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Hi, my name is Sadia. I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist. Welcome to Pick up limes. Now if you’ve fallen into a weight loss trick or gimmick in the past don’t give yourself a hard time. Most people have at one point or another. I mean, I don’t think it’s a billion-dollar industry for no reason. Now although your intentions were pure, I’m sure at this point maybe you’re feeling a little bit restless and don’t know who or what to believe when it comes to properly losing weight. By watching this video to the end you can at least avoid these twelve very common weight loss mistakes that I see all the time, plus I’ll give you a few pointers on what you can focus your attention on instead. Following a diet Now distinguish between a diet and a lifestyle. A diet is something that we do for a short-term gain, whereas a lifestyle is something that you can see yourself doing truly for the rest of your life, and that’s where you want to focus your attention. But if you’re trying to lose those 10 pounds or 5 kilos in one week, you might actually be able to do it but it’s not going to stay that way. People following crash diets often gain that weight back plus more. But that’s probably something you’ve already heard so the question to really be asking yourself then is: “Why do I keep jumping from one diet to another or keep trying the same diet over and over again if I’m not seeing any results?” One thing I’m always telling my clients to remind themselves is: that if there was a diet out there that really truly worked we would have all already known about it by now and we would all be skinny. Short term gains Now anything that promises instant results is a gimmick. This can be diet. This can also be shakes, bars, pills, light therapy, laser therapy, the list goes on. I’m sorry to break it to you. But at least this way you can save your money and instead spend your time on focusing on long-term gains. Changes that you can make slowly and strategically to get to the results that you are hoping for. Restricting calories Now restricting calories puts our bodies into a state of “Ketosis” it’s called. This is why those Paleo diets and those ketogenic diets are all the rage right now. Because ketosis suppresses the appetite. Which obviously means eating less, fewer calories, calorie restriction, weight loss ensues… I mean, why wouldn’t you want to do this, right? And we’re seeing loads of people with these before-and-after pictures. Two months later, six months later.. And you see these ripped bodies and you want that for yourself and I get it. But what you don’t see is these people two years or four years or six years later. Calorie restriction is truly not sustainable in the long term. And as I mentioned before you end up gaining that weight back plus more. The problem here is that calorie restriction slows the metabolism. So your attempts at wanting to lose weight in the future, after calorie restriction is over, tends to be slower or totally impeded. Studies show that even long after calorie restriction is over, people who eat in this way tend to have a very unhealthy relationship with food. So again, we want the focus here not to be calorie restriction, but rather healthy lifestyle changes. Skipping breakfast Time and time again studies are showing us people who have breakfast tend to be of a lower weight and are better able to maintain weight loss than those who don’t. Now I get it too, that skipping breakfast can seem like a really easy way to cut calories. But what ends up happening is unplanned snacking, grazing and overeating later on in the day. So most certainly have some breakfast and try to include more fiber in your breakfast. Things like whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds to help keep you full for the entire morning. Losing track of snacks Now mindless munching can really add up. I’m not saying don’t have a snack. I’m just saying watch the grazing and instead maybe have some planned snacks. Not snacking at all Now, some people can not snack at all and they do just fine. But if your track record indicates that you’re somebody who really needs a snack, and I am certainly one of those people, then do, please, have some snacks! Just plan for them. By planning your snacks and not depriving yourself you’ll be better able to control your hunger and lose weight. This is also especially important if you’re going to otherwise be going six to eight hours between meals. Snacking helps to keep the metabolism in high gear. Try some fruit, some homemade oat bars or a small handful of nuts or seeds. Sipping calories For some people this is the silent culprit. I’m all for drinking smoothies and having occasional juices. But I’m talking about excess. Excess juices, sodas, alcoholic beverages, or those specialty coffees. You know the ones like from Starbucks that have 500 calories per cup! I mean that’s a whole meal in a cup! So stay hydrated. Just sip smart. Drinking too little water Now some people don’t realize this, but water really is essential when it comes to burning calories. When you’re dehydrated, your metabolism drags, which means slower weight loss. Try getting in the habit of having a water bottle with you at all times and maybe also getting in the habit of having a glass of either water or tea at every meal and snack time. Eating out Drive-thrus and cafeterias add loads of oil to their foods to keep you coming back for more because of the flavor that it might add. Of course this is going to be a lot higher calorie than if you were just to make it for yourself at home. So certainly eat out on special occasions, or as a treat, but not as a ritual. Maybe you can get in the habit instead of meal prepping or batch making your meals on your evenings off. That way you’re going to be spending less time in the kitchen. And it’s also going to help you with your weight loss goals. Plus, it’ll save you some money. Focusing on willpower Now studies are showing us time and time again that willpower is a “depletable” source. It means that if you’re going to be focusing on willpower to try to eat better or to exercise more, you’re going to maybe find that it’s not going to work. And this really leads to frustration for a lot of people and self blame for not being able to stick with something when really, it’s not your fault. So what can you do instead? Focus on the why power. And by that I mean ask yourself: “Why is it that you want to eat better or be more active?” Write that reason down and reinforce the why instead of the will. Tunnel vision Are you focusing on just one thing as being the source of your weight loss? Is only the food changing? Or only the exercise? Food or activity and isolation will certainly help a little but it might not get you entirely or fully to your weight loss goals. You want to be looking at a whole wellness approach to health. So this means adequate hydration, adequate sleep, lack of substances and even a positive emotional state. You may have heard that increased stress levels also increase Cortisol in our body and that can actually cause weight gain and impede any attempts at weight loss. So do what you can to find some zen. Setting unrealistic goals Now again, your intentions with this one may be pure but do you find that you’re setting these goals that you just can’t stick with? Well, instead of getting frustrated at yourself, it might be more productive to look into seeing if you can find some one-on-one counseling or nutrition coaching. Now let’s think of the most successful athletes out there, for example. Their success is no doubt because of their relentless effort, but it’s also in part due to the ongoing mentoring and guidance that they receive from their coaches. Having a coach or someone to check in with is extremely powerful when it comes to you trying to achieve your weight loss goals. Alright. So those are the 12 most common weight loss mistakes that I see all the time. I know that it’s not necessarily the easiest journey but giving up isn’t going to make it go by any faster. And going to the extremes is truly not sustainable in the long term. So slow and steady wins the race here. I’m going to let you go now so that hopefully you can write down your why power on a little post-it and stick it onto your mirror or your fridge as a daily reminder to keep you going. So thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Feld Effekt

