Weight Loss Through Intermittent Fasting and Walking: February 2018 Progress Report

it’s time to review February’s numbers
I’ve got one word to describe this month plateau so I do these monthly
weigh-ins monthly check-ins progress report things because I want to show you
how numbers my numbers at least fluctuate how my you know weight tracks
and that kind of thing and my process is always to you know make goals at the
beginning of the month you know try my best to stay on plan and
then at the end of the month look back and say you know did it work did it not
what happened so in January I had a really good month
you know I lost like three pounds which was more than what I was planning on and
for this month I wanted to lose two more and really you know there weren’t many
challenges for this month that I could foresee I knew that we had Valentine’s
Day / our anniversary which I knew would be a day where I would be off and I had
a couple of lunches that I knew would happen so those days I would be you know
off plan at least I would be you know just eating lunch and supper so one
thing that happened at the beginning of this month which I did not foresee was
we all got really bad colds and that was like the first two weeks was just
interrupted sleep people coughing you know me you know having to be up
with kids and stuff so it was you know bad sleep the first two weeks and then
also in the last week of February that was one of the most stressful weeks I’ve
had in recent memory so there were there were no real big you
know as far as eating plan I feel like I stayed on plan I did not cave into any
stress eating which I’m really proud of myself for but let’s look at the numbers
because that’s really the more interesting part so I did walk at least
14,000 steps every single day my total for the month of February was 434,847
and that’s a total of 187.58 miles so now let’s talk about my weight I
ended January at 154.86 but I ended February at 155.03 so
that’s a total gain of .17 pounds so basically I was at a plateau
for the month of February so my highest single day weight was 158
my lowest single day weight was 153.2 and the most that my weight
fluctuated within one week was 4.8 pounds so when I hit a plateau I always
do try to say to myself first did I stick to the plan it you know did I not
walk like I’m supposed to or was it not eating like I was supposed to if
those answers are honest yeah I really did stick to the plan then I tell myself
okay just give it more time and sometimes it
takes the scale a few weeks to really catch up to what I’ve been doing at
least that’s my experience and so that’s what I’m gonna keep doing I’m not gonna
change the plan I’m just gonna keep eating once a day cheat day on Sunday
walking six miles a day and if it comes to a point where I realized wow I cannot
lose any more on this current plan I’m gonna have a decision to make and that’s
either gonna be I’m going to continue on the plan and just maintain or you know
maybe I’ll change something really small and see if I can get the scale to move
again but for now I’m keeping everything the same and we’ll see what happens in
next month’s weigh-in so how was your February I wonder you know February is
kind of a challenging month a lot of times if you’ve set some weight-loss
goals up at the beginning of the year you know by February a lot of people
kind of fall off the wagon so how is your February and if it was good well
let me know in the comments below if it was bad let me know so thanks for
watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe down below

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Reader Comments

  1. anderson cadogan

    I Got Plateau too This Feb. Or at least I think so. Numbers on scale didn't move at all but I'm seeing more veins pop up on my arms? Not fully sure yet! Good luck on breaking yours!

  2. Keep It Simple

    My February was good with weight loss and tracking my calories but yes I have been off track with exercise…so cold out in New Jersey 😒 I LL do better in March lol. Hope you break your plateau this month ♥️

  3. Susie Turner

    I "accidentally" came across your channel this morning when searching for some new intermittent walking videos to start my day. I haven't yet taken the time to check out your journey from the beginning but I will do that in time. I am in my mid 70's and began a 16/8 intermittent fasting regime 9 months ago. Not only have I lost weight in that time but I feel stronger and more vital and am now off my prior medication for Type 2 diabetes. Hearing of your success (and that of others) is a great motivator to keep on keepin' on. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Mi Cal

    Walking is great for sure but don’t forget to do strength training. I know you said in one of your other videos that you got hurt doing dead lifts but I hope you are still on some kind of weight training program. Walking alone won’t help with bone density, maintenance of upper body muscle, etc. Also, Intermittent fasting is great but one meal a day may not be enough to maintain good muscle tone if you’re always in a. caloric deficit. Keep up the great work!!

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