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is intermittent fasting are you’ve been hearing the craze on this I’ve been trying this I may be doing it wrong so here to help moms wear heels Monica with Bencomo um I thought I could still have a vanilla latte before my no that is breaking the fast people you cannot have that vanilla latte from Starbucks yeah what I need to be doing I’ve heard 100 calories calories 30 calories what can you have like just have black coffee if you can what do you think um it definitely um there are some parameters there the first thing is with a with AF or in a minute fascinating is it’s just basically alternating between cycles of fasting and eating so it’s super simple but you want to get in quality calories after you break your fast and I enter the problem I think with some we start Benji on pizza or carbs donuts yeah absolutely normal okay um but what that does if you’re eating those refined carbs like the pizza is the white bread and the sugary treats what that’s going to do is that’s going to spike your insulin levels and that’s going to actually trick your body into holding on to more fat which is not fun so we really want to treat ourselves with some good quality foods after we’re breaking our okay so a quick example let’s say if you’re not pregnant if you’re not breastfeeding something you can do is between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. that can be your feeding window then from 6 p.m. to say 10 a.m. that’s when you’re fasting now expect yourself to get a little hangry yes yes and he’ll have your tools ready so distract yourself when you’re on that fasting process with some books with playing with your kids with watching a movie or something to you know get your mind off of that pain because you’re what your body is doing is it’s attacking the fat and eating the fat during that time so good because what else yeah and then when you do break the fast you really want to again aim for those quality calories in the form of green leafy vegetables you know salads you know lean quality proteins tons of water as always you can do some great detox teas detox tea some dandelion teas green tea but essentially you want to up the water okay and have a lot more green leafy vegetables and what’s your advice on is it 100 calories you can have if you have to put a little bit of creamer in your coffee because I’ve even heard like you can almond milk you’re breaking the fast right so as you shouldn’t be having the the creamer in that coffee okay your your McCree McGrady you can I mean it’s not that big of a deal but if you can have your coffee black and actually yeah aim for a black coffee if you can okay um but yet that’s not going to be a huge deal because it’s not actual food okay right okay so alright and so yeah so my eating window is usually noon and by then I am ready to eat but noon to 8:00 okay you know maybe a later dinner here and there especially my got Friday night but yeah so pick your your window my husband like to do two to ten sometimes on your work schedule yeah but I do it here’s my plus Sunday I really like it cuz I get out the door not having to worry about breakfast and then you get your first meal at noon which is kind of for the busy people it’s really good if you’re out the door at work not sitting by average you know near your kitchen kind of thing so exactly yeah alright for more great tips it’s mom’s wear heels calm thanks Monica thank you

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