Weight Loss Results on Atkins Induction

What do you think of weight loss results on
Atkins Induction? Given the taste of a lot of their high protein
food, you lose weight just by eating less. Oh, come on. Guys like chicken and steak and
turkey. It’s the protein bars and mock carbohydrates
that throw me off. They don’t taste very good when they try to give you their substitute
meals. Those are convenience foods. Now if you eat an apple, steak and salad,
you have an Atkins approved meal that actually tastes good. I heard that the Atkins Induction phase accelerates
weight loss because you aren’t eating sugar and carbs. It’s amazing that they let you
eat as much as you want on what’s on their approved. list. You will gain weight if you use Atkins as
an excuse to get the 14 ounce porterhouse steak. But protein is more filling than carbs. I think more people lose weight because alcohol
and caffeine aren’t allowed on the diet. Why would that make a difference? Alcohol contains empty calories and erodes
self control when it comes to your diet. A glass of wine shouldn’t make a difference. But having the excuse to say no to the beer
improves the odds you won’t pig out on the pizza. Why would skipping caffeine improve your diet? No caffeine driven anxiety to increase stress
eating, and no sugar loaded energy drinks. Without caffeine, I’d crash and burn for every
morning. If you’re finally getting the eight hours
of sleep you need, you’ll probably start losing weight. I heard that the ketosis state causes you
burn fat specifically. And some people in that state see their appetite
diminish. It’s an all natural appetite control method. I thought it was a lean meat appetite control
method. Yeah. You can only afford so much lean meat
from the butcher.

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