    Keto is the opposite to cutting calories! If you were knowing the facts about the keto lifestyle than you would not have mentioned "Keto" and "cutting calories doesn't work" in a following up sequence.

  2. inmyheart forrver

    Hey! You mentioned skipping breakfast would not be good. I've been doing intermittent fasting for the past 8 months (with 'skipping' breakfast)… is intermittent fasting bad in your opinion?

  3. Yan Dzivinskiy

    I was 335lbs dropped down to 265 in 6 months. Then the holidays rolled in and I gained back to 300. I'm now trying to bring back my effort and love for the gym

  4. Health Is Wealth Fitness

    Awesome thank you so much for the tips! I just started my weight loss channel so I am looking forward to including these tid bits.

  5. niki kremmida

    Your channel is really amazing. There are many "lifestyle" and nutrition channels on YouTube but the way you use the language, the way you present your ideas and the professional filming you make, make your channel remarkable!
    Love from Greece!

  6. Elegant Naomi

    Those who still want to practice intermittent fasting and also eat breakfast can simply have their last meal around 5:00pm. I went to a boarding school (high school) in Ghana where we had breakfast at 9am and last meal at 5:00pm. I never gained any weight until I stopped practicing that. Intermittent fasting really helps in weight loss so try it.

  7. Elegant Naomi

    Those who still want to practice intermittent fasting and also eat breakfast can simply have their last meal around 5:00pm. I went to a boarding school (high school) in Ghana where we had breakfast at 9am and last meal at 5:00pm. I never gained any weight until I stopped practicing that. Intermittent fasting really helps in weight loss so try it.

  8. Elegant Naomi

    Those who still want to practice intermittent fasting and also eat breakfast can simply have their last meal around 5:00pm. I went to a boarding school (high school) in Ghana where we had breakfast at 9am and last meal at 5:00pm. I never gained any weight until I stopped practicing that. Intermittent fasting really helps in weight loss so try it.

  9. Кирил ефимишкун

    For those who is still trying to burn their fat with pills, crazy diets and hard exercises. That wonderful woman has shown me how to burn fat fast still eating my favourite morning burger. Watch that short video here NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ (without spaces) to know how!

  10. Prakash Meena

    Dunno it helps me only or it can be helpful for you too but I started consuming raisins and almonds as snacks with unsweetened milk and it really helped me to not only lose weight but in a healthier way. now I feel more energetic and I never skipped any meal, isn't it great? You can try it!

