What Happens When You Don’t Eat for 1 Day

Feeling tired and weak? Perhaps you were buried in your workload and
didn’t notice the time. You look at the clock and what?!? It’s 4 hours passed your lunch time! And you remember that you haven’t eaten
anything since last night because you were too tired to make anything and just went to
bed. You make the excuse to yourself that you’re
on a diet anyway, and this is a good way to accelerate it. Stop right there. The reality is, it’s a big NO! Intermittent fasting, low carbohydrates, water
therapy and keto: these are just to name a few of the most trendy diet plans right now. Apart from a million ways to go about it,
there are a lot of reasons why a person would restrict their eating habits. The most common ones would be to look good
and feel good. For whatever the reason, deciding to suddenly
starve yourself will never be worth it. Even just for a day. Yes, not even for a day! And here’s why. Food is being used by our body as a source
of energy. Once you take that first bite, different body
parts start to play their role in digesting the food. It starts with the saliva in your mouth, which
helps with chewing and swallowing. It’ll then pass through your throat and
esophagus. Next, it’ll end up in your stomach. This is where food is being churned and mixed
with acid and enzymes, which breaks it down before it moves on. Hence, when the food leaves this small, sac
shaped organ, it’ll be more or less in the form of liquid. After that, it’ll go to the small intestine. Here’s where our pancreas, liver and gallbladder
will be put in action too. Our friendly oblong shaped organ, the pancreas,
secretes substances which break down the food into protein, carbohydrates and fats. The liver plays an important part too! It acts as a purifier of blood that comes
from the intestine, which is already carrying the nutrients. Below the liver is where the gallbladder sits. This pear shaped organ stores and secretes
a greenish yellow fluid which helps in breaking down fats. It’ll then move to the large Intestine. Our colon is a 5 to 6 foot-long tube of muscles
where water is absorbed, and waste and leftover food will be stored after being digested until
the time that it exits our body through the rectum in the form of stool. Once your stomach becomes empty, it releases
a hormone called ghrelin. This is the hormone that tells your body that
you’re hungry and that you need to eat. Another hormone, which is equally important
to keep in mind, is leptin. This one is the total opposite of the first. Leptin is the one that sends signals to your
brain, telling you that you’re already full and should stop eating. Now you know who to blame when you still want
to take a slice of that cake, but unfortunately, you’re just too full to do it. So, the cycle goes like this: when you’re
eating, leptin will be produced to tell you when you’re done. While you’re fasting, digestion is still
taking place and nutrients are being distributed through your blood flow. But while this process is happening, ghrelin
slowly starts to build up until the very last bite of food has been digested, and your body
finally starts telling you that you’re starving. The intervals of meals depend on how you usually
go about your day, and the quantity of food you eat. Some people might go for at least 7-8 hours
in between larger meals, and some eat more often, but in smaller portions. So this is how your body usually performs
when you take in food at regular intervals: It’ll be digesting it for you to get the
nutrients that turn into energy, which you need in order to perform your daily tasks. Usually about 60-70% of our energy comes from
fat. This process keeps your body healthy and full
of energy. Another important detail that needs to be
kept in mind is how sensitive our body is to insulin production. Insulin is what regulates our blood sugar,
which is essential for you to survive and stay alive. Having low blood sugar will make you feel
dizzy and light headed, while having a high level of blood sugar may cause you to have
headaches, blurry eyesight, or to feel fatigued. The symptoms of these two may differ and vary
in individuals, but both of them, in the worst case scenario, can be fatal. Yes, I can read your mind: finding a balance
is, indeed, very important! Imagine that, considering how your body functions,
one day you just stop eating. Instead of the normal production of glucose
in your blood, it’ll start creating it out of amino acids. Now, what if you don’t have enough amino
acids? It’ll then turn to proteins with the hope
of having enough for energy production. And yes, all of these nutrients are coming
from the food that you take in. Lastly, if what you ate didn’t have enough
protein, your body will just use your muscles. Also, when you don’t eat, the sugar level
in your blood decreases, and the usual response of our brilliant body is to ask either fatty
acids, or our old friend, amino acids, to be converted into sugar. Your body is desperately trying to use every
bit of resources that you have left and turn them into energy, just so you can carry on
with your activities. This is the reason why you lose some weight
when you don’t eat. Think it’s a good idea, since you didn’t
have to do anything heavy, like cardio exercise, and yet, you’re still losing weight? Still a no. Always remember that our muscles are what
we use for our physical activities. If your body is in starvation mode and starts
feasting on muscles, you can definitely expect a little difficulty in moving. Need I say more? Also, if this continues, there are a lot of
other effects that you may not like. Your skin may start to break out, your hair
may start to fall, and even your breath can start to have a foul odor. This is what happens when you change the way
your body functions rapidly. You might have heard some stories about fasting
being the key to losing weight, and there are a lot of success stories to back it up. No doubt, there are some cases where a person
can go on without eating for 3 to 4 days, but take note that this wasn’t accomplished
overnight. A gradual fast may help, until your body starts
to adapt and work in the way that you prefer. So, if you decide you really want to try fasting
for an entire day, don’t just act on an impulse and try it all of a sudden. This could shock your body and may be dangerous
for you. Jumping into a long-term fast can make you
feel weak, tired, grumpy and irritated. Sometimes, a nasty headache will annoy you
as well. Your body isn’t used to you not taking in
that burger that you’ve been drooling over for a couple of days now. So go ahead and give in. And if you’re actually trying to lose some
weight, you can still do so through a lot of different, safer methods, that are a bit
less dramatic and harsh than fasting; pick the one that suits you best, and that you
think you can actually stick to. It’d be best to get some advice from a medical
expert if you’re not sure which path to take. But don’t just starve yourself for a whole
24 hours or more. Make sure that you’re on a program that’ll
still sustain those nutrients you need, while healthily losing the extra fats you take in. (And yes, healthily IS a word in the dictionary.) And as always, you’re beautiful in whatever
size you’re comfortable with. How about you? Have you tried not eating for 24 hours? How did you feel about it? If not, would you ever consider doing so? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
this video a like and share it with a friend. But – hey! – don’t go fasting just yet! We have thousands of cool videos for you to
check out. All you have to do is pick the left or right
video, click on it, and enjoy! Stay on the Bright Side of life!

