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to San Square Today in this video we are going to see weight loss plan called OMAD, One Meal a Day From the name itself it is clear we are going to have one meal per day From this diet how much weight are we going to lose and benefits from this diet how to do dieting and how many days do we need to follow all this information we are going to see from this video If you are watching first time to this video, please like comment, subscribe and share and click the bell icon to get my regular updates. This diet is very simple, One Meal a Day as simple as that By saying it is Simple, but in practical it is not that much simple to follow Since morning until night everyone have their own work to complete To complete all the works, surely we need lots of energy & stamina Considering the facts seems like it is tough to follow but If we follow this diet strictly within a week we will lose 4 to 5Kgs (Appx 11Pounds) easily First will see the timings when we need to take this meal if we thought to take the meal in the morning, that is right away our breakfast and skip the meal program completely We wont get enough stamina / calorie until night that will lead not able to concentrate you will be in insomnia etc will feel starving and the duration will be too long to stay with starving. Morning time is not the recommended time for this diet Please skip this diet in the morning time Next afternoon, some people will take during lunch and skip breakfast & Dinner But as per my recommendation best time to have diet is between 4pm to 7pm reason because we should not feel starving before sleeping If your dinner time is 9pm or 10pm, if we complete our dinner by 7pm we feel our stomach is completely filled. and we will get complete sleep during night we will getup next day with complete freshness That’s why i recommended this time as a best time If we take this diet during lunch, we need to stay longer hours with starving and we will lose our sleep and next day morning also we need to maintain our diet until lunch This diet is all about timing, we need to maintain the same time as day one First day if you take meal in the morning and can we have this diet for next day lunch? NO You cannot have those flexible in this diet what time you are dieting on the first day, you have to follow this for the next seven days as is said, best time for this diet plan is between 4pm to 7pm. but ensure your regular routine too. some people having night shift, in that condition you need to make your convenient time only condition is that we need to take 2 to 3 hours before sleep thats the idle time to break the fast thats the easiest method some people raised a question do i need to take the food for the 3 hours(4pm to 7pm)? NO that’s the time range, in the three hours you can take only one meal Incase day one if you had your meal at 5pm next day you may forget to have / you may have other work to do that’s why the time range given, you can take 30min later or earlier than the yesterday so within the three hours time range you can continue with flexible you dont have to eat for the full three hours with in the time frame, you can take your meal diet what kind of foods can be taken within this three hours? we dont have to follow any special food, we can follow our regular food itself we need to have carbohydrate in this diet but excess carb food not good we need to avoid white rice in our diet you can ask a question, without rice how can we survive? rather than consuming white rice, you can use millet plenty of millet available, kodo millet, banyard milet, little millet etc you can take as you wish, even quinoa but the quantity restricted to half cup for half cup rice, you have to take 1 cup vegetables. on top of that you can have some smoothies prepare such foods during your diet period if you take foods like chapathi, kichadi, upma, idli, dosa. its ok! only thing is reduce carb intake then strictly no fried items. specially deep fried items. so please avoid heavy carb, deep fry items from your diet You can take up to 5 Idly (Rice cakes) since morning we didn’t eat anything, so up to 5 idly is ok along with some vegetables. quantity of vegetable will be half cup and if you want to take rice take halfcup along with any gravy vegetables can be cooked / steamed or marinated with salt and pepper like salad style If you are about take Dosa based on size you can define. can be up to 3 Dosa per meal If it is thick dosa consume max 2 Its all depends on size If it is going to be Kichadi / Upma maximum you can take one cup you can take along with vegetable you dont have to take all this at same time, within 3 hours, you can take here and there to complete first you can take vegetables and then after half hour complete your meal / dinner. or you can take your meal and then you can take vegetables. That’s the plan, in three hours we can take whatever we want, but less carbs. Our meal should be higher with protein and fiber If it is Chapathi you can take upto 3 side dish can be with higher proteins like paneer or Channa masala or we can do with mixed vegetables with dall its a kind of daily regular food what we consume as daily No special food is needed for this diet. But the food quantity is limited and less carb foods its very difficult to live only with the three hours diet plan we will starving for the whole day, we need to be very careful during starving we should avoid having any snacks during that time no sweets to be taken during this diet Please avoid taking sweets or any snacks in this diet. To avoid starving we can take liquid content. have to be careful, only liquid content allowed, no fruits allowed nor any solid foods in our banana milk diet, i said fruits can be taken but in this diet only liquid content allowed Day starts with morning drink we used to have coffee or tea, instead of that we need to have an alternative we are going to have a drink with moringa drink Moringa leaves will control our hunger