What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 2

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day two of our
seven-day model diet plan I’m super excited to show what today has in store
first all so let’s start right away with the first thing that we’re going to
drink which is obviously lemon water hot water with lemon squeeze in just use
half of an organic lemon like we did yesterday as I already told you lemons
help with our digestive system which is of course really good in the mornings
and then you wait 15 minutes or something like that and then you get
started with your actual breakfast which I’m super excited for because breakfast
is my favorite meal of the day and we’re going to use some of that Skyr that we
used yesterday so we only used half of the Skyr cup like the container
yesterday so now we’re going to use the other half of it and we’re going to use
one whole banana organ cheese peanut butter we’re going to use coconut flakes
and make this beautiful meal together with that boost elixir in case you have
that any case you don’t have that specific product you can just use
anything else I have linked what it is exactly with all the ingredients down
below but of course you can also skip it or you can replace things like replace
the yogurt if scare is not available for you just alter this diet to your own
needs because that is what it’s all about It’s not about sticking to a
certain plan being on a Vanderfit health journey means that you are trying
to get as healthy as possible throughout the year so please don’t make it too
hard for you if certain ingredients that I use are not available where you live
or you prefer others just try to do something somewhat similar. Then after
breakfast I drink some ginger tea also from yogi tea and there’s always a cute
little message on the little tea bag which i think is so cute and then I just
dance with my boyfriend because why not right? We have to get some movement in
there and also have fun with this because that is what it’s all about and
then we slowly get ready for lunch. We use some cherry tomatoes we use some
alfalfa We used some hummus with pesto which
is chickpea paste look up the recipe it’s amazing! You can also make it
yourself if you like to. I’m going to use some whole-grain bread some Rio Mare
tuna. You can use half a can for one person but I’m making this for two so I
used a whole can, some olives (I use garlic olives) some rocket, some eggs
(please try to use organic eggs that’s really important) and we’re going to use
one egg per person, but I’m making more because I’m also cooking for my
boyfriend and then we’re going to slice up an onion and again we use one onion
for two people so you can use half if you’re only cooking for yourself then
you’re going to place some of the rocket on the plate. Then some of that delicious
tuna, then some onion is going on top of it, which is really nice. Some of those
cherry tomatoes (I use four per person) and then my boyfriend gets 3 eggs and I
just get one egg and of course you can determine how you like your egg cooked
most. Do you like it soft? I like it kind of like medium but that is of
course a personal preference and then we put some of those delicious garlic
olives on top. Those are the best ever! and then last but not least you’re going
to put some alfalfa on top of it and you can see that my
diet is really inspired by the whole Mediterranean diet. This is the pyramid
of the Mediterranean diet and you can see that it requires to spend a lot of
time with your family which is what I like to do I rarely eat alone because I
think it’s really important to share the dining experience I hope you guys can do
the same maybe you can make these Vanderfit dishes for somebody else too
and then you can see that it’s a lot of bread and pasta and just whole-grain
products and then also in a pyramid is of course lots of veggies and fish and
that meat is all the way up I don’t eat so I skip that part but if you eat meat
then of course you can incorporate that in that diet too but that is just not
part of this meal plan because that is not something that I eat so after lunch
I have some of this Kusmi tea that I just have to show you guys it is from
Paris and it’s the best thing ever it’s Earl Grey tea which I normally don’t
really like to drink because there’s caffeine in it and I like to stick more
to the herbal teas but this was just so good so if you really like Earl Grey tea
then try to kiss me one because so delicious and then for dinner we’re
going to use this Rendang boom boo little packet there’s nothing wrong with
cooking out of packets if it is natural ingredients and there is a ingredient
list here and you can also look up the product if you like to but I think it’s
really important that you guys know that there’s nothing wrong with that as long
as you’re not using too many prepackaged foods but cooking with it once in a
while it’s not that bad especially because this product is just full of
spices and nothing else really then I’m going to use some sambal which is like a
really hot sauce and then some of those shiitake mushrooms because we still have
some left from yesterday and then some courgette and I’m also going to use this
Pandan rice and these green beans that look delicious. Everything is listed
down below if you want to know exactly how much I use. Then we’re just going to
boil some water in the pan and that is for our rice. We’re going to cook the
rice and then we’re going to slice up our vegetables so the shiitake mushrooms
and the little courgette which is so delicious. We’re going to add some of
that Rendang paste which is just full of spices and then to spice it up even more
the hot sauce but that is of course not necessary if you don’t like hot sauce
then you don’t have to use that and then some of those green beans going there.
Such a delicious dish in my opinion and then just serve some of the rice not too
much obviously and then our delicious dinner is already ready if we
put this on top of it and that was it for today already. Those were all our
dishes in day two of the Vanderfit challenge. I’m so excited to see all your
recreations on the recipes you can share it with #Vanderfit on Instagram
and Twitter and then i will repost some of you guys especially on Instagram on
my @vander_fit account so get cooking and get started and I will see
you all tomorrow in a brand new video bye bye

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Reader Comments

  1. Simran Hiranandani

    HEY! So i follow your workouts but i have come across a situation. My rectus abdominis muscle protrudes out when i work my abs. And i think i might have diastisis recti. Can anyone please let me know what to do now?

  2. TheSunnyD01

    Hi Sanne! Love the recipes! I was wondering if these serving sizes keep you full. If they don’t keep me full, should I increase portion sizes or eat some snacks?

  3. Lucía Monedero

    Your skin is gorgeous😍 Please I'd love to watch your skin care routine💙 All of the recipes look delicious, and I actually eat that Mediterranean salad very often, and also your other delicious recipes😜 (maybe because I'm actually Mediterranean xDD)
    I can't wait to see tomorrow's video!😘

  4. Isabella Mae

    Hi Sanne,
    You are such an inspiration to me!!! I have a quick question-which I know you might not be able to answer- but I'm going to ask it anyway. What would you recommend a 13 year old-girl who is 5'9 to eat? Thank you so much!

  5. Happy Harmless Health

    Vegan replacements:

    Eggs: tofu

    Protein-packed yoghurt: Non-dairy Greek yoghurt (my fav brand is Ripple) or just coconut, almond, soy, etc

    Tuna: chickpeas. There is also a faux tuna product, but I’ve never tried it.

  6. Payton Salyer

    Hey Sanne! I love your videos I’ve been binging them like they’re the new Netflix haha, ok anyways, what would you recommend for a 5’ 12 almost 13 year old to eat, and how much do you think I should work out?

  7. Georgia's ASMR

    I am trying to eat really healthy in 2019, but i am a really super fussy eater, so i don't like most of the food you feature in you diet plan. What do you think i should do?
    I eat pretty healthy with veggies, fruit and other stuff usually but i don't know what i should eat for meals as this is mostly for snacks…..
    Thank you so much for uploading, because you are so inspirational and encouraging. 💛

  8. Cacilda Rodrigues

    Hey gorgeous…….U deserve way more subscribers……love your YouTube channel and love your content.❤️💯👍🏻😍

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