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Reader Comments

  1. Serdar Derekoy

    I've just got out from 36 hours of fasting. I've been training myself with Intermittent fasting 16/8 for the last 3 months and I've been practicing 24 hours fasting once a week in last couple of weeks. 36 hours trial was very successful for me. I had 2 mornings during fasting which I exercised and burned around 1000 calories (calculated with heart rate monitor) per exercise. I did the second exercise after 34 hours and I had even a lot more energy than usual. I had none of the negative effects. By the way, I'm vegan for 2 years and I eat almost none processed food. I believe the information you provided should be cross-checked with the principles of Autophagy. There are soo many videos supported with scientific articles that can easily prove the opposite of many things told in this video.

  2. Donald Massaro

    i'm liners if you're trying to lose weight one needs to exercise a little bit burn more calories than the calories you're taking in and you will surely lose some weight you can fast for a day and that does not hurt anything but makes sure you take your fluids like water

  3. daroslaw daroslawski

    i eat once a day for past 15 years, run, work for 10/12 h per day, cycling and need to say, if you hungry doesn't mean you have to eat, to be hungry or not have energy its two different things.

  4. Karyn Marie

    Um intermittent fasting is not some “new diet trend”. It has huge benefits. Research it from reputable sources. Modern society has convinced us we must be eating all the time. Giving our bodies a break from constant digestion can be beneficial for our entire body (including the brain).

  5. Leontine Ketting

    To answer the tittle: i get nauseous when i don't eat for just a day😕

    I didn't even watched this video but that's who i am, everyone acts different when they don't eat for just a day!

  6. Sam Ketofueled

    You’re not starving when your stomach is empty…This is total BS,starvation is when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from…fasting is voluntary,a 24 hour fast would be a great idea for almost everyone

  7. Jimmy Butler

    I find it interesting that some one would say that a one day fast could be harmful, when the bible tell it differently that it helps, Myself I got into a habit of one time a day of eating when I got hungry, not by the time clock felt fine and strong, but that was what worked for myself even the doctors were always wondering how I stayed the same weight all the time for years…

  8. FaZe REHAAN


  9. Roti v8r

    No we as a Muslim feast from the sun rise to the sunset and its totally not dangerous that's offcive actually you have to drink water more than eating and sometimes your body tells ur already full it depends on how do u feast there's a correct way and a wrong way

  10. shahharsh2010

    I fasted for 8 straight days nothing but water
    3rd and 4th day is hardest after that you actually adapt to not eating and I didnt even feel a hunger that much

  11. Allan 123

    I've been doing daily fasting for a year and I feel better than ever. I do from 16 hours to 24 hours. On occasions I do 72 hours, but it's easy to do longer fasts if you do intermittent fasting on a daily basis

