What Are The Benefits Of High Protein Diets?

hey guys so on this channel I’ve talked
about the benefits of low carb diets before in the future I’ll talk about the
benefits of high carb diets as well but in today’s video I want to talk about
the benefits of high protein diets now I don’t necessarily mean as much protein
as possible you really do not need to get more than one gram per pound of body
weight of protein or in kilograms that’s 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight
anything over that it’s not really gonna do anything unless you’re under eating
by a lot so what’s the purpose of protein well in the body we have amino
acids that are produced right for the body by itself and these are called
non-essential amino acids right and the rest of them we have to get from dietary
choices right from food that we eat animal products and plant-based products
and these are me know essence that we get are really important for repairing
the body it’s it’s responsible for maintaining the health of a heart for
example tissue in our heart and and all muscles around the body but in terms of
muscle gains specifically when you go to the gym you’re breaking down your muscle
fibers whether you’re doing resistance training sprinting anaerobic exercise
breaks down muscle fibers quite significantly so when you break down
those muscle fibers the process of repairing those muscle fibers and
growing more muscle fibers that’s called protein synthesis so basically muscle
again in a nutshell is when the rate of protein synthesis outweighs the amount
of a protein breakdown that’s occurring so over time that will lead to muscle
gain hence getting bigger over time after doing a specific type of exercise
you do more bench press you get a bigger chest and you sprint more you get bigger
legs to a certain extent um but that only happens to the best of your body’s
ability when you’re consuming firstly enough food right especially as you
become more advanced with exercise um but secondly and more importantly
protein right you need to be consuming enough protein with within the range
that I just gave you between 0.7 to one gram per pound of bodyweight that’s one
of the main benefits of protein being able to build muscle and building muscle
is one of the most important ways to look better obviously if we’re talking
about the superficial of benefits of it but also live longer right muscle is
tied in very closely to mortality and longevity
there’s protein and so many foods vegetables have protein right but the
best sources of protein are going to be animal-based products so like a steak
for example eggs are another great source fish these are all fantastic
sources of protein now you don’t need to pile on the animal products in every
single meal no even if you’re a vegan or vegetarian you can build muscle just as
well but you have to be choosing the right kind of protein sources if you
abstain from meat um if you’re vegetarian for example eggs and milk are
good and and if you’re completely plant-based then consuming rice based
protein or pea based protein rice to the broccoli for example it gives a great
amino acid profile for your body which is good for muscle of recovery so
getting the right types of protein is important and that’s why you know top
athletes in general not all of them will tend to prioritize animal-based protein
sources so despite protein being really really
important for muscle gain we all know this yet be asked the average so what
should you eat to gain muscle and not probably going to say protein there are
some remarkable benefits of protein for fat loss so protein will work on
increasing hormones which regulate your appetite so when these specific hormones
increase you become more full so protein works on lowering ghrelin right ghrelin
increases it’s a hormone produced in the stomach in the gut when you’re on an
empty stomach when you’re hungry right it signals to
your hypothalamus in the brain that you need to go and seek out food so protein
lowers us as does food in general but protein has the most significant effect
on lowering ghrelin protein will also increase of associating hormones such as
glp-1 and also peptide YY v a tyrosine tyrosine and when glp-1 in peptide YY
increase your appetite decreases and protein has a very significant effect on
them so protein is quite satiating when you eat it you feel full making it
really really good for people who are on a weight-loss diet
additionally eating a high protein diet is going to help with your mood it’s
gonna give you many good vitamins it’s going to give you the b12 you need as
well in general if you’re eating it from animal-based sources you’re gonna get
that b12 you need as well as ink and other vital vitamins and minerals that
are really good for you mood so eating a high protein diet on
on a weight loss program is gonna be really really good because you’re going
to decrease your appetite maintain a good mood and you’re not gonna get
irritable from all those hunger pangs so unfortunately Judah ridiculous
documentaries like what the health there’s been this big scare that
high-protein diets are gonna cause cancer and all this crap right which is
not true so if you’re eating some red meat but you’re not overeating food in
general and your ex is exercising and you’re and you’re being healthy you’re
