Weight Loss Diet Plan – Day 5

Hello Friends,How are you? How is the Diet plan going on? Today we are going to start the 5th day before that i wanted discuss with you all if you have any queries please comment below Few friends called me and asked whether this is my secret for weight loss I was happy for them they gave some suggestions they asked me lots of doubts so I thought I will talk to you all today if you are feeling hard to follow the diet you can start the diet gradually first you can start with dinner because after dinner we will go to sleep body will use less calories so its good to eat a small meal for dinner so if you are feeling hard to start with the diet you can start from dinner and it will be easy for you the diet food am mentioning here the food digests using the energy in our body while eating raw vegetables this way our body metabolism will also increase the digestion is easy the chances of decreasing weight will increase as we progress I will give you many more tips for effective weight loss as it is a big process I will give you many more tips to make it effective we are going to complete the first week of diet plan The few tips that I have given are every meal should have a gap of minimum 2 hours gap between breakfast and lunch should be 3 hours in between meals you can eat fruits i had given small tips like this try to have dinner at least 2 hours before Bed time that is a good habit for weight loss drink lime water early in the morning everyday you will feel changes in your body in a week if you follow this plan so if you have any doubts please comment below Please share this plan to your friends or to any one who needs it. Please Subscribe Have A Great Day,Bye

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