  11. Crooked Lemon

    Hi. Ive been trying to lose weight for a while, I'm not close to over weight according to scales and such but ive always been unhappy with my body. I'm 5'7 and 120 pounds, which sounds perfectly healthy and normal but i hate the way my body distributes fat. I've recently gotten into parkour and ive started working out regularly but ive also stopped eating almost completely and I just drink coffee most days. I didn't eat for three days and ive never been picky or had a bad relationship with food. I just cant stand the fact that nothing feels like its working. People tell me I'm skinny but I feel otherwise, ive been told I might be sufforing from body dysphoria but it really doesn't feel like I'm delusional. I know what I see in the mirror. Ive been eating very clean and have cut out all sugary drinks, junk food, fast food, started drinking more water,learned how to cook healthy meals and every thing else I could learn. I dont feel any different and I dont even have a scale to see if ive made any progress. This was mostly a post to vent and such but, if you think I'm missing a crucial step in losing weight feel free to tell me. I need the help.

  12. youtubeuser

    Uh…Ketosis is NOT when you restrict calories. It is when you restrict carbohydrates to force your body to use ketone bodies as fuel rather than glucose. I'm not even a nutritionist and I know that. That's pretty damn basic.

  13. Chnider F

    How One Woman Discovered the Female Fat-Loss Code Missed by Modern Medicine…. ..And Lost 84lbs Using a Simple 2-Step Ritual That 100% Guarantees Shocking Daily Weight Loss

  14. Madison Callaghan

    The studies I believe you’re basing your info about breakfast on was debunked as bad science. The people who ate breakfast versus the people who didn’t showed little to no difference in health, it came down to sugar intake and calories per day not when the calories are taken in.

  15. Archana Joshi

    This is such an awesome video …. just what I needed . I have tried so many diets and been on the seesaw of losing and gaining weight . You are super ….love you !!

  16. Rachana Kashyap

    What do you have to say about intermittent fasting that goes against the idea of having breakfast. Research proves that fasting actually increases metabolism, not decrease it. People have gotten amazing results through it since your body almost becomes like a fat burning machine.

  17. Bethany Erb

    Thank you so much for your "how not to binge" video! Your voice was calming and the tips were actually helpful. It made me wonder if although yes, feelings follow focus, but maybe helpful thoughts follow helpful words. 🙂 Thank you for the support!

  18. McKenna T.

    I love that she explains that cutting calories and breakfast is bad for you! Most of the videos I see say that you should cut calories!

  19. Chad Swanson

    your description of keto and carnivore is incorrect. they are not about calorie restriction… they are about food elimination but maintaining caloric intake. mainly sugars and carb elimination.

  20. Marie NorekvalHayes

    calorie restriction is the end all when it comes to losing weight. There is no other way than calorie deficit to do it. To put it plainly, calorie restriction alone, without lookng into what you eat will be counter productive in the long run, so its not the calorie deficit that is the problem, its the shit food you eat to begin with. You can overeat "good food" and super healthy food and the result will still be that youre gaining weight. How mcuh food yopu eat in comparison to how much you move you eat matters 100%

  21. Denis L

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  22. Laly Sanchez

    You're great Sadia!!! Thanks for your pieces of advice and motivating videos. I'm trying to change my lifestyle, but I find it difficult because of my old bad habits. Thanks for your work! 💝💝💝💝

  23. Rilley Griffin

    I really needed to find your channel today. just a calm, friendly voice to gently tell me how I can stop suffering, but at my own pace. not just this video, i’m binging today lol

  24. Andrijana Grkovic

    Hello Sadia. I have one question for you. Do you think that counting calories is worthy anything then? Or do you think that healthy food intake is the only thing that should matter? Do you count calories yourself? Thank you so much for your videos, they are really informative!!

  25. Tim Mark

    The problem in all these videos are they don’t help. These are very generic tips. Weight loss is like an elastic band reaction. It takes a few days to start. Secondly you need to plan and pack food in advance. And that way you know this is all you can eat in that day. Drink a lot of water. At least 72ounces. If you take any medication like Melatonin it will mess around the weight loss. Stop eating after 6pm. You do need a great gap between dinner and breakfast. Cause you need to let the body burn off and adding food quicker prevents it. Hunger is a part of weight loss. You can use coffee or lemon with ginger to keep you full when you feel hungry in between meals. Learn to read the labels. Reduce high sodium foods.

