that is my What I Eat
in a Day Keto Edition. Minimal cooking, minimal meal prepping, and all fresh to order. If you want to learn more about keto and a low carb lifestyle
or intermittent fasting, check out the description for the links. All of the info about
my course is available at kitchenconfidence.com. Enrollment is limited. It is only open for one week, and this may be the last launch we do at this discounted rate. Please feel free to email me
at [email protected] if you have any questions. Comments are great too and I
will try to get to them all, but I am faster to respond
with more depth over email. I appreciate you being here. I will see you next week
with a brand new video. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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    You can't have fat during your fast. You will break your fast. You are not intermittent fasting if you have fat during your fasting window. 😩😩😩😑😑😑

  29. TeamDaveAndMon

    Hey hun I’m glad I came across your channel. I also do keto and lost 150 lbs in 18 months. It has been an amazing journey and I have documented everything on my channel. I have just subbed to you and I hope you can do the same back 😊👍🏻🔔

  30. madsci

    Did I understand this right? – you can have bulletproof coffee DURING the fast? So if I’m doing 16:8 and going crazy at the 15th hour, I can have this high fat coffee ? Currently I drink black and can’t stand the taste.

  31. Jette C

    I tried the burger bowl with chicken and bacon it was good, I also tried it with beef and bacon also good but as I knew from the chicken try I didn't like the pickled cucumber this time I used chopped onion and cucumber and Tomato slices, really good

  32. Michelle Estep

    Yummy looking recipes and awesome tips! I hate that I missed the course but I have signed up for the waiting list. Can't wait to try these recipes.

  33. Trudie Thomas

    I dont like salt. I try to add flavor, in place. Also, coconut / coconut oil is not good for some people on different medications. Make sure you googles all your medications, before, using different things.
    Do like the meal prep and bento boxes are my fav.

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