Weight Loss Through Intermittent Fasting and Walking: December 2017 Progress Report

ah December it’s a month with a lot of
eating so what did it do to my weight let’s talk about it in this month’s
progress report so I do these progress reports because I think it’s good to
show you real life you know what does it look like when you know you’ve lost
weight you’re trying to maintain it or you’re trying to still lose some how do
the numbers really fluctuate so in the last progress report I set goals like I
always do and I had had a goal of losing two pounds for the month of December
which I knew was probably shooting for the moon a little bit because we had a
lot going on in December we had you know a road trip that we went on we had a
vacation that we went on we had family in from out of town we had parties to go
to Christmas parties Christmas baking Christmas Day New Year’s Eve you know
tons of opportunities basically to eat a whole lot of food so first let’s talk
about my walking results my total step count for the month was four hundred and
seventy thousand two hundred twenty-one ah but now the weight which is where I
didn’t do quite so good I started the month at 155.14 and then I
ended the month at 157.94 and that’s a 2.8 pound gain so
yeah there is a slight gain there and you know what I’m really not broken up
about it there was a time in my life where that would have been enough to
just make me completely go off the rails like give up but I’ve learned you know
it’s just a matter of you got to get back to it and always always there’s a
reason if you have to gain and I can certainly look back on December and say
wow I’m really surprised that I didn’t gain more than that
like for example on this past vacation that we went on on that one I did not do
the eating plan at all so I did continue to walk six miles a day but I was
completely off plan when it came to eating which goes to show you once again
you cannot run your fork it’s so much more important to get your eating
pattern under control than it is you know the walking or the exercise that
kind of thing and I would encourage you if you have that same kind of thing
going on you maybe weren’t so good during the holidays get right back on
track there’s nothing to worry about you’ll get it back off so let’s talk
about the fluctuations in my weight because there
some big ones this month my highest single day weight was 161 and then my
lowest single day weight was almost 10 pounds less yet 151.4 so my
weight really I mean and this really is water weight fluctuations when you see
really big numbers like that for me at least because you know during this time
there were times we’re eating like Chinese food and snack foods and salty
foods and stuff like that and then I can really fluctuate a lot so which goes
back again to weighing yourself every day that was one reason I felt so in
control this past month and you know like I didn’t wait until January first
to just weigh myself I weighed myself every day in December and you know what
I knew exactly what my weight was doing and that really helped keep me in check
and but it helped me also to enjoy the holidays even more because I knew like
okay well I knew where my weight was I wasn’t worried about it and the most of
my weight fluctuated in a single week with 6.2 pounds so man I tell you again
I’m so glad I weight every single day because then I can tell like oh well
that was just you know a little outlier there so let’s talk about January some
challenges I actually don’t see any I you know this is like the easiest month
to you know try to lose weight because everyone’s trying to lose weight so it’s
the beginning of the year and almost like to look you know towards the future
and see kind of what do I want where do I want to be and I’m gonna try to
continue to lose about a half a pound a week which is about two pounds a month
and I would like to be squarely in the 140s by June down further than that I’m
really not sure about whether I want to continue to lose down past that or if I
just want to kind of stick in there and do some maintenance I’m gonna basically
reassess in June and see really where I am what I don’t want to do is just set
an arbitrary like 135 and say I’ve got to get down to that number cuz they
really don’t know if that’s where I want to be or not so I’m just gonna basically
see how this goes with the eating once a day it because this is sustainable for
me you know eating once a day having the cheat day on Sunday it’s just
a super easy plan to stick with so that does it for this progress report I
wonder how your December went – did you do well did you gain a lot did you lose
I would be super duper impressed if you lost some weight so be sure to LIKE
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Reader Comments

  1. M Chia

    These reports are immensely helpful! Thank you for your candor and honesty. Already looking forward to January's results! Right there with you.

  2. Tracy Webb

    I agree, weighing everyday is a MUST, it just keeps you aware of where you are and for me, if I get on the scale and I'm up a pound, I look at what I ate the day before and try to remember what it is about that meal that made me go up (usually too much salt). I appreciate all of your videos. I started a couple of months ago at 163, I'm now at 153 consistently (lowest was 151). I don't walk more than probably 8,000 steps a day but, I don't have a cheat day. I just eat dinner each night (usually a salad, soup, dessert or salad sandwich, dessert or even meat, rice, salad, dessert) I have coffee with lots of creamer to end my meal and I'm full and happy. I'm losing about a pound or less a week. THANKS for all the information, it truly is helpful. If you are ever in Nashville, TN, I'd love to meet for dinner (on me) 🙂

  3. Anne G

    Hi! I’m curious what you’re changing to go from maintenance mode to losing mode again? Are you giving up your late night snack with your husband? Anything else?

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