Weight Loss, Weight Gain? Bloated, Intermittent Fasting, 2 week update

Hey what’s up, I’m here to give you my two
week weight loss update. Let me just get straight to the point, ok,
I started my journey on a Thursday, that same day that I posted my day 1 video, I got my
period, the same day, and I just knew, I was like, you know what? You’re about to gain a ton of weight
like you do every single month. By Sunday I gained four pounds and I just
knew I was like ok it’s gonna keep creeping up and it’s eventually going to go up to about
eight pounds. I’m already gaining weight and I just started
my journey. Sunday morning I was up really early, I didn’t
sleep very well that night and I was up pretty early in the morning and I just decided to
just go ahead and have breakfast so I had breakfast somewhere around 7:30 I had a regular
breakfast, a typical breakfast that I would normally have and then I just pretty much
drank water and tea throughout the day which tea is something that I really do enjoy drinking. I didn’t put any sweeteners of any kind, like
no honey or agave or anything like that in my teas. I just usually drink my teas plain, I always
have. Somewhere around the afternoon I felt like
I’m not really hungry, I’m not in a mood to eat. An emotionally is something that I definitely
am not, you know, if I’m upset or hurt just feeling down the last thing I want to see
is food, so I’m definitely not an emotional eater. I feel like I’m fasting in a way and
once I realized that, it was like maybe that’s what you should do, you should fast. So I just decided to take that time, pull
myself, yank myself out of that funk and take the time to pray and to meditate. So I prayed and meditated and decided that
I’m just go ahead and continue my fast and I’ll break my fast for dinner. Which turned out to be basically, intermittent
fasting that’s what it was I just had a twelve hour gap between breakfast and dinner between
7:30 and 8 o’clock I had dinner and then, I think I drank another cup of tea that night
and a glass of water. The next morning which was Monday, that one
I planned. I was like ok, you know what, you fasted who prayed yesterday, why don’t you just go ahead
and do it again today? You know you really need to get out of the
funk that your in, your starting a new journey, start off right. So I went ahead and had breakfast like around
seven thirty-eight o’clock in the morning then I broke my fast between seven thirty
and eight o’clock that night. By Tuesday morning I lost the four pounds
that I gained. Thank You! I was so happy! I wasn’t fasting between Tuesday
and Wednesday and then by Thursday morning I lost two pounds. So I had a two pound weight loss my first week I was so happy. I went from 210 to 208. Actually I went from 210 to 214 all the way
back down to 208 but I’m not even gonna count those 4 pounds. I was talking to someone and she’s such a
sweetheart and I told her I just started my journey, I just said that I weighed 210 pounds
and just within a couple of days now I weigh 214. She was like…that don’t count. that was really great of her to say that to
me and she’s right it doesn’t count. I’m not even gonna count those four pounds
because it’s gonna happen every single month until my body is, you know, a lot healthier,
I may not have that issue anymore but I tend to get a lot of weight. I’m actually pretty amazed that all a gained
was four pounds probably because of the intermittent fasting I was able to stop myself from gaining
even more weight so that was definitely very helpful. Three years ago I did a seven day water fast. It was a WONDERFUL experience. It wasn’t easy
physically but the spiritual benefits outweighed everything. It was a beautiful experience, I
can’t picture my life without fasting, I can’t. After that experience I can’t imagine an entire
year going by and I don’t fast at least for one day. Fasting is definitely going to be
a part of my life. Not necessarily a part of my weight loss but a part of my overall life. It is very beneficial to weight loss as well as detoxing and its absolutely great for the
body but I’m not gonna be implementing it really throughout this journey. If I feel called
to fast, I’ll fast and if I do fast I’ll share it with you and let you know that I did and I’ll let
you know exactly how I fasted. Other than that is not going to really be fasting for weight
loss although you can fast for weight loss there’s plenty of people that have done it and
I kind of did it too but the spiritual benefits was far better. You know, so, that’s the reason why I fast. I’ve already fasted
a few days, earlier this year. Unless I feel called to do it or I feel the need to fast
then fine but other than that, I’m probably not going to make it a part of my journey For my second week I weigh 205.6 lbs so it’s
a total of 4.4 lbs for two weeks. I am extremely happy with my weight loss I feel really good. I’ve lost 4.4 lbs, I got rid of the four pounds
that I gained during my period and I feel really happy. That’s it, I just wanted to update
you and let you know that I lost 4.4 lbs, I am now currently 205.6 and I feel so RELIEVED! I feel so good about it you know, I feel really really happy about it. During the two weeks all I did was walk. I
needed to de-stress, I’m barely outside, was always indoors somewhere. I’m either at a friend’s
house or family or I’m at work or I’m at church. I’m always indoors and I just needed to get outside. That’s not healthy. I just went for a walk, listened to podcast, listened to music and just try to de-stress and just relax myself and
I think the walking and the fresh air helped me to lose some weight. I think walking was the best thing for me,
I needed to walk. I walked at a comfortable average pace. I did not walk fast at all. I tried to
do a lot of deep breathing and just relax myself and that’s what worked for me and just
stayed hydrated. I’m really happy about it, hopefully I have some really great progress to tell you
next time. Thank you so much for watching and I will
talk to you later. I promise I’ll keep you updated. Bye.

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  1. Patrycja Karyล›

    During period you don't gain fat, you gain wait because your body retains water which it expels eventually sometime near the end or after your period ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am a beginning IF myself, I wish you luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tyanna Semone

    you are lucky that you are not an emotional eater lol a lot of women are… I def think intermittent fasting is good for weight loss and helps you to get a control over food… I did that for a while and lost a lot of weight but now I'm on a journey trying to lose it back! Im excited to see your progress! I just subbed! I hope you can check out my channel and sub back ๐Ÿ™‚ also, can you talk more about your water detox experience?

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