  26. Alex-Aggelos Markopoulos

    Some people indeed need to be in ketosis since its the better fuel for some conditions, especially brain conditions. After all, the ketogenic diet, which cuts all carbs and allows one to enter ketosis (where he burns fat as fuel instead of glucose), came up at 1920s or something like that as a therapy for autism.

  27. Julia Sochnikova

    Sadia, your videos are very interesting, but you are also on a restrictive diet-you are vegan and exclude large numbers of foods-dairy, meat, fish, eggs. Japanese, Swiss, Italians-they have the longest life expectancy, and they do eat fish, cheese and butter. Nothing is wrong with eating an egg every now and then. Your diet is very restrictive and not realistic for the majority of people. Please give healthy options for non-vegans. I've been vegan, and I cant even look at another nut ever again, I am sick of nut butter sandwiches and I dont like plant milks. I am off to enjoy my glass of wine with nice swiss cheese. In addition, your way of eating is VERY high on sugar, as it often happens with vegans. It is NOT healthy. I am a diabetic, and my sugar skyrocketed on a healthy vegan diet, due to all those dates and figs. You show in you videos that you snack on dates and figs in large numbers, you eat a lot of fruit. Study after study shows that eating so much sugar so often is not good, that you need to let your body fast, that constant insulin spikes from all the sugar are not good. Your poor pancreas has no break with all that snacking on high sugar foods

  28. Ronnie James

    I became so excited to test the eating plan “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it). My eating habits as well as my consistency of few physical exercises was not altered and change. Over a period of a month, I lost about 6 pounds. The procedure has allow me to ate lesser and becoming full is a lot quicker. .

  29. Ilyes Ilyes

    Good advices it's very helpful and for me I made some research on internet I founded a good product to loose some weight called keto max bhd here is the link https://amzn.to/2M5ysHE

  30. Words, words, words.

    great video. I need to lose about 80 pounds. nothing works for me. I like the why instead of the will. I have a borderline low thyroid. do you think that could be contributing to my inability to lose weight? my why would be WHY so that my knee joints don't get worse and to have more energy to work and daily live. my doctor says my thyroid isn't the problem but he doesn't care about me at all so i'm not sure he's right. thank you.

  31. Fleur Hufflepuff

    How can someone be so beautiful? Loving your videos, as a nutrition and dietetics student myself, I'm glad to see professionals actually jumping out of the "diet box" that unfortunately I so often see in college and having non-diet approach, after all making peace with food and with your body is about changing your lifestyle not just following a diet plan (in most cases). Much love, thank you for your work. 💕

  32. I want be a designer UK

    When I snack I normally eat a piece of fruit and a kit kat bar

    I have stopped going from drinking fizzy drinks everyday to eating only 1 chocolate bar a day with a piece of fruit and it does help but

  33. Swiss Cheese

    Her voice and speech pattern is so soothing I legitimately cannot pay attention to what she’s saying. I zone out and go all zen until an external noise disturbs my peace.

  34. The Kazoo Queen

    I personally do not eat breakfast because it makes me feel tired and nauseous, and I graze because my body feels much better having several small meals instead of three large ones. Listen to your body. Not all of them will perfectly align with all general nutrition and dietary advice.

  35. Popo jojo

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  36. MrHunksee

    I’ve always, and I do mean always struggled with weight gain. I do have diverticulitis.. and intestinal issues. Are there any pointers that you have?

  37. priorato

    One of the most effective profucts for weight los now, you cannot miss it, make tour dream of seeing you well.
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  38. T Bloopner

    'Calorie restriction is not sustainable' uhh.. what? I was diagnosed with a sugar problem/ neuropathy 6 years ago, and told in no uncertain terms that my no breakfast, coffee with 2 sugar days were over..Decided on a keto/ intermittent fasting regimen, and at that time had NO INTEREST in losing weight, simply wanted to not lose my fingers or eyesight..Lost 10 kilos in 6 weeks. I have always been athletic, but this had never affected my weight one way or the other..Restricting carbs, increasing fat/protein was blissfully easy for me so I think your video is a bit misleading, since the regimen I am on has a natural effect of decreasing one's appetite for carbs

  39. adiel eduardo cames lopez

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  40. Chanel Mone

    Your channel was recommended on a Facebook group where someone asked who were your favorite you tubers and a couple of people had put pick up limes.

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