We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days

(upbeat music) – So for the next month,
I’m going to be training like the actors we see
in super hero movies do. – I always wanted to
train like Chris Evans. Something about his shoulders
makes him so unique, that dorito shape shoulder to waist ratio. – My favorite super hero on the screen is definitely Black Widow. Great butt, toned abs,
most of it is the legs. – When I look at these
characters in the movie like Captain America, Thor, Superman, Batman. Rarely you get to see Asian characters that are powerful, reliable. I feel like there is not
enough representation of Asian super hero figures. – So we’re going to be training with a professional personal trainer. He has trained a lot of celebrities. He gave Chris Evans the super hero body. And now he plays Captain America and looks absolutely incredible. – Me, as Korean, really want
to see if I have what it takes to achieve the super hero look. – I think I’m ready to look super buff. – Hi, I’m Steve Zim, and I’m the owner of A
Tighter U fitness studio in Culver City, California. I’ve written three
best-selling fitness books, and I’m going to train Kelsey and Evan like their favorite super heroes. – You personally trained Chris Evans. You showed me a before and after picture, and his shoulders just
got like 10 inches wider. I want that dorito ratio. (laughter) That’s what they call it! – We’re going to do a
five day a week plan. You’re going to work out
with me minimum one hour with weights, and then
depending on our body fat situation, how much cardio. With Kelsey, Kelsey is
starting at a really good spot. But we’re talking super hero. Her shoulders are rolled way forward. You have to have everything
standing up straight, looking great. And then the other part is we
have to make sure she is even. I don’t want one arm
bigger than the other arm. We need to make everything symmetrical. The back of her leg, we want to separate the hamstring from the glute. Really important for a woman to have that. It almost looks like a
bow from a bow and arrow the back to the leg. Evan looks a lot like
Chris when he started. Slender, good shape, and if you look at him,
he looks fantastic. We’re going to take him from looking great to looking unreal. I’ve created a program for him
to round out his shoulders, so we can really separate his
shoulders out from his arms. That’s going to give us what he calls the dorito look. – It was very interesting
to see all these numbers that represent my body. Like the size of my sweater,
and the size of my pants, that’s literally all I
know about my body size. – I found out Evan only had
to do 20 minutes of cardio, and I had to do essentially double or triple the cardio he had to do. Women carry more body fat than men. That’s just how we function on our bodies. – We use two products. We take these before our workout, and then after our workout. Their basically protein. It helps enhance muscle fiber, and melatonin helps you go to sleep. The deeper we sleep, the
more growth hormone naturally is created in our system,
which helps us keeping us lean, getting us stronger. This is what we do. I look at what we start
with, I break it down. And then I create the exercise program that’s going to make them pop on film. – First week was just awful. I was waking up before the sun was up. – I never wake up at six a.m. in the morning for anything. It was uhhh, it was just uh God. – A lot of his exercises
are very different from what I’ve been doing. There’s a lot of twisting,
squeezing, and holding. Like the first day of training, he gave me a five pound dumbbell. He instructed me to do this one exercise where I bring my arm back and twist. I’ve never felt that weak in my life. – It’s not about the weight. I don’t care how much you’re lifting. The weight is so secondary. It’s technique, it’s isolation, and it’s about not swinging the weights. It’s about bringing the weights. – I was really surprised how
many butt exercises there are. I had never really done
anything for my butt. – The first week just had
so much pain involved. – And I was sore every single day. (laughter) And it was a different
body part on rotations. – My abs were screaming for help. I couldn’t take off my
shirt because my shoulders were hurting so bad. – I couldn’t walk up the
stairs to get to my desk. – The first week is always a big shock because your body doesn’t
know what’s going to happen. – Yep, this is going to
be harder than I thought. – When’s my cheat day? – When you’re telling me
we have four or five weeks to get you in shape, we don’t
have time for a cheat day. – I had to change my diet too, and I think that was the thing
I struggled with the most. – The nutrition program
I’ve put these guys on feeds the muscle, starves the fat. The idea is you have
to get enough calories to feed the muscle from
the work we’re doing. Make sure that we’re not eating sugar and a lot of carbs that will feed the fat because we don’t have the time to do that. We want to just shred these guys up. – My friends wanted to go out for pizza, or wanted to go out for pasta, and those are all things I can’t have. And I hate being the person that’s picky. – I ate approximately 7,000 Greek yogurts and 3,000 chicken breasts and salmon. – Now that I’m used to this diet, every time I eat something
I can taste how much sugar or how much sodium something has. – We asked him if we could eat In and Out, and he said we could essentially just eat a patty and lettuce. – Which is fine by me because
that’s what I eat anyways. – It was not fine by me,
so I bailed and ate cheese. Like my body, I can feel the dairy. That was really eye-opening for me. All of the sudden I had to
think about every ingredient that was put into anything I ate. And I realized that I had never before seriously thought about
what I consumed ever. – It’s eight a.m. on
Thanksgiving Day, sigh. At least there’s no traffic. Throughout the weeks, I was
seeing changes in my body. My biceps were showing a little bit, my abs were showing. – I remember the first
time I had my friend take a photo of me, and I
noticed all these muscles in my back that had
never been there before. It was really cool to be like,
having these random muscles. – And I never realized
abs were so hard to get, like one mistake or one
off-track, your abs are gone. – Good. (laughter) Boom. – It’s getting easier to
wake up in the mornings, managing the food is getting easier. The trick might be just to
like, just to keep going until it becomes habit. It’s a little bit addicting, working out. I see how that is a thing now. (techno music) The day of the last weigh-in, I honestly really wasn’t looking forward
to being weighed again. I didn’t want to judge myself and think, oh, I could have done better. But I think that how Steve
did it was really great, in that it was more about the progress, and being proud of the work that we did. – I was actually really
excited to find out how much I changed. Kelsey and Steve were
making all of these faces after they saw the measurements. I was like is that a good
thing or a bad thing? – We’ll start with Kelsey. We built your shoulders up. By having that, you might
gain a little width, but what that allows us to
do is have a nice taper down. The chest, I kind of figured this. You were a 34, you’re still a 34. – Yeah, boobs still boobs. – And the thighs, they were uneven. Now you are completely
symmetrical in your legs. Symmetry, we hit it. Weight, 123. Nine pounds down. But that’s not the important
one, it’s the body fat. And that’s what gives the
difference in the appearance. 20.3, 6.2 percent down. That is insane. – [Kelsey] My result was
much better than I expected. I was so excited, and
it was a lot of change. It was really cool to know that all this hard work really did stuff. – Okay, Evan. Number one part of the
dorito, your around. You went to 48.5. 4.5 inches wider up top. – Wow. – Chest ended up at 39.25. Now here’s an interesting thing. His waist started at 30. I didn’t think he had anywhere to go down. He went down an inch and a half. – He’s a dorito! – He created the V. We thought there was maybe not
that much body fat to lose, but apparently we did. So the legs are symmetrical,
but here come the biceps. Now he’s at 13.75. The body fat ended up at 6.6. – [Kelsey] Yeah. – So you’re telling me I lost weight, but gained a lot of muscles here and there. – Yeah. – You lost all the fat, and
then gained all the muscle. – That’s so interesting. – This was only a one month thing. I still don’t have raging
abs or like giant biceps, but I think I’m off to a really good start to transform further and better, and that’s the whole point. – It really makes you feel
alive to feel your body and get to know your body. I still think I’m going
to use a lot of this in my day-to-day life in
a less intense aspect. – I have a lot , a lot of respect. All the Hollywood stars,
all the personal trainers. Their clients who are working really hard towards their dream body. – Going through, even
just a small fraction of what they go through
is absolutely insane. And all the pressure because
you are going to be seen by people looking this way
at that date no matter what. Just hat’s off to those
people that have that drive. – They don’t wake up like that. They put in so much
effort, time, and energy. There’s no way of cheating in your life. – Forget those infomercials,
go out and work out hard. Do it the right way. – Hey Evan! Wait, it’s really close. – I’m going to eat it. – Okay. (crunching) I’m proud of you. (laughter)

