What I Ate in a Day on the Paleo Diet

What I ate in a Day on the Paleo Diet
*Music* “Hey, I’m Michele Spring of Thriving On
Paleo. I wanted to show you what I eat in a day and
some of the things I do every day to try to keep my health in check. I suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which
is an autoimmune thyroid condition, as well as celiac disease which is another autoimmune
disease where I can’t digest gluten properly. Both of these diseases I’ve been able to
successfully put in remission but I do certain things throughout the day to keep it that
way, and so I’m going to share with you what I do throughout the day to make my health
stay as good as it can possibly be.” *Music*
“Breakfast is just some paleo waffles and scrambled eggs with black coffee and supplements
that my functional medicine practitioner has me taking. That’s my son Mason.” *Music*
“I’m on my way to my weekly barre class right now which is a great class, I love it.I
think it’s my favorite form of workout but it kicks my butt every single week I’m always
sore afterwards so I have to make sure I eat well beforehand and I eat well afterwards
too. The funny psrt about my barre class is that
it’s right next to a Smashburger which is one of our favorite burger joints, it’s
kind of hard sometimes to go to the right and not go to the left, and if I go to the
left then I feel guilty that I’m not going to the right. “I just got done with my barre class and
I usually refuel with either one of these RX bars which are pretty awesome because they’re
pretty clean, or I use a protein powder, I like one by Roots.” *Music*
“For lunch I’m going to make up some mashed cauliflower because I have some leftover Moley
meatballs that we made the other night from Melissa Joulwan‘s Well-Fed Weeknights, but
I don’t have any sides and I have no fresh veggies in the fridge right now but luckily
I have this bag of frozen cauliflower that I can use and I’m going to go ahead and
boil that and then make mashed cauliflower and then that to the meatballs, just a quick
and easy lunch and it’s something I have to do a lot here at home but it’s definitely
better than the alternative and having maybe chips or even going out or anything like that. And then I’m going to put the meatballs
in the microwave. I use a microwave because I haven’t really
heard of too many reasons why you wouldn’t. I don’t know. There’s a good article on a paleo mom about
why you can use a microwave and how it’s really not as bad as everyone says so I don’t
know, you make that decision for yourself, I personally use it I don’t think it’s
that bad. Yeah well that’s microwave eating, I’m
going to come down here to my garden to get some greens, add some greens to my meal. I’ve got some greens, a little quick wash
in the sink, if I was doing this for everybody else, like my whole family, I’d be doing
this in the salad spinner but since it’s just me, it’s fine. Getting my meal out of the microwave, these
are the meatballs, and add the greens, and then add my cauliflower, and this is my meal. I know exciting. Doesn’t it look great? This is the difference between what a food
blogger does for real and what we do to make everything look really pretty, but it’s
really the same thing it’s just, you know, I haven’t spent all of this time trying
to make it all prettified and bring it on a nice plate, a white plate in my white background. I’m going to go ahead and go eat this.” *Music*
“Next up for me is meditation. I do this every day for ten minutes, I’m
actually on my 244th straight day which is pretty exciting. I use the app headspace, which I get through
my phone, I have an iPhone but I think you can get it on Android and it’s just a great
way to really just kind of focus and learn to make your mind rest. If you’re anything like me, my mind goes
a thousand miles per hour, all day long and I just keep thinking of things so this is
just kind of like a vacation for my mind, plus it also allows you to learn how to be
present, to hear the sounds around you, to really appreciate what you feel underneath
you and the air all over your skin and just all that kind of stuff which I don’t think
we take enough time to do, we’re constantly thinking of the future or the past or what
we need to do or anything like that so it just takes a few minutes just to be, and like
I said it’s a vacation for your mind and it’s a really great thing to do, takes ten
minutes and I recommend it for anyone.” *Music*
“I’m out for a little walk with the pup right now, yeah I’ve got a seven month old
dog who needs to be walked a couple times a day, so even though I did barre today I
still need to go and walk him but I really don’t mind because I really love walking
and I used to do Ironman, Triathlon and think that the more you exercise the more you lose
weight and can be able to be healthy and everything, I learned the hard way that that actually
made my body shut down and I think a lot of the autoimmune issues and everything I have
now are a result from working out too much. And I can do gentle things like walking and
yoga and pilates and barre instead of doing the really hard things like running and biking
and swimming, it’s too much. My body just can’t handle it, so here I
am with the dog.” *Music*
“Now I’m drinking a chocolate banana smoothie that I made, I’m kind of hungry after all
that exercise so I decided to make this, it’s just banana, some cocoa powder, coconut milk,
cocoa nib, some cold shredded coconut and some ice. I think that might be it. Pretty clean, so no added sugars or anything
like that, so just a little bit of fruit, good afternoon snack.” *Music*
“Dinner tonight is going to be out of this Well-Fed Weeknights book yet again. You recall I had leftover meatballs from this
book for lunch today, and I like to cook out of a particular cookbook for a week or two
if I have time to kind of just get some meals into our systems so we have some variety and
we’re not eating the same thing over and over again and so I’ve been cooking out
this book and I really like it because all the meals are 45 minutes or less and she does
both a protein and a side dish so it’s like a complete meal and it makes it really easy
to create a dinner. So tonight we’re going to have the schnitzel
with meatballs or schnitzel meatballs with parsley potatoes, sound really good look at
that picture, looks good doesn’t it. Excited to make this one. I also want to make a note about the fact
that this one has white potatoes: I know some people on the paleo diet cannot tolerate or
do not eat white potatoes or there’s a question about whether you can or not, it kind of depends
on you. We’ve tried them out and we seem to be okay
with them, I try not to eat them like every single night or anything like that, kind of
like that with white rice. Those things are pretty starchy and pretty
carb-y but I mean like I worked out a lot today, I have growing kids, my husband always
needs food so it’s okay. I don’t seem to have any sort of gastrointestinal
effects or anything from it, so it’s okay for me, but I can’t say that for you because
it might be different for you. And here’s the final product. Why is the juice not coming out?” *Music*

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