What Can You EAT During Intermittent Fasting?

In today’s show we are going over what
you can eat during intermittent fasting I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna
Zigler and in the next five minutes we are going to answer the question what can you eat during intermittent fasting so
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eat to break your fast let us know in the comments below so I’m going to
answer the question and I don’t know if this was correct because somebody asks
us this and it was what to eat during intermittent fasting and I don’t know if
this is the direct answer that you want so we’re going to answer it two
different ways so the short answer to what to eat during intermittent fasting
is absolutely nothing The short answer to this question is nothing. It is very simple you don’t eat anything with
calories during intermittent fasting food or drink because you’re fasting and
so you want to consume zero calories what I believe the real question is and
correct me if I’m wrong with whoever asked this is what should I eat during
my eating windows which is the time that you can eat which is usually about 8 hours a day daring intermittent fasting for maximum
benefits and weight loss so when we discuss that question we like to
recommend breaking your fast with a healthy green smoothie
if you watch our videos you know that we love a good green smoothie and it’s a
great way to break your fast we will put our video above your head we will put the video up here basically green smoothies contain
tons of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and it’s a great way to get
a lot of those healthy alkalizing fruits and vegetables into your body and make
sure that you’re getting a boost of energy after your fast which is what you
want instead of feeling sluggish throughout the afternoon
so for dinners we like to stick to a detox list of vegetables which you’ll
find in the link in the description and occasionally we put a grain in the
from the everyday food list that’s also in that link to add flavor we add vinegar, oils, spices salt, pepper, and herbs we just stay away
from things like barbecue sauce ketchup and mayonnaise and all those
heavily processed and high sugar sauces with that being said we
completely believe in 90/10 so what that means is we strictly control 90% of
what we put in our body and then 10% of the time we have
wine we have pizza we have ice cream we have all those things it was my
birthday two days ago and we definitely did the 10% for the month
and we felt it that the next day we’re both sluggish the next day and
felt almost hungover because the food we ate and but we knew that going in This was a cheat day. Did we
still have our green smoothie in the morning? We don’t
compromise on that. There are a lot of things like that we don’t
compromise on but definitely if you’re going to break your fast break it with a
green smoothie try to stick to healthy food because if you break your fast with
pizza and burgers It is pointless. It’s not going to do anything for
your weight loss or it’s going to be really tough for it to help with
weight loss and energy thank you for the birthday wishes by the way for those joining us
live so check out the detox and the everyday food list in the description it
also has some green smoothie recipes which we think you guys will like that
detox list it took us years to write that list it is part of our book as well
Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment you can get that at www.dryeyebook.com check it
out so that’s the detox list from this the detox list is a very strict
diet so if you just stick to that detox list you’re shed weight you’re
going to feel better and then we have an everyday food list as well so you can
add those back in when you’re not trying to lose a bunch of pounds it is not as strict of a diet then we have green smoothie recipes in
that as well so that’s our free gift to you for watching today and it’s a
Google Drive document you don’t have to put your email we are giving it to you for free so go
check it out and also make sure you check out our video on what to drink
during intermittent fasting there’s not a lot of things you can drink during
intermittent fasting but there are a few so don’t forget to like this video also and click the share button to share this with somebody
who you think might benefit and might need this information thanks for watching thanks

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Reader Comments

  1. The Dry Eye Show

    The key part of intermittent fasting is to be calorie free. With that being said, you should avoid all foods AND avoid all drinks that contain calories and artificial sweeteners.

    ▢️▢️ Read More about intermittent fasting here: http://bit.ly/IntermittentFastingGuideEyeLove

  2. Shevon Baldeo

    Can you have carbs durning eating period?
    How often should you be eating during the 8hrs?
    I usually do meal replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner is that ok to keep doing during eating times?

  3. Fara Amin

    Does intermittent fasting work without exercise??
    During intermittent fasting,is it ok to do cardio or exercise at night?
    (I Don't have time to do exercise in morning)

  4. ToadstoolGirl

    I'm 47 and thinking of starting intermittent fasting to get rid of a stubborn 14 pounds before I hit the big 50. Can I break my fast with a bowl of porridge (that I mix with prunes, linseeds, blueberries, 1 date, 1 dried apricot, soya milk…everything organic by the way)? Or would that be too heavy on the system after the fasting? I really love my bowl of porridge to start the day and really don't want to give it up. Thanks for any advice! πŸ™‚

  5. Spruce Moose

    Iv lost 15kg is 2 weeks I only eat with a 2-3 hour window I’m not eating healthy at all fried food, burgers, pizza I just eat anything I want.

  6. ram rod

    I break the fast with an acai bowl. Frozen acai packet mixed with one ripe banana and 2 cups of blue berry. Topped with granola and clover honey. ✌

  7. Robo Redneck

    Currently I'm doing a 23/1 fast, only water, non-dairy, low carb fast.
    I do a lot of cardio and core exercises for about an hour everyday.
    (Jogging, Skipping, HIIT, Crunches, etc)
    I break my fast with 2 canned tuna (100 calories) and nuts (150 calories).
    I drink exactly 1 gallon of water a day as well.

    Basically a pescatarian diet, the only difficult part is having extremely low energy for exercise due to low caloric intake of sugar, fats, carbs.

  8. - Knight -

    I've searched for months and all youtubers videos didn't help. I love you both and want to watch you more and maybe do some video calls to talk more. You're both the best..subscribed

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