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Reader Comments

  1. Josip Lahalo

    Not even a 1 minute into the video and standard buzzfeed bs about not enough asian superheros. Dude you got anime represtations, that equal to superheroes

  2. MrFreeGman

    One minor detail they forgot to mention was that every single Hollywood actor who goes through one of these epic transformations does it with tons of steroids. This is important because people need to know that you can't look like thor after 6 months of hard training and eating right while remaining natural. It's physically impossible. It's the equivalent of instagram thots photoshopping their body parts.

  3. Mixed reviews

    Your body. Its a carcass. A vehicle to carry your true identity. It will only end up incinerated or eaten by bugs so stop wasting your time.

  4. JH

    "6.6% body fat"
    I can't believe this coach, who is apparently a professional, can say that without laughing to the camera. He should know that's WILDLY inaccurate.
    Actual example of 6-7% BF: https://youtu.be/XWBJgsg69nI?t=322

  5. Screaming Sun

    "There isn't enough representation of Asian figures" 0:37
    >Literally every character in Dr.Strange besides Dr.Strange
    >A variety of characters in Iron Fist
    >The Shang-Chi movie coming out in 2021

  6. Kaheri stevens

    Bro both pictures in the thumbnail look like they were taken on the same day. Honestly, it looks like you just threw on a snap back and called
    It a day.

  7. The Desert Storm Guy

    And here I am, clicked on this video thinking they were gonna do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and 10km run EVERYDAY
    P. S. She is so gorgeous

  8. ItsBennyLawrence

    Chris: worked with the trainer

    Evan: worked with the same trainer

    Both of them irk together = Chris Evan(s)

    That’s how you know they will both turn out good… math?

  9. Roelinn Joubert

    I started Bootcamp last week 4 days a week for an hour I already feel better and my mommy tummy is already looking smaller I still have a lot of weight to lose but not giving up this time

  10. Lord 37

    Please train me too. Ive been working out 3 years and i cant get dorito body. Freaking asian guy does it in 1 month. I hate my body only for this

  11. yogendra rai

    All i do workout in a day is
    20 reps of push-ups, squats and 15 seconds of plank but i do want to go out and start running as well which i don't able to do sadly.

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