eating enough vegetables you’re doing everything you should be doing and
you’re consuming a bit of a red meat for example or even a decent amount as long
as it’s kind of hitting your required macronutrients and calories you’re not
going to increase your chances of cancer only people who have like a
predisposition to kidney problems should avoid eating a lot of protein but the
evidence linking red meat for example or higher protein intake to cancer is
purely sort of population right it’s not causative and it’s simply a correlation
although processed meats and if you’re using processed meats as your source of
protein then that is carcinogenic and you are going to be increasing your
chance of cancer so eating like combo and sausages for example that’s gonna be
dangerous but healthy meat especially grass-fed meat is going to be perfectly
healthy so if you are not plant-based for certain reasons then prioritize easy
eating those healthy meats as your source of protein eggs and self
is great as well dairy can be a good option for you but many people are
lactose intolerance so we’re switching to something like yogurt instead of milk
can help but if you’re very sensitive to it avoiding dairy entirely and sticking
to those healthy meats and fish as well a few times a week is gonna be good so
back to the amount of protein you need like many people are gonna say that one
gram per pound of body weight of protein is what you should be getting or 2.2
grams per kg of body weight and this is really going to be good for many many
different types of people but the amount of protein you need of course depends on
your level of physically physical activity the intensity and how strenuous
that activity is your age your genetics you know as you get older protein
becomes more important to consume in higher amounts to a certain extent
because your body doesn’t absorb it as well and just like a b12 for example as
you get older you don’t absorb it as well which is why many elderly people
need to consume a bit more protein in order to
prevented chances for osteoporosis so overall protein is great for losing
weight it’s great for building muscle and combining something like a low-carb
diet with increased protein is gonna be incredibly good for losing weight very
quickly now you don’t have to do this but this is one of the main reasons why
a low carb and high protein diets work so damn well right you flush all that
water and glycogen out of your body by reducing carbs and your protein helps
you keep you full and it increases your metabolic rate as well so eating more
protein can be a great way to control your blood sugar build more muscle and
in combination with more carbohydrates right controlling them and not going
over your caloric maintenance if you’re trying to lose weight is going to be a
super good way to keep your energy levels up keep you satiated lose weight
and build muscle so what are some of the cons of protein while eating way too
much might leave you constipated right eating way too much to the point where
you’re eating over the limit of what you need for the purpose you’re trying to
get which is building muscle maybe losing fat you leave less room for
employment macronutrients like carbohydrates and certain types of fat
which are going to be important for improving your testosterone levels for
example proteins or affect testosterone as much as something like carbohydrates
or fat right so you need a balance right and that’s why you’ll find me saying all
these good things about every single macronutrient and and that’s because
they all have their benefits and and that’s why for most people maintaining a
good balance between all three is going to be ideal long-term so with thanks for
watching and I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think in the
comment section down below share your thoughts with me and the community here
and until next time I’ll see you guys later peace

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Reader Comments

  1. Sandra Goff

    YES! "What the Health" is a farse and talks about "processed meats" being harmful but shows a pictures of a steak cooking. Processed meats (as long as they are uncured with no nitrates, etc) can be healthy. AND, they have a doctor state that sugar has nothing to do with diabetes! As soon as I heard that, I shut it off. Coke or Mars Candy must be backing that fake documentary.

  2. Michael Warnock

    Good video, I have been keto for a year and a half, decided to go strict carnivore for 30 days just to try it out. What are your thoughts on this? It's not a life change just trying to dump excess water and get below 15% body fat.

  3. Mace Mace

    Philip thank you bruh loved this and the show with Dr E was a boss bruh. One thing did i get this correct. So if I weigh 187 lbs ( 84.8218 kgs) all I need for protein is 84 grams of protein even though i'm trying to build muscle. is this correct or did I not do something correct! Thanks keep these vids coming. Wish Ihad found your channel sooner–here to stay NOW!!

  4. Philipp Suchan

    I agree with you that everything should be in balance. The combination of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients is the key to a good overall health, not just one thing.

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