  12. RoseOfTheNight4444

    In 2017, I couldn't hold ANYTHING in my body. I kept puking up whatever I tried to eat. I had several ER visits for about two weeks. Didn't know what the issues were until the doc told me it was severe anxiety. It got so bad that I stayed in the hospital for five days. I couldn't eat anything for that time due to the procedures done on me to figure out what my issue was. It was a miserable time for me then, and scary too. I thought I was going to die with how weak I was getting. Thankfully, I recovered, for the most part. For about almost three years now, I wake up with low blood sugar and it's been slowly getting less and less intense. Bathroom visits are usually when I have to rush for an orange or orange juice. For about six months to a year after that whole ordeal, I couldn't stop eating protein and now I've gained alot of weight from that ravenous state… It's only lately that my regular snacking behavior has come back. The worst part is that I have gallstones, which make eating very difficult on top of being food-sensitive. So trust me when I say this… unless you're fasting for religious reasons, DON'T MESS WITH YOUR BODY. FREAKING EAT BECAUSE STARVING YOURSELF WILL MESS YOU UP. I didn't have a choice all that time ago, and look at how it's ruined my body… Your ideal look is not worth more than your health. Besides, people can be super skinny and become malnourished and unhealthy – remember that. I was malnourished for so long (for most of my life actually because my metabolism was unusually high) and now I'm having the opposite problem. I've never had to exercise in order to lose weight because that was never an issue for me growing up. It's unnerving being this way. But I'd rather find that middle ground than go back to being malnourished. Your body is important, treat it right and you'll reap your rewards.

  13. Highly Favored

    Dr Berg, Dr Berry and Dr Mercola (if you are struggling with your health, check them out on YT- you will become even smarter than your Doctor)! 🤗 They will debunk the lies of this video! They will put this video to shame! Give me a break!! Constant eating is the very reason why many people are Insulin resistance due to constant elevated glucose levels in the blood due to refine sugars and carbohydrates; pre diabetic, diabetic and body full of inflammation. Alot of cravings for bad foods can be eliminated and diseases reversed by following a Keto diet. This video just goes along with the outdated info that has been around for the last 50yrs! Move over "eating habits that will put you in an early grave" There's a Smarter way to eat and Live a Healthy Life! KETO TO THE RESCUE!!! Stop the Constant eating. Stop looking at the clock to determine if its "time to chow down!" Listen to your body, it will tell you if it needs food! Eat to Live Not Live to Eat!👊

  14. Ceanes

    Fasting is one thing and has so many benefits, starvation is another thing. You dont talk about ketones and how the body uses it better than glicose. This video is misleading.

  15. LaLunar_NekoGamer

    I remember I lost my calculator and I had to save up to buy a new one since I didn't want my dad to know, I didn't eat and was too scared to ask for a bit of extra cash from my friends (I had a bit of their food since they didn't know until the last few days) I needed 2160 pesos to buy one and I get 100 a day, so that took 3 and a half weeks? I didn't have breakfast and had a small dinner since we didn't have much money then, yes you're right, SO MUCH FATIGUE ;-;

  16. pokemongamer5506 pokegod

    i haven't tried fasting but i have ADHD so when i first got medicine for it it made it so that my interest in food decreased so i lost almost 10 kilos in 3 months.

  17. unclesamthepimp

    Water fasting is the healthiest thing to do this is another lie! Notice how when it talks about you need to eat and show you a cheese burger???? Yeah real healthy people!!!

  18. Thorn_cat

    I once didn’t eat for two days.

    I threw up 🤢🤮

    Edit: no, I didn’t do it on purpose.
    I came back from a plane flight and had a famine amount of food and I hated ramen at the time so I refused to eat the only thing available. I was a weird kid, yess.

  19. Dynamique

    This video will appeal to those who are looking for an excuse not to fast, while it will irritate those who know better. And that's a fact!

  20. FM Deathtouch

    I'm sorry but this vid is just wrong in some places and I don't appreciate the scare tactics. It almost seems as if you were paid by fast food companies to do this.

  21. Aditya Bidarikote

    I keep fasting for once a week for the whole day i e from 8pm to 8pm in that no water for 10hrs I'm so healthy feels like everything is in mind not in stomach!

  22. ViciousDave4Life

    To lose weight I have watched My 600 LB life on Hulu. Eat protein mostly in meals and keep it at 1200 calories or less in a day. So divide that by 3, breakfast, lunch, dinner. You will lose weight. Also exercise. Many people have lost weight doing this from Dr. Now in Texas.

  23. siddharth sancheti

    Hahaha!!! Lol.. just google "fasting as per Jainism" …. some People fast for more than 30 days only by drinking boiled water… Science behind your video is right but that does not apply to everyone. I fasted for 8 days straight only on boiled water that too in the day time only.

  24. Jonathan Adamson

    Do your research on fasting. When fasting is done PROPERLY you can get ridiculously amazing health benefits. Just make sure you know what your doing and don't starve yourself! XD

  25. 에리스elise

    whenever i dont eat for a long time, i feel nauseous. whenever i eat too much, i feel nauseous. whenever im too excited or nervous, i feel nauseous.



  26. Thiago

    I got rid of a hiatus hernia and went back to my recommended weith, thanks to a 12h intermittent fasting. Funny story, back then I didnt even know what was that. They say a 24h intermittent fasting is never ok, and if you feel like doing it, you shouldnt do more than 1 of those per week.

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