Weight Loss Update 2019 | Intermittent Fasting | Weight Loss Journey

I am in pursuit of joy in 2019 and I
think being healthy is one of that and I think also it’s important that we feel
sexy as women Hey honeys! How are you thank you for
clicking on Simply Tanika Too – I am Tanika I hope you are well I am well I am glad
to see you all welcome welcome welcome I also want to say welcome to all the new
subscribers a lot of you guys came over from diamonite i appreciate you good
looking out fam good looking out thank you
this as you can tell by the title is a weight loss update for 2019 I have a
confession I had a weight loss relapse it’s not
what you think I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say in
this video and then you know I am known on my other channel my main channel
simply Tanika for being very transparent I’m gonna continue with that theme and
those of you who are gonna accept me will accept me and those of you who
won’t it was nice knowing you so let me go back the last weight loss video I
posted even though I posted it this year if you’d go back and look at the dates
for my intermittent fasting it was in November so I had my 60-day update the
beginning of November I lost 16 pounds on the intermittent fasting in 60 days
looked great waist was snatched and so I was super excited about that so what
happened I had IVF so if you’ve come over from my
other channel you already know this I am on a journey to be a single mom by
choice and I have a sperm donor and all that fun stuff and I’m going through
assisted reproductive technology treatment I had IVF in November in fact
I had my eggs retrieved the day after Thanksgiving and then I had the embryo
transferred back into me the Monday following Thanksgiving so I was blessed
enough to fall pregnant after the IVF yay technology and I carried the baby I
want to say it was seven eight weeks and then unfortunately I had a miscarriage
so I’ve been recovering from that it’s why the videos were late it’s I just
needed a moment videos were delayed on my other channel videos were delayed
here but now I am back and committed to posting consistently I want to continue
with my intermittent fast and so I want all of you who were with
me along on the journey to please continue on if you’ve you know been
intermittent fasting we’re going to relapse no matter what I’m calling it a
relapse because I gained weight as people do with pregnancy I also gained
weight from all the hormones that I was injecting myself so if you don’t know
when you go through IVF treatment you have to inject yourself with all these
hormones to stimulate your follicles or the follicles are worth are gonna take
out so you can get a baby I won’t go into it here but I will put a link over
here to my miracle IVF journey and so it will give you a little more detail if
you are interested in that I am doing better I will say that it was hard I am
probably a lot more cheerful or actually I know I’m a lot more cheerful than I
was when it first happened I’ve had time to think about it I don’t know if I’m
going to try again I have committed you know I am really into well-being and my
other channel is really about your well-being female reproductive health
mental health all those good fun things and this channel is meant to be a
derivative of that so about food and fitness and and fabulous could because a
lot of times the subscribers over there asked me like we want to see how you do
your hair and we want you to put up makeup and all that stuff and it didn’t
really fit in the content over there so that’s why I created this channel and
then you know like happened and I went through IVF got pregnant and had a
miscarriage and so I’m still committed to having that content here I’m
interested in what you want to see and so I definitely am going to continue on
the weight loss journey I’m going to have that here as part of like my kind
of mental reset I’m working on I did goals first of all I did goals for 2019
I’m gonna link that video over here so you can see it as well but two of the
important goals for me on that all of them are important but for the purpose
of this conversation forgiveness it was the first one the fourth one is joy so I
am in pursuit of joy in 2019 and I think being healthy is one of that and I think
also it’s important that we feel sexy as women wonder we feel sexy all the time
but I think particularly when you’re going through anything to do with your
reproduction when it fails sometimes like you’re failing as a woman and I
don’t want to feel that way about myself so that’s why I mentioned forgiveness I
want to be able to forgive my body for not being able to hold on to my baby but
I also just want to find the joy in things and find the joy in being and
eating and living and existing and so I think it’s a good place on this channel
to kind of talk about that and have that experience with you guys I want you to
find joy as well I’m looking at the cone Murray method I’m gonna declutter my
house I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of her but there is I got the
book it’s like spark joy and she talks about decluttering your home and as you
declutter you keep things that bring you joy and the other things that don’t
bring you joy you giveaway so it’s not that you’re discarding anything it’s
like it doesn’t give you joy and so it’s just gonna be relocated somewhere else
and you think it for its service before you let it go so that really resonated
with me so I want to be doing that as well over here I’m not a beauty guru I’m
not a hair guru I’m just a regular woman living in New York and so I’ll share
with you like what I’m doing in case it’s relatable to you
obviously there are beauty gurus out there if you want to know how to do a
cut crease this is not the channel for you if you want to have all your curls
pop and this is not the channel for you I am practicing in my hair I’m actually
you know I’m a natural curly-haired girl and so I’ll show you what I’m doing just
as a regular woman to kind of keep it up I work in corporate America I’m
originally from California I feel like I’m on a dating app I am single I am
single but I feel like I’m like I’m a Taurus I’m 5 4 and 3/4 I’m from
California I like I like I don’t know Cabernet Sauvignon and multiple geo know
I don’t know I’m being silly but yeah so I want to incorporate all of those other
parts of myself here on this channel and I would love to have you along for the
ride if you’re on a weight-loss journey if you are looking to spark joy in your
life if you’re looking to forgive yourself if
you’re looking just to be a healthier happier human being or you know you just
want to hear this crazy woman ramble on on the Internet this is the place for
you I like morning sex anyway so I’m being
silly I did want to come on here and say that because I will be doing some more
update videos I just did an apple cider vinegar cleanse which is how I started
off my intermittent fasting before so I’m in one weekend I do my weigh-in
tomorrow I don’t even know how it’s going but I feel better I just wanted to
do a detox after the miscarriage hi eight whatever the hell I wanted to eat
because I was emotionally eating I had waffles I had ice cream for dinner with
bacon and diet coke yeah I had all of that and I don’t feel
bad for it but I know I can’t live like that forever so this is the first start
I wanted to come on here and reset because then you guys will be seeing
update videos and you’ll be like wait weren’t you yes I was I was 16 pounds
lighter I’m not saying I’ve gained all 16 pounds back but I’ve definitely
gained Simon you know I want to get my sexy back so if you want to get your
sexy back or you just want to watch me get my sexy back I want you to hang out
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when I upload a new video all right I’m gonna keep it short and sweet that’s all
I have for you thanks for hanging out with me if you like this video please
give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below let me know where are
you in your world like have you made your let me know where are you you’re
killing my audio let me know where are you in your world are you annoyed loss
journey are you wanna finding joy journey are you on a forgiving yourself
journey are you into all of that you just want to hang out me and see me be
wild and crazy I mean I’m not judging I’m just asking all right love you guys
bye til next time
I hope that you’ll subscribe just click over here and if you want to catch up on
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  1. Christina Luo

    Hi! I just found your channel and I just started intermittent fasting about 2 weeks ago or so. I want to lose 50 pounds! So glad to have found your channel. Subbed! If you are interested, I also have a channel focused on my weight loss journey πŸ™‚

  2. Taking Down Fat With Cdub

    Please don't be hard on yourself. Weight loss it a long term battle. Just keep grinding and you will get there. IF changed my life and it will to the same for you.

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