and it is best for weight loss too Since we are not eating anything throughout the day, our body becomes heat to reduce body heat, mix moringa leaf powder in water and drink that will control our starving as well good for weight loss Morning drink will be with Moringa juice along with honey in our empty stomach filter the juice and drink if you dont like to drink in empty stomach you can have coffee, but without milk is preferable. in this whole diet we need to avoid milk Black tea with palm jaggery / raw sugar will be fine. Green tea will be fairly good for this diet plan Morning drink is over, without milk. Black coffee / Moringa Juice. By 10am we will feel surely hungry Take 1 Liter water and squeeze half lemon add chopped mint leaves in that water. and add 2 cardamom into that and shake well. you can shake that in a bottle or shaker. You can drink that water directly or you can filter the water and drink This drink is good for weight loss, since it has lemon, cardamom Mint, those ingredients are really good for weight loss. same time this drink will give lot of energy and control our hunger this drink is really a refreshing drink. This drink should not be taken during evening. In the evening you can drink normal water During this diet, you have to consume 3 to 4 litters(minimum) water If you dont like to drink enough water, you can take as juice without sugar Even palm jaggery or raw sugar to be avoided. we already consumed little jaggery during our coffee, that too little. If you can drink coffee without raw sugar / palm jaggery will be good. But in the juices you have to avoid any sugar content You can extract the juices from pomegranate watermelon juice is pretty good for weight loss For the both fruits you dont have to add any sugar. You can blend in a mixer and drink as it is. This is good for drink as well for weight loss. Orange juice is also good for weight loss No sugar to be added. instead of drinking only water, you can consume such drinks during lunch also we will feel starving, since our regular habit to consume food. You can drink water if you feel starving you can drink any kind of shake without milk. best shake is finger millet, you can find in our earlier video. soak finger millet along with almond for a while and blend in a mixer filter the mixer, we will finger millet shake, there is no milk in this drink. This is called weight loss shake, you can drink this during diet plan. link given in the description for the finger millet shake Finger millet shake is one drink, similarly you can have with fruits No solid fruits allowed in this diet. shake should be without milk & sugar even you can do with Chiku shake peel the chiku and blend in a mixer and drink. again no sugar no milk This is what the whole day meal plan is apart from 4 to 7pm from 4pm to 7pm is our meal time. during 4 to 7pm, we can solid food, that will fill our stomach same time, we need to ensure that no high carb food nor fat food in our diet. that’s our only focus area in this diet If we follow the diet, surely within a week, we will loose 4 to 5 kgs(11 Pounds appx) weight. Please follow this diet, i shared how to follow this diet. You can as how many days do i need to follow this diet? Can follow within 7 or maximum 7 days Likely you can continue this diet for 4 days or 3 days as we wish But dont exceed 7 days We need atleast 2 weeks gap between the diet to get complete benefit. so after 2 weeks,we can continue this diet for further weight loss. If we continue this diet for more than week, we will lose our stamina and will become very tired. For women, if they continue for more than 2 weeks, they may face missed / irregular periods or this can create menstrual problems so only it is requested to have only for 7 days after a week diet, we need to have gap for 2 weeks to continue. if we continue our diet more than 7 days, we have face some health issues. Next how to maintain our reduced weight after this diet? This is very famous question from all, its very simple During this diet, we followed one meal a day for 7 days after this 7 day diet plan, if we started to eat more carb or 3 meal course, surely we will gain weight we need to increase our food intake little by little instead of increasing to high level First day in morning take only fruits as breakfast and skip lunch Dinner is going to be like our diet meal, which we had during 4 to 7pm. 2nd Day in the morning fruits and for lunch, take little rice / carb For the dinner, take little dinner and sleep well 3rd Day is going to be similar to day 2 Then Day 4 and so on. Increase the food intake gradually but limit your carb intake dont increase the food intake in the very 1st day of your completion of diet. that will increase your weight again. We need to keep eye on the food intake and control our carb intake to stay with our weight then we feel sad about our weight loss journey increase your food intake gradually, that’s only my recommendation. If you increase rapidly your food intake, your weight also will increase rapidly. During this diet plan, you dont have to do any exercise, since we are taking only one meal a day that itself will boost our weight loss. No additional exercise needed. But after this diet you need to do some moderate exercise. If you can’t continue any exercise, atleast try for 30 min brisk walk This will allow to maintain your lost weight to continue this diet after 2 weeks is your choice, based on your weight loss goal, you can continue. you need to have 2 weeks gap after 7 days then only you can able to be healthy. That’s all OMAD its a kind of intermittent fasting I will share further details about intermittent fasting in another video. this video talks about One Meal a Day If you like this video, please like, comment, share & subscribe. Please comment if you have doubts, suggestion in this video I will try to reply shortly / as soon as possible. See you next in another similar kind of video bye bye

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