Weight Loss Diet Plan – Day 13

Hello Friends How are you? How is the diet Schedule? It’s been two weeks since we started the diet i have told you about salads,two litres of water as tips for weight loss How are you all feeling?whether is it easy or difficult to follow? If you find it difficult please share with me and comment below in the video and i will reply even if you have any queries please ask and i will clarify In this Diet plan Salad is the Hero Everyday after Lunch and Dinner we should eat Salad If you don’t like eating Salads,you can drink Buttermilk yesterday i drank Buttermilk in my diet plan You drink vegetable soup or Non veg Soup drink less fat soup without oil or butter drink soup without any thickening agents like Cornflour or flour it is healthy I like salads,so i eat salads our first priority and important diet is salad salad is the best diet we can also drink Buttermilk is also very good You have to take lots of proteins, Have an Egg Everyday Non vegetarians can take Egg,chicken,Fish You try to avoid mutton but if you want to have you can take less quantity because Red meat is not good for health and weight loss You can take fish,chicken without fried You can take grilled fish and chicken,it is healthy. Daily you should have Proteins. Vegetarians can have all kinds of Dhal as proteins Eating raw Sprouted whole gram dhal one spoon is healthy i have mentioned in the diet also one spoon is enough Fruits can be eaten as separate meal you can eat fruits in the snack time. you can have the fruit you like Drinking water is very important for this diet 2 liters of water everyday Today am going to give you Two new tips it is very important and we are going include from this week in our plan First tip,after every meal you can have Green tea or Hot water am allergic to green tea,so i drink hot water after Breakfast,lunch and dinner we are including this new habit for quick weight loss Second tip,from this week we are going to start doing Exercise. you can exercise for minimum 30 to 40 minutes Its very good,if you can exercise for more than an hour or more but we don’t get time so at least exercise for 30 minutes Its very good walking or exercise in the morning before breakfast after drinking lime water. after exercise you can drink milk or coffee it is very effective and helpful for weight loss If you don’t have time to exercise in the morning,you can exercise in the evening usually i don’t exercise in the morning i exercise in the evening but i tried to do some exercise in the morning for 30 minutes you can do yoga you can do whatever is comfortable for you so from this week we have started two new habits first Hot water after every meal second exercise so let’s meet after one week and discuss about the diet Please share this video with your friends or relatives who need a weight loss diet because this is a healthy weight loss diet without any chemicals or medicines we are aiming for natural weight loss we are aiming with our usual food stuffs Actually this is a healthy diet plan, because we are eating Raw vegetables hot water buttermilk low fat food if we follow consistently,we will feel changes in our body Important highlight is not to eat fried food do not eat vada,fried chicken,chips,packed food Instead you can eat healthy snacks like Nuts,fried grams,dry fruits Take lots of fruits,its healthy please avoid fried foods please avoid drinking cocacola,pepsi,because it has only sugar no nutrients please continue this healthy diet Be motivated to follow the diet and reap the results please follow the diet plan and you will get a good result i think i have reduced 1 to 2kgs in this two weeks i have not checked the weight yet Next time i ll tell you about my weight Please follow the diet plan and include the two new habits in your diet I will talk to you soon

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  1. Parasakthi Ganesh

    Superb Radha,
    It's really really very good diet menu.I never feel deprived.
    As you said salad s do wonders.tummy is very light.energetic whole day.

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