Weight Loss and Maintenance Through Intermittent Fasting and Walking: October Progress Report

I believe one of the biggest reasons I
was able to lose 65 pounds and maintain that weight loss is that I kept track of
my numbers so today let’s take a dive in and see am i gaining losing or
maintaining in October’s monthly progress report so I want to do this
video today to just kind of open up the books as it were and show you guys what
does my weight look like on a daily basis throughout the month what you know
what what am i dealing with am i struggling with anything and just things
I’ve learned so today we’re gonna go into a deep dive into the numbers and I
hope you enjoy it so first let’s talk about my goals for this month when I
started this month I said you know I want to try to start to lose about a
half a pound a week and that’ll give me like a two pound weight loss for the
month a one pound a week at this point at my current weight is just it’s too
aggressive for me I just you know it I just can’t lose that fast anymore
so I notched it back and I said that’s you know probably going to be attainable
my plan to accomplish that goal is like it’s always been eat once a day
cheat day on Sunday and walk six miles every day challenges for this month
were that you know it’s October so there’s Halloween there’s candy that
kind of thing but I said to myself you know I’m gonna stick with my plan if
there are family things and I go to out you know eat there but I’m not gonna be
super strict but I’m not gonna just blow my plan all together so overall this
month I felt like it was a good month that was consistent I really I had to
really purposefully say sometimes I’m gonna get my steps in right now I had
home improvement projects going on around me and I really
had to make it a priority I ended the month with 442,936 steps so now
probably the more interesting part is my weight so I started the month with a
seven-day average of 157.89 pounds and as of today in November first I have a
seven-day average of 155.86 pounds that’s a total of 2.03
pounds lost also out of interest because I’m always telling people you know you
should weigh every single day I looked at how much did my weight fluctuates
within a given week and the biggest amount that it fluctuated was 4.2 pounds
so don’t let him like a gain discourage you because he overall I lost weight
this month the highest weight that I logged during the month just for a
single day was 159.4 the lowest weight that I logged was 154.6
and then overall you know I had these weekly goals I wanted to lose a half a
pound and 3 out of 4 weeks I did that and overall I still hit my goal which is
puts about a 2 pound weight loss so now let’s look forward this coming month
is November and there are several things going on this month that a lot of times
can derail your progress so the best thing to do is just make a plan so the
first thing I have coming up is my birthday is this month so there’s gonna
be at least one day where I’m not gonna be on plan but you know what that’s
gonna technically be on my plan because my plan will be to take the day off from
my plan also we have family coming in from out of town for a while and so I
know that during that time I’m gonna be more diligent about getting my steps
in and there will be days where I will be off plan because there will probably
be things you know family gatherings and stuff that I’ll want to be a part of and
then lastly of course there’s Thanksgiving Day and I am going to be
pigging out all day long so but I’m gonna do that on purpose with intent
so for this month I want to try to lose another two pounds that’s half a
pound a week so that’s a little bit aggressive considering I’ve got some
stuff coming up so we’ll see how it goes so I want to be down to 153.86 by
December 1st my plan of course to get there is just to eat once a day have a
cheat day on Sunday and then walk six miles every day another fun little thing
I’m gonna try to do it’s a goal that I have and it certainly won’t be accomplished this month but I’m gonna start working on it this month and that
is I want to learn how to do at least one pull-up I’ve never been able to do
one and I thought hey that’s a good goal so my two key takeaways for this month
are number one slow and steady wins the race I know half a pound maybe doesn’t
seem a whole lot to a lot of people but to me it’s good progress and number two
consistency pays off I was consistent I didn’t do you think fancy I stuck with my
old plan and I met my goal so if you’re tracking numbers let me know down in the
comments below what do you track what’s your system I tend to wait every day
every week I kind of looked back at my progress and every month I try to really
look at the big overarching picture so I hope you enjoyed the video please like
comment subscribe down below and if you’d like to take an even deeper dive
into the numbers go over to my website on today’s blog post I’m gonna
have all the numbers screenshots of everything so you can really see how
much my weight fluctuated what does my day-to-day really look like

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Reader Comments

  1. MacX85

    I don't weigh myself because I find weight to be meaningless as long as I'm not overweight. I go by how I look in the mirror.
    The only thing I do track is my lifts as I want to steadily build up more muscle. So, ideally I would gain weight and this would be confusing in the end.

  2. Dori Butler

    ok, this is silly, but when you walk
    6 miles per day, does that mean 6 intentional miles excluding incidental steps due to normal daily activities, or simply six miles per day regardless of intent? sounds like I am splitting hairs, I